Monday, July 09, 2007

Feeling Better Today

Hi everyhusky (dog and girl-girl),

Thank you for your kind get well wishes and all. Thanks to the icky medicine, I'm feeling better today. I was actually able to sleep all night and not have to go out and go to the bathroom. The human woman is on some kind of kick though, ruining my whole routine and making me go out to pee all the time. She says that I hold it too much and need to pee as much as the gimpy suckup mututoes who pee at the drop of a hat (or anything else tossed on the floor).

I'm not too keen on the icky tasting pills though.
I have no idea who develops the "flavors" of these chewable pills, but it certainly isn't dogs. I'm thinking its probably a human who thinks that what they think is "beef" actually tastes like plastic-coated crap to us. Why can't they come out with some really tasty dog flavors like: dead bird that's been laying in the sun for three days, or fresh poop, or even kleenex flavored!

I do want to thank Sasha from the bottom of my tippy toes for suggesting liverwurst to the human woman. Sasha regularly gets on chat with my human woman pretending to be Sasha's human woman and she tells my human woman some "facts" that get me some awesome treats, and liverwurst is one of those fantastic treats. (I get on chat too and tell Sasha's human woman things too, and we both get on chat and tell Indy's human woman stuff. Check out his blog, his human woman actually baked him cookies this weekend, all because we told her to).

Anyhoo, the human woman went out and bought some liverwurst. See, another product with a stupid name! This stuff is FANTASTIC! It should be called livergreat because it is the most tasty thing I've ever had! She gushed those pills in that stuff and I didn't even taste that nasty stuff when it went down. I'm somewhat disappointed that I only get the pills once a day. Come on, I'm really sickly and need the pills more than that... or just the livergreat stuff, give me that, I'm sure there are healing properties in it.

The power was out for 5 whole hours yesterday. The human repair guys had to dig a hole (I'm saving that one for blogathon) and fixed the problem, so my cold air vents work now again.

Since I was a bit sickly, hot and cranky yesterday, I didn't get a chance to post one of the prizes for blogathon, so here it is:
Now you may be saying to yourself "what the heck is that?" Well, I'll tell you if you'd be quiet and stop asking silly questions.

This is an actual dog bootie worn during the 2007 Iditarod and autographed by Karen Ramstead! No, she didn't wear it, eesh, one of her fabulously Pretty Sled Dogs wore this booty as it pulled her sled through the beautiful Alaska wilderness in search of livergreat... ok, they probably didn't get livergreat on the trail, I'm sure it would have frozen, but it was actually worn and still smells like frito feet. I think there's some commemorative fur on the velcro at the top too.

Ok, I need to lay on the human woman's head and get some sleep. This being sickly has thrown off my whole blogathon napping schedule. Hack, hack... I'd feel better if someone would just donate 5 more dollars... just kidding.

(liver GREAT!)


JustMeCopper said...

Liverwurs huh? I've had cheese medicine before and liked that, but my Mom doesn't even know where in the store to buy liverwurst. It sounds very 'flavorful' and stinky to my Mom. I sure you get better before blogathon.

Holly said...

Thank goodness you are feeling better! And I'm sure glad the cool air came back. I wouldn't want you to melt!

What exactly is liverwurst? Is is some kind of bad liver?


Kapp pack said...

Meeshka, glad you are feeling better. The humans get really cranky when you get them up at night to pee. I have to take pills everyday for a pee leakage problem. I wish I could hold it in better like you. My mom uses peanut butter to get me to take my pill. I have her so well trained. Stoopid human! Mom said your human woman is having a meltdown that from the weather?

-Kelsey Ann

cyber-sibes said...

Woo-hoo, glad to hear you feel beter. I'm gonna get my hu-mom to buy us some livergreat too. Sherman isn't eating much cause he's so sick, but I'll bet he'd love livergreat! He gets his pills in peanut butter too. He'd eat peanut butter at every meal if he had opposable thumbs & could open the jar.
Sherman needs prayers today, thanks

Sasha said...

Glad you like the livergreat, Meeshka. Boy, the humans sure are dumb. As soon as you told me about the medication fiasco, I IMed your human, as my human, and told her to hurry and get livergreat. I figured she'd make you take the piddle pills either way, and now you have a great treat.
My recommendation (this worked at my house) is to get used to taking the livergreat at the same time, so even once you're done your piddle pills, you'll still get livergreat. The claw helps with this. My humans are trained to give us some every day at bedtime, partly thanks to Ray, cause his creaky dog pills are hidden in livergreat (they think we don't know)

Marley said...

I am so glad that you're feeling better! I am going to claw my Mom for some livergreat...sounds delicious!!


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Meeshka, I am glad you are starting to feel a bit better. I am loving the bootie signed by karen!! Lastly, pills that are flavored like klennex's is a great idea.