A New Super Hero Is Born

 I don't talk, so when I want my water bowl filled: I choose violence

When it's time for bed: I throw Fashion Fluffy at Toast then stare at him.

When I want to play: I either launch myself at Bleeder's desk, or leg, and I mountain goat on Toast.


Bleeder said "VIOLENT" wouldn't fit... she's worthless

Talons so sharp, they puncture the thickest sleepy pants

Pointy, pointy elbows that jab into the sensitive creases of humans.

Toast claims that when I wake up Bleeder, I'm an adorable little fluffernutter that gently climbs onto her chest and licks her face gently. I'm pretty sure Bleeder will be more than happy to show you the gigantic left upper arm bruise of mammoth proportions that I left when I leapt onto the bed and slammed my front feety feet down there with all of my strength and weight.

Toast is harder to wake up and he's a flinger. He flings his arms around like he's chasing bees away (I've been told NO BEES), so my method of waking him up consists of leaping on the bed, leaping onto him, leaping off of him, and skittering off the bed. Sometimes it takes 2-3 efforts to get him out of bed.

Despite his flinging, he still shares pancakes with me on Sundays, and this Sunday was special... blueberry pancakes, my favorite.

Blueberries give me super powers... the power of napping

K9 Ballistic bed... just go buy it, very comfy

Blueberries help me hoard all of the papers!

Blueberries also helps me with my dig dug job of removing tree roots

I got it, give me a moment!

I'm not violent... just exuberant.