Sunday, December 02, 2012

Fleas on a Dog (I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas)

When I last left everyone, I was suffering from what the humans thought was my seasonal itchy skin allergy period... yeah, they are so clueless.

Shortly after finishing off the pred stuff (which made me really thirsty, hungry, and had to pee a lot) about a week later, I was back to itching again.  Harumpf!

More pred and a week after getting done with that, I WAS STILL ITCHY!!!

It just goes to show you how much attention they give us, because it took the Mutatoe and the Bionic Hip/Knee Spineless Sam to start itching before we got the once over... wanna guess what they found?

No, go ahead and guess!  I'm pretty sure you figured it out loooong before my humans did... yep


Oh the woomanity!  How the heck can we get fleas, we never go anywhere?!?

We guessed it came from these pests

Those nasty little rodents are taking over our yard... OUR YARD!  Brazen little pests, they've been doing flash mobs in MY BACK YARD going after all of those tasty acorns that have fallen off the trees, and I'm guessing they're also bringing their nasty fleas with them and infecting MY YARD with chewy little pests! 

I literally had to shove my face in hers so she could see one of the little feeding frenzy bugs crawling on my snooter!

We immediately got the Frontline stuff put on us, and you would think that would have taken care of them, but NOOOO, these were superfleas that just laughed at the Frontline and continued using me as a buffet!

The Human Woman did some Googling and found that Petsmart carries the super-effective, kills them dead on contact, safe for dogs, made from some kind of flower but smells horrible Adams Flea Spray.

The Human Woman use to use this back when she was a vet tech, so she knew how effective and safe it was, so she immediately (and when I say immediately, I mean the next day) went out and stocked up on a few bottles.

They acted like nothing was going to happen that night.  We lay around all peaceful and happy, but itchy while they walked around speaking in hushed tones and skulked through the house putting down a sheet in the bathroom.

They're up to something....
Then they tricked the Mutatoe into coming into the bathroom by using their "happy, happy, lookie here, come into the bathroom so we can do horrible things to you" voice... he fell for it, he always falls for it.

The next thing you know, there are horrible smells coming from the closed bathroom door, and pathetic squeaking from the Mutatoe.  He came out looking like he had been drenched and smelling like chemical flowers.

Next it was Bionic hip/knee spineless Sam, who was helplessly carried into the bathroom... it sucks not to have a spine, they just tote you where they want you to go.

Once again, more nasty smells but no squeaking noises... because Sam is stoic, and then he comes out looking and smelling like a drowned rat.

It became abundantly clear that my turn was next...I didn't go quietly, that's for sure!

I'm also pretty sure they got more on themselves than me, and I made sure to rub myself on the bed afterwards.

Fine, so it did get rid of the fleas, and I'm slowly growing my tail floof back out... but still.



Cyber-sibes said...

What an ordeal! Yet, so necessary when those horrid little buggers take over. We are happy to hear that woo survived it, and de-flead the humans in the process. good work.

Miss Moo & Jack a-roo

The Army of Four said...

Bipeds! Why does it take them so long to figure things out?
We didn't know you could use Adams with Frontline. Mom said that's good to know.
Play bows,

Teddy Westlife said...

I have fleas sometimes. Punishment usually includes a bath. I'm not THAT fond of water.

Unknown said...

oh my cat!!! Fleas!!! And you haven't been out because of all those acorns falling...MOUSES!!! I hope those fleas things don't walk in here...Mom would totally lose it! And they would go for her FIRST before me...everything puts the bitey on her! And I bet the hoomans don't have any fleas at all now...good job Meeshka! high paws for woo, play bows, Savannah

Unknown said...

Hi Meeshka, this is Savannah from Savannah's Paw Tracks, I can't leave a comment that shows my name, your comment things keeps telling me I have an Open ID Error. So I can only leave a commnent that show 'unknown'...sorry Savannah

Poppy said...

Ugh, fleas are awful! I'm glad you got rid of them.