About Me

Yes I draw and write everything.

Yes I had three Siberian Huskies named:
  • Meeshka
  • Sam (Spineless Bionic Hip/Knee dog)
  • Loki (Mutatoe)
Now we have a very spoiled girl named Casey who has taken over this blog.
 You've probably seen my work on Facebook in The Society of Penny's Cartooned Friends (if you are one of my actual friends), and my cartoon site Mutatoe (where my Society cartoons have the names removed to protect the innocent).

You've also seen my work on Karen Ramstead's North Wapiti Kennels Blog (I'm the Cartoonist and voice of Bet).

I've also a book called "Let the Dogs Speak" that you need to buy right now... what are you waiting for!

If you want to contact me, then just click Here