Really Mad Now!

The yard used to be fun! We could dig and dig and nobody seemed to care. We could roll in dirt and play in mud and drag Loki through poop, and nobody cared, they actually seemed to enjoy watching us do our husky thing.

Then that new deck came (with the impenatrable gate). The humans also brought in some really nice stinky dirt for us to play in... but then yelled at us for digging in it and eating it.

Then they grew that stuff called grass (which is good to eat when you need to horka). Then every day at certain times it would rain in a spray and hit us while we tried to poop.

The final straw was today. The deck people buried really tasty cardboard for us to find and eat, but the human woman won't let us do that! I mean, they must have left that tasty cardboard down there just for us, and its our duty to dig it up and eat it, but every time we do, we get yelled at... I was actually swatted lightly on the butt today for doing it! Can you believe that?

They put big square rocks over some of the tasty places, which forces us to dig under them to get at it. Its just not fair to have that tasty cardboard in the ground, taunting us. We must have it!

Does anyone else have humans that won't let you do fun things like dig holes in the yard? Let me know, because I'm really pouting right now!