Saturday, May 12, 2007

Help The Human Woman Save The Earth

Hello everyhusky (dog and Fu Fu)!

The human woman as recovered sufficiently from her hand thing that she can type for me again.

In case you were wondering, the hand thing was nothing exciting, she just had minor surgery on her hand to remove some scar tissue from a car accident a few years ago that was affecting her typing. She’s recovered so far, but there may be others later. Don’t worry, I can still cartoon if that happens, so don’t freak out.

As a husky that keeps track of the world news (because I shall rule it someday, I have to know who I’m going to throw off the planet when I take over), I’m laughing over these “global warning” things that keep getting tossed around in the news.

Woman finds two headed squirrel, a robbery occurred at a liquor store, the earth is dying, and Biff Spencer with the weather.

Excuse me... the earth is dying? I can’t have that. I can’t have the earth die before I take it over! This is serious!

According to a man with a very large head, the earth is indeed dying, and the humans are the cause of it. This large headed man flies all over the world and tells humans that by driving their cars, heating their homes, turning on lights, and breathing, that they are killing the earth. He’s so serious about the humans killing the earth, that he’s planning an “Earth Live” concert in July (of the human calendar), where all over the world big celebrities will fly their private jets to big concert places where there will be bright lights and loud music, and GAZILLIONS of people will drive their earth choking vehicles to see these people perform, give loads of cash to the large headed guy to... well, he doesn’t say exactly what he’s going to do with the money to save the earth.

Hmm, wait a minute. If the humans are killing the earth with their travel and frivolous use of electricity... then why is this guy planning a huge concert all over the world?

I’ve decided that I would claw the large headed man until he had some sense, but maybe he does have a good point!

If the human woman is helping to cause the earth to die, then I think that everyone should donate money to her so that she can quit her job so she wouldn’t need to drive MY RAV to work every day, she wouldn’t waste electricity at her stupid office, she wouldn’t use even more electricity on the computer she uses there, she could spend more time at home with me, petting my fluffiness (which we all know our fluffiness floats into the atmosphere and clogs up that big greenhouse effect hole that’s up there) and then she would save the world!

So, if you feel so compelled, donate to the “Help the Human Woman Save the Earth by Giving Her Enough Money to Quit Her Job” fund. All money goes to the human woman, none of it will be used to actually SAVE the earth, but will allow her to do her part by not going to work, and none of it is tax deductible (but neither is Carbon Offsets).

Keep the human woman home all the time to pet my fluffiness. The fluff she pets next may be the fluff that clogs the hole and saves the human race, so donate now by clicking on the donation button to the right!



  1. "(which we all know our fluffiness floats into the atmosphere and clogs up that big greenhouse effect hole that’s up there)"

    So that's where it all goes! Well, we're doing our part. Sherman's shedding like a dandelion gone wild. I'm still cultivating mine, I'm not scheduled to shed till November.

    Good luck with your plan, Meeshka.


  2. I like your plan! I wonder if I can get some donations too so my human can stay home and adore me?


  3. I am so with you Meeshka. The world is not falling apart and even if it was, a big concert is not going to do anything to fix it. I am glad at least you have a plan. Trouble is, since my mother quit her job, there is not a lot of extra money lying around. So unless your human woman gets a truck load of contributions, tell her to pet you a lot when she IS home. Any extra fluffiness floating up should help.