My Loathesome Barrier

An astute husky viewing the pics that my humans had proudly posted, notice this particular picture with the description "The gate at the bottom of the deck stairs to keep the pups from running up and down them."

I'm embarrassed and ashamed to admit that this is one barrier that I have not cracked yet. They planned this all along when the deck was built, specifically to keep us from running up and down the stairs and having fun.

The last deck didn't have this, and the last deck we could actually put our entire bodies through the pickets to woo at the neighbor dogs, but not this deck. We can barely stick our snouts through the pickets. Even mutant paw puny Loki can't squeeze through the cracks to get through this gate.

This weekend the humans had people over... AND DIDN'T LET US GREET THEM! The people stayed on the deck and we were left in the yard... abandoned... alone... nobody to claw! There were small human people and they came down the stairs to pet us through the slats, but they wouldn't come into the yard and play with us at all. The human woman wouldn't let them, even after I woo'd softly asking politely if I could claw and knock down the small humans.

We did everything we could to open that gate, go around the gate, go through the gate, but some evil genius must have made that gate. I bet it was the same evil genius that made that MOST EVIL trash can that we can't get into anymore!!! The human woman keeps saying that she loves the trashcan, but we HATE it!

yours humbly and locked out of the deck until we figure it out