Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Its Grub Season!

Thanks to the Irene rain, rain before Irene rain, and the torrential downpours we've had today, I'm officially announcing that its grub season in Merryland!

Its all nice and muddy out in the yard, perfect for grubbing!  Here is some of the earlier handiwork before the torrential downpours this afternoon:
Its blurry only because the Human Woman has been doing nothing but cleaning since she's been home this week, and her arms shake uncontrollably from the exertion.  If she's not flitting here with cleaning, she's flitting there with cleaning.  Cleaning all the time, and yet... amazingly enough, the place still looks like it hasn't been cleaned.

Of course, this may be because we've been spending a lot of time outside, digging for grubs in the rain, then coming in to take a break and shake our mud all over.  She loves when we do that!

At one point she yelled at me for being selfish.  She told me that the pups in Texas didn't have grubs and they didn't have rain, and it was so dry there that the whole state is on fire and pups and kits and other animals have to flee for their lives from the icky fire.

Well, I didn't like that at all, and I stomped my delicate (yet muddy) feety feet at that.  As the Queen I cannot allow one state to get so much rain when another state needs the rain, therefore I am hereby announcing that all rain needs to go to Texas right this very moment.  If the rain doesn't move to Texas, then I am calling on all pups, kits, and other HULA members to do what I am doing:

I am standing out in the middle of the rain to collect all of the moisture in my incredibly fluffy fluff, and then I will walk to Texas and shake, thus putting out some fires.  I have a lot of fluff, so that's a LOT of water I can douse on the flames.  I want all HULA members to immediately go outside and gather as much rain water as you can and meet me in Texas.

Of course, I guess I should have told the Human Woman what my plan was, as she's not very happy at my water collecting mission at the moment, so I may be a bit late to Texas.
By the way, Human Woman friend Laura... its MEESHKA... I looked you up, you better be glad Misery isn't on the way to Texas... harumpf.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I did my best to help the SW as well - I did my Husky Holstein grazing patrol fur a good bit of the afternoon -

The porch should be safe fur a while -

PeeEssWoo: Are the grubs wearing those snappy uniforms too?

Holly and Khady said...

We are starting our digging process here too! The human man just loves that when he cuts the grass.


Mango said...

Your plan sounds great and most noble. Your human should be proud of you.


Penny and Patches said...

You're going to do a great job for Texas! We hope you still have some rain in your floof by the time you get there!


Cyber-sibes said...

We heard your command and have gathered as much rain as we can. We practiced shaking in the living rom, Our human woman wasn't so happy with us, either.

jack & moo

Huffle Mawson said...

I will send Teddy to Texas. He has a lot of fluff.

ra husky said...

woooo! That's a real fine idea there mate~we will all be heading outside momentarily!

RA, Isis & nuknuk

bbes tribe said...

Your plan sounds pawtastic!!! We would try to help but it's finally gotten warm and sunny here. WE do have some holes dug in the garden - so if it rains, we will help collect water for your project....

FiveSibesMom said...

Good work, Meeshka! The FiveSibes have started their digging route to somewhere here too! They seem to know exactly where, although it does escape me, the mere human of the pack.