Freaking Out The Humans

Yes, yes, I know its been quite some time since I blogged.  I've been busy... getting old.

The Human Woman didn't want me to keep posting and considered just leaving my blog blank, but the Human Man convinced her to keep allowing me to post.  It's my story, might as well go to the end... which is part of the problem with we dogs blogging... we have but a short time on this earth, much shorter than humans, and at some point it gets really sad because we go on to cross the Bridge and wait for our humans to catch up.  Sad for everyone left behind here, but from what I hear the Bridge is a great place to hang out.

Now, don't get me wrong, I intend to hang around here for quite some time, but I am getting old, just want to remind you all of that.  As I get old, things will happen, and it may not be pretty, or funny, but that is my life, and it would be a shame to let 7 years of blogging just stop without an ending.  For you, the ending will suck, but for me it will be the end of a remarkable life of love, happiness, clawing, making new friends.  That's nothing to be sad about.

So in getting old, I developed this eye goober thing.  You can clearly see it here in this picture of me guarding the stairs

Please note that not only did the Human Woman crop out most of the wall, but she Photoshopped the dust and cobwebs off the wall.  The Human Woman wishes that cleaning was as easy as sitting on her butt and photoshopping away the dust and dirt.

See the eye goober under my right eye?  Yep, it's some form of nodule thing that isn't anything to freak out about unless it's rubbing my eye, then it has to come off.

Well... it wasn't rubbing my eye, but I decided that I didn't like it there and tried to remove it myself.  Apparently those things bleed somewhat when you remove them with a sharp pointy claw, so when the Human Woman came up the stairs and saw that I had removed it with surgical claw precision...

This is after she attacked me with a piece of sterile gauze and wiped most of the blood off, and bits of eye goober guts, and some other whatever stuff that oozed out.  I give her credit, she calmly went, washed her hands, got the gauze, fooled me by asking if I wanted a cookie and cornered me against the couch, otherwise I would have made her chase me through the house.

There's some other stuff going on with me that I'll tell you about later.  It involves the Human Woman trying to steal my pee this week and some tests that need to be run.  All of this growing old stuff is very inconvenient.

I realize that I probably totally bummed all the humans out by writing all of this... but if there's one thing you should have learned from me by now:  It's not what happened yesterday.  It's not what might happen tomorrow.  It's what is happening right now.  So get over it and enjoy the now... I am... on my air vent.

- Meeshka


  1. Meeshka - we are sending you lots of Husky hugs and we think you are a maturing youngster (what's at heart counts! What's in a number anyhow?) Our Harley is 7, and it is just to hard to think of you beautiful babies as "mature" take care of yourself and share with us anything you wish! That's what we are here for! We hope your eye issue clears up...and please, don't play vet and try to take it off yourself again! Okay woo?

  2. PS - good luck with those other tests...hope all will be OK.

  3. We know what you mean, Meeshka! I just turned 9 and my human is freaking out even though I don't have any problems YET! We hope your pee theft results in good news from the tests!


  4. Getting old is stupid. But it does give us opportunities to make our humans do funny things.

  5. I have one of those eye thingies!
    Hey, you know what's fun? I've done this to a couple vet students, but my mom is too fast and sneaky for it to work on her. When they're doing a free catch, wait for the ladle (that's what the students use) to fill up and for the student to get a bit of a smile on his/her face ... then bunny-kick it out of his/her hand. Ha woo. That's always a blast!
    Back to my vent for now !

  6. We are with you. So many of The Herd are starting to show a little age (ok, except that puppy Frankie but we routinely just freak him out and he leaves us all alone). The hu-dad says our goal is apparently to set a new annual record in vet bills - old record being set last year.

  7. That's what makes us sad about blogging, too. We quit for almost two years because it was too sad to see everybody go. But I think you're right...we have to enjoy this moment right now!


  8. I hope your pee tests come back good. getting old isn't easy on hoomans or furries. But, it happens. Here's to living for today!!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  9. We are getting old too. Sherman makes us feel old since he is still a pup. Mom was looking at our puppy pictures and posted them on our blog today. She looked at us and said we were getting as grey as she is. We hope your pee tests go well and you have lots more todays to talk about.

  10. Oh dear, the Mango is getting old too. I have to go for my senior citizen health check this very day.

    It seems to me that you did a proper job with the eye goob. I hope that there are no lasting effects.

    Sorry about the whole pee stealing thing. It seems that as we doggies get older we lose some of our privacy.

    Do keep blogging, OK?


  11. I am going to be 12 this year. Mum and dad are waiting for the "old cat" stuff to start happening. So far, so good.

  12. Getting old sucks. Our humans have seen it too many times and it sucks, big time!

    We are crossing paws that you will be with us for much longer!

    Holly & Khady

  13. We will keep our paws crossed that you get good news and we are honored to support you in whatever happens.

    Steve and Kat


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