Dastardly Plans

The humans have gotten smarter recently. I don't know what this sudden surge of brain cells could be attributed to, but it has got to stop.

I mentioned the other day that they moved our crates... for our convenience (they told us). Soon, or little play nook downstairs was transformed into a wide open nook to play in, but they blocked it off, and they even vacuumed up our hair and steam cleaned it! Now it doesn't smell like dog down there. Its almost as if they were trying to erase our very essence! Do they realize how long it took us to get that room nice and dog smelly?

We can't get in there because they put one of those bothersome gates up to the only entrance. Now all we can do is gaze from the railings and wish we had all that space to play, run, and ricchochet. The human man even went down there to eat, leaving me to sit behind the gate and watch him. I couldn't even get close enough to reach out with my tongue and taste the plate!

Oh, I told him how angry that made me. I woo'd softly to no response. Then I made the "I want" noise, but he ignored me. Finally I had to resort to the high pitched SQUEEL of anger sound, but he just ignored me.

The human woman was upstairs eating at that dreadful table they bought that doesn't allow us to get close enough to taste the plate. Sam and Loki stood watch up there to make sure to catch any crumbs that fell, but that table is dastardly and catches fallen food. This whole furniture thing is very frustrating! Even my steely stare did nothing to prompt the human man to bring me food and feed it to me.

What happened to the good old days where we'd surround the coffee table (which was head level) and wait for an opportunity to lick the plate. Sam or Loki would distract and I'd dash in for a good lick, or as I clawed the human woman leg, Sam and Loki would get an opportunity in for the steal. No, they have real furniture now, and we have to figure out how to conquer it and get our tasty bits.

Ok, so one nice thing they've started doing is not gating us in the bedroom. Because the old Nova guy (who hasn't needed his purse outfit in a while) is always thirsty, they gated off the stairs so he won't fall down them and leave the kitchen area open for us. Its nice to go get a cool drink of water at night when you're thirsty. Hey, wait a minute! That only means that the humans get to sleep in more! I no longer have to sit on the human woman's head to get her to wake up and take me in to get a drink of water. They're making us go on our own now! That also means they're sleeping in later instead of taking us out in the cold!

Next thing you know, we'll be up making our own breakfasts. If I see a "doggie" door getting dragged in here, I'm packing my bags. Where's the fun if we can go out anytime we want instead of making the humans let us out, then demanding to be let back in, then out, then in, then out again!

(plotting to make the humans' lives more miserable again... the way it should be)


  1. Meeshka, you have posted many of your cute and fluffy pictures. Can you throw in a picture of you sitting on the human woman's head? It's got to be a lot of fun, but it's just hard for me to imagine. Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. I agree, that would be a great photo!

    I wonder why the humans are making so many changes? I wonder if there is one if those new, small humans on the way. They have their own smells, and in my opinion, Huskies smell much better!

  3. You're right, Meeska, somethings definitely up...keep us posted. And in spite of all that stress you manage to stay sooo cute and fluffy, you're a wonder!

  4. There are 6 of us. Do you want us to come over and help put the doggy smell back where it belongs?


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