Anti-Storm Clothing

Thoughtful Denali sent me an e-mail with a link to a new product that is suppose to calm us during storms: The Storm Defender Cape

According to the Web site: "The cape has a special metallic lining that discharges a dog's fur and shields him from the static charge buildup reducing his sensitivity to the charge."

I won't even point out the "him" and "his" reference... ok, I just did. I guess it only works for male dogs?

A.) Would a human walk around wearing a metallic cape in the middle of a lightening storm? I think not.

B.) That's even more grotesque looking than the shirt.

Upon further research, this guy is charging like $60 human bucks for this ugly, lightening attractant piece of dog clothing! Holy crap, I'm in the wrong business! I'm sure humans fall for this all the time, therefore, I've been busy in my lab working, and have come up with:

The WunderThunder Cloaking Robe from MeeshkCo!
Created from a space age polymer fabric similar to plastic but not really, this patent pending anti-storm doggie robe will shield and comfort even the most frantic storm frightened dog.

Not only stylish, but it also comes with a form fitting tie so it sits fashionable on the body, and even gives a trimming effect.

This is Loki, modeling the WunderThunder Cloaking Robe.

See how beautifully it fits, and one size does fit all, thanks to the adjustable strap in the back.

Some humans may claim that its simply a kitchen garbage bag with holes cut in it, but don't let them fool you, only the best polymer worms were used in the knitting of this futuristic (and secret) fabric.

Ride that storm out with ease in this stylish and form fitting outfit!

The WunderThunder Cloaking Robe is only available through MeeshkCo productions, so have your human mail a check for a mere $30 to me, and we'll have our express shippers send one right out to you. No more storm worries with the WunderThunder Cloaking Robe!

(make your checks out to me for your very special WunderThunder Cloaking Robe)


  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    i laughed so hard at that entry that i cried! (or maybe mom laughed so hard she cried) i'm actually chewing on my bone (mom stuffed it with pup-per-oni!!!!)

    that man's invention looks very silly and if you wear it maybe you can also fly like superman!

  2. A metal lined cape? Obviously HULA needs to have this man ATTACKED - he is trying to have all dogs killed by lightning!

    About 7 years ago my mom saw one of those politican types in the green median strip during morning rush hour traffic. I guess he wanted to appeal to the animal lovers, so he had his big Black Lab on a leash with him. Well, he was so busy holding the dogs leash, the sign, and waving at people stuck in traffic (who were forced to watch him for at least 10 minutes!) that he didn't noticed when his big Black Lab took a big honkin' crap. My mom laughed, and the lady in the car in front of her laughed, and the clueless human thought they were all happy to see him. Idiot.

  3. Anonymous11:53 PM

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am laughing so hard I almost PEEED myself. I started reading the post before I REALLY looked at the picure of Loki. But once I did, and I realized what he was wearing, I couldn't stop laughing! Thank you so much! I needed that today, after our big storm last night, and all the rain over the past two days. That certainly brightened things up!!

  4. As if there was ever any doubt,... but that Loki is truly a big dork.

  5. Anonymous1:07 AM

    You are hysterical! (I loved that you made Loki wear it Meeshka ...poor Loki. I hope your people appreciate him.) But you forgot to mention that your Wunder Thinder invention is WATERPROOF whereas their's is not designed to be worn outside.

  6. That was my comment above Meeshka. Blogger is laughing too and is messed up.

  7. But surely Loki needs a smaller baggie over his head with eyeholes cut into it? We would not want his head or ears to get wet!!!!

    Then 4 more of the draw string variety on his feet so they do not get wet....

    Bussie Kissies

  8. A very clever knockoff, Meeshka! Maybe next year you can use these as enticements to donate more money during your Blog-a-thon! Loki makes a stunning model.

  9. Heya Meeshka,
    There might actually be something to the antistatic cape.
    Dr Nicholas Dodman discovered that some dogs' fear of thunderstorms resulted from static charge being built up along their fur and that's why some dogs prefer to hang out in tubs or around metal pipes. The (usually wet) tub or the pipes provided a grounding effect so the dogs didn't get shocked.

    A cheaper version which I've recommended is to attached a metal leash to the dog during stormy weather. Although, I hope humans aren't stoopid enough to let their dogs outside like that. Hopefully they will read your blog so they don't get stoopid ideas.

  10. Anonymous9:34 PM

    We are absolutely not letting our Mom anywhere near this posting. Mikhah said he would delete the posts on this subject before she returns. We do not want to be lite up like a Christmas tree in a thunder storm. The cats in this house would laugh themselves to death if we ever modeled one of those things. We vote no to the cloak. Our Mom makes us all come inside with her during a lightning storm. She pulls anything plugged into those things on the walls out. I personally like to watch the lighting but she always drags me (literally) inside. Huey bouey on the cloak. Arashi and Mikhah Psst...hurry up Mikhah and delete all of those posts before she comes back. Oh, Oh,.....gotta go. Posts deletion later. Hurry Mikhah and I will distract her.....

  11. Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.


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