Monday, November 13, 2006

Drive the Humans Insane Week Kicks Off!

Hey, it's Sasha.

Meeshka forgot to tell everyone about Drive the Humans Insane Week, so I guess it's up to me.

We had a great start to the week.
We howled through dinner (they had meatloaf, we wanted some) In between howls, we clawed and poked with ice cube noses.
So they fed us.
Isis, in a daring display of Drive the Humans Insaneness, jumped up on the bench at the kitchen table and started helping herself to leftovers.
However, she didn't share any with me, so I'm not so happy about that.

Then we had to go out, but it was RAINING. So I peed right outside the door, so the human man couldn't close it and leave us out there for hours and hours in the pouring rain.
Then Ray peed ON the open door, so he REALLY couldn't close it.
So we ran back in.
Ray must've forgot he had to poop, so he decided to do it right in the dining room! And a LOT, and smelly. Way to go, Ray. Cause, really, who's gonna hollar at a creaky blind dog?

SO that's how we started Drive The Humans Insane Week. We're still plotting out the rest of the week's festivities.

Claws and Regards



Fu Fu said...

Haaa, you guys are real funny. I hope your human haven't really went insane yet

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Hey Sasha,
Gee, you look comfy on that couch!
Did Meeshka let you guest-post today? I'm confused! I didn't think Meeshka shared -- no offense, Meeshka.
Play bows,