Sunday, July 30, 2006

Raffle Details

Just a quick note between naps, I didn't want humans to think I forgot.

There is at least 48 hours between now and when Blogathon officially ends (they have the Sabbath version running now), so people can still sponsor up until they close the sponsor window.

Once the sponsor window is closed, I will be officially drawing the raffle to see who wins the prizes and I'll announce the winner on the blog and contact the winner via e-mail.

Now, I must turn over so I don't get matted on one side and continue my recovery nap.

Thank you all for your support, it actually was fun.

(the still oh so very sleepy)

The Final Blogathon Post

Well everyhusky (and everydog... and Zeus),

Its been quite a learning experience for me, this past 24 hours. I hope I've given some wisdom and some laughs to you.

I've learned that its a big doggie world out there, and together we can sniff butts and take over the world.

I've learned that even though the human woman is annoying, what with her double speak like "bed-bed", "treat-treat", "crate-crate", "pee-pee", "claw-claw" (ok I threw that last one in there), at least she doesn't dress me up in silly costumes, I get three meals a day and two nummy kong stuffed treats per day, and a bedtime snack, so I guess she's not that bad... unless you count the times I've yelled to come in and she ignores me. Ok, she also supports my kleenex habit, so fine, she's not too bad.

I've learned that the human man always sounds like he's mad, but he's not, and he'll feed us human food when the human woman isn't looking (oops, let that one slip).

I still get irritated at the gimpy mutant toe suck up Loki and bionic hip puppy Sam... but they're my step brothers, and they're fun to chew on, and its really fun to stand at the top of the stairs and snag Loki when he runs up and slam his body to the floor. Ok, so they're not that bad either I guess.

That labs are useful and nice, and they're welcome to help us when the huskies take over the world. Even Doglets can be useful to get things out of small places, and ... Zeus, we'll have to find you a secure place because you're just too tempting to most of us huskies.

After this post, I will be curling up in my crate with just enough energy to lick the peanut butter out of my kong and eat my cookie and then fall into a long sleep as the human man and woman stumble out to do something else nice.

Ok, it doesn't suck here at all, so everydog, give your loving human a nice sloppy kiss (don't forget to lick those special areas first!) and thank them for putting up with all of those other humans that just don't get what its like to take care and love one of us, and for putting up with us sometimes when we're cranky and demanding.

And with that, I say to Blogathon 2006, it was fun, hope you had fun too, and ......


Only One More to Go

I wanted to honor the husky who came before me
Who taught the humans all about huskies.
Who ripped the arm off of a loveseat.
Who shredded a brand new dog bed when they could barely afford to eat.
Who ripped back 5 foot of wall to wall carpet in a rented townhouse
Who riccocheted off the backs of couches,
Who leapt straight up in the air
Who made a little groan before settling in for the night, like me
Who was born the day before the day I was born, and died a month before I was born

Nakidka "Nikki"

I wanted to honor the old guy-guy Nova, who taught me right from wrong, and played chase with me, and let me have everything I wanted, and taught me to be the one to watch out for everyone else, including the humans.

And to all of those huskies out there that have good, loving homes, and those who need good loving homes.

This was for all of you


We Interupt this Blogathon for a Special Report

We go live, on the scene, where our correspondents Biff Sanderson, and Anna-Maria-Richardson-Clarke are standing by:

Well Biff, we thought it looked like a loss to the Husky Search Team, but in the end, they pulled it off!

Right you are Anna-Maria, the special transport was pulling up, and it looked as though the team was going to call it quits.

I'm sure they were very disappointed in their performance today if they went home empty mouthed, but lucky for them Biff, Search Member Bear had to go to the bathroom, and just happened to stumble on Mr. Hoffa himself.

Yep Anna-Maria, that was a close call, and boy was Bear lucky. He's certainly the hero today.

You betcha Biff, well that does it for us for this week's "Geo-Caching Jimmy Hoffa" competition.

I can't wait until next week Anna-Maria, as the Lab Search team will have a dickens of a time finding him, since the Husky Search team is such vigorous diggers.

Ho ho, you betcha Biff. Well, for myself, Biff, and the rest of the "Geo-Caching Jimmy Hoffa" crew, we'll see you next week on "Geo-Caching Jimmy Hoffa", good-night everyone!

All prizes associated with the "Geo-Caching Jimmy Hoffa" competition are donated to various rescue organizations around the world. "Geo-Caching Jimmy Hoffa" is not affiliated with "Geo-Caching Glen Miller", and portions of the competition had to be cut for time, but the results were not affected.

(only 2 more to go)

After this one, only three more to go

I'm almost sad that its coming to a close. I've met some wonderful friends by doing this, and helped some friends who need a home. I got to claw the human woman more than normal, and that's always a bonus.

I'm really looking foward to getting some sleep now that the end is getting near. Of course, just the end of Blogathon, I'll be back when I'm rested to continue my usual postings, and complaining about the mutant gimpy suck up Loki, and the bionic hip Sammy. Did I tell you about the time that old guy-guy Nova peed on the flood detector? My brain seems a bit empty at the moment, I keep staring off into the distance and thinking of the good ol times when I was a puppy and caused all sorts of problems for the humans... and still do, just on a grander scale now. Playing the "hide behind the tree so the human woman doesn't see us and freak out" game. The "even though I said I wanted to go out I was just making you get up from your spot so I could take it" game. Such fun.

(this is my brain... um, what was I just saying)

Good Morning EveryHusky!

The sun is up, its a beautiful... ok, slightly overcast and gloomy wonderful day!

I haven't had my breakfast yet, and that's mainly because it just seems like its not morning yet, since I didn't get any sleep at all. Next year, I'm getting some other huskies as co-pilots so that I can nap for a bit. This doing it all myself (no help from the worthless human woman who kept dozing off) is for the birds... mmmm, tasty little birds... oh, sorry.

I've also learned that it helps to have huskies, and labs (thanks Opy and Charlie) and other dogs help you out throughout the night. Seeing comments from someone or another all night really made me want to stay awake, because I knew dogs were counting on me to pull through.

I also want to thank, again and again, everydog that sponsored and actually got my tally higher than the chicken sanctuary. While I'm sure its a great cause... ok, nuff said there.

In case you think this sounds like the final post... it isn't. I just wanted to thank everydog again for their support and spreading the word for such a great cause.

Ok, gotta go take a tinkle now and get some breakfast, so be back in a half (hour that is)

(still fluffy after all these hours)

More Helpful Tips from Meeshka

Ok everyhusky, there are some nasty human things out there that we really, no REALLY shouldn't eat ever, ever, did I mention EVER!

Although some of these things are tasty, we shouldn't eat them because they may harm us:

Yeast Dough
Stuff with xylitol (that sugar free junk stuff)

Those are just a few of the things. The ASPCA site has a lot more information:

Now, there are two things that most humans don't know about that they could bring into your house and it could harm you:

Cocoa Mulch. Sure it smells all nice and chocolatey, but that will do us in if we eat it.

Gorilla Glue. This fast acting, expanding glue will cause us some SERIOUS problems if we get ahold of it. To see what it can do to one of us, go to:

So, as much as you want to eat it, and as tasty as it smells, you should just say NO and avoid that stuff at all costs.

Now, just in case you didn't get it, here is Rena and her ick face:

Meeshka say: Relax, don't do it

Wanna Hear Something Funny?

The human woman just woke up from her nap (after I clawed her) and told me that when this is over, she can't even go to bed. She and the human man (who is still up) have to go to that pet cemetery that they're trying to save to mow and meet some people there.

I swear, between the rescue stuff, the pet cemetery stuff, its a wonder we all get fed and played with sometimes, but I'll be nice and send a woo-out to all of the helpful volunteers who are trying to save the Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park in Elkridge, Merryland.

In case you didn't know, the humans never made any laws for pet cemeteries in Merryland, so the property owners can do whatever they want with with land and they don't have to move the puppies, kittens, and other animals that are buried there. I think that just stinks.

The humans have been working to get the cemetery cleaned up and looking nice and be more safe so that loving humans who actually cared for their pets can come visit. They're also trying to pass a law that will keep pet cemeteries sacred (as they should be).

I give you permission to go and read about it, as long as you come back to my blog to adore me and praise me, and pet my fluffiness. You can find out all sorts of stuff here: Save Rosa Bonheur and you can sign their petition, see the pictures of their progress, and join an e-mail list and bring a mower to help them mow and clean and stuff.

(a cemetery is a cemetery and should be sacred)

Hoffahunt Stalled Again

Amazing as it sounds, but the Husky searchers have been called off yet again, this time to pose for a christmas picture. The normally rambunctious and hard to control search team simply got into their places and sat very still for the picture before leaping down and continuing their search for the famed, and missing union leader.

One husky searcher exclaimed that there seemed to be a lingering smell of garlic coming from somewhere, but they just couldn't pin it down.

Hopefully we'll have something more solid in the next report.

Back to you Ted Baxter

(is it food time yet)

How to be a Nuisance Part 2

Tara sent me this wonderful picture of herself enjoying a nice cold drink of water, and it reminded me that we haven't discussed more ways to be annoying, which she clearly demonstrates a good one:

Drool when you drink. Just don't daintily sip that water, suck it down, shove your whole face in there, then walk around a bit while it falls out of your mouth. Give those humans something shocking soaking through their socks.

Once the humans take off their wet socks, you can implement operation stomp on bare feet. The humans really love this one. If they're standing still, just walk up to them, and casually put one of your feet on theirs, and then grind those nails into their foot.

If its raining, make sure you get good and wet, then don't shake the moment you get in the door... wait for the human to lean down with a towel and get them full in the face!

The last one takes some timing, but it can be done once you know the human schedule, and that's: Leap onto them just as they fall asleep. HOOO a laugh a minute that one as they leap up, fold up, or scream shrill.

Speaking of timing, has anyone else noticed that blogger seems to be in a random time zone? They're like a half hour behind, and there's no way I'm redoing a half hour ago just because they can't set their clocks.

The human woman did mention that she's from Indyana (which I'm assuming is owned by Indy, my blog and personal friend), and that they never set their clocks back when the rest of the world did, so does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care... about time? Apparently not since everyone was either 1 hour late, on time but didn't mean to be on time, or an hour early.

They just now got with the century and decided to change the clocks... but some wiseacre told them to figure out which time zone they wanted to be in... which meant there was about 14 time zones in Indyana depending on what county you were in, which defeated the entire purpose of daylight savings. I suggested that the human woman's mother (also known as grandma human woman) demand that her house run on Mountain time, just to be different.

So I figure that maybe blogger is running on some obscure Indyana time where they only set their clocks back a half hour.

Um... so how does this fall into the whole nuisance thing... um... well... its a nuisance that nobody really knows what time it is apparently. Except huskies, because we go by the sun and our stomachs, which keep a lot better time than that human watch stuff.

(hey, its almost my regular wake up and breakfast time now... except I'm very sleepy instead of refreshed and ready to leap on the human woman)

Who Your Donations Go To

As much as I would like to take all of the money sponsored (I won't need it once the rich banker from war torn Roospuchistan manages to get the money out of the vault and send it to me), I thought I'd show and tell you about some of the pups that it will help out, who will eventually become full fledged HULA members once they find their fur-ever homes. (wow, that's a long sentence).


Alaska, always the bridesmaid, never adopted, someone needs to love this sweet thing




Nikita has been having allergy, sinus, food... who knows issues, but the rescue with the help of Alaskan Malamute Assistance League (AMAL) have been paying to run all sorts of nose tests on her to make her all better.


Tristin is the little canine flu carrier that spread it to all of his foster brothers and sisters


Willow and pups Just came in and won't be available until they are ready, weaned, and able (see the blog I did on them for pictures, I have no idea what time that was).

Quincy Came into rescue with Parvo
Riley His sister developed pneumonia and the ER vet actually asked her foster mom if they should try to keep her alive if she should stop breathing... mom said yes, of course, but it didn't come to that.

So you can see how your donations will help all of these foster dogs get good medicines, good care, and finally find good homes that really care about us as living, breathing, clawing beings, and let us use the internet to take over the world.

thank you everyone for your support, and I'm pretty sure the foster dogs thank you as well.

(getting a bit misty eyed and nice on no sleep. I thought I would be much crankier)

What a Support Group I Have

Its very handy having huskies and other friend dogs from around the world helping me to stay awake. I want to thank all of you for rallying around me, and commenting to keep me awake... unlike the human woman and her stinky sleepy pants.

I just got an e-mail from Indy. Indy is famous and has been on the human television because he can actually speak human! Ok, so he only knows two things, one of which is "I love you", but still, he can say that to people and they just melt, give him treats (except he's only allowed real meat because of his stomach issues... something I think he may be faking just to get real meat and I may try that out later), but that works out for everyone with him, because we get the treats he can't eat.

I got to meet Indy at one of those rescue events that was luckily INSIDE during all this heat.

All of his fame and ability to talk (after all, its only polite in human language to say "hello" to everyone you meet, and he can say that), does come with a price though, as Indy explains:

When mom drops me off at day camp (I get to go to day camp twice a week!), she had to stop taking me in through the front lobby because I would say hello to people and then they would all be so amazed and want to pet me and talk about how gorgeous I am (duh!) So now mom has to drop me off at the "express drop-off" which is not as fun, because I don't get to see my adoring public.
You can see me say hello here, although the video takes a few seconds to load:
Mom got a REALLY good recording of me saying hello. In February of 2003, she emailed it to The Late Show With David Letterman, and they flew us to New York so that I could perform for Stupid Pet Tricks! Although it wasn't stupid at all. One of the dogs that was there did have a stupid trick - he pretended to pee. Big deal! I do that all the time when my humans want to go inside and I'm not ready yet, it's a great stalling tactic!
Here is the recording of me saying hello:"

So, much like being able to dial a phone, you have to be very careful of your talents, or else you'll be expected to do them all the time.

(not saying one human word other than "where's my food")

P.S. I hope those links work because I'm getting very sleepy and the only way I can amuse myself between postings now is to claw the human woman's leg and watch her twitch.

WOOOHOOO We're over $1,000 pledged!

Thanks to Opy and Charlie for pointing out that my blogathon to help Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue has just hit over $1,000 in pledges!

Wow, never in a gazillion years would I imagine the love... the fluffiness, and the the caring from all of my adoring fans and fellow dog bloggers.

I'd like to thank the academy... oh wait, wrong awards thing.

I'm sure you already know that the human woman fell asleep a long time ago. So much for that "I'm right there with you Meeshka", and the "I'll stay up and transcribe all of your wonderful words of wisdon" crap.

After checking the weather, and e-mailing all the rich people, I got her camera off the desk (and dipped my tail in her coffee... that'll be tasty when she wakes up), and took a picture of her.

Of course, the humans made this camera for humans, and since I wasn't able to hold it properly and then press the tiny little button they put on it (note to self, develop husky-compatible camera), so this is the best I could do:

Please note, she's wearing the same freakin flannel sleepy pants again. Ok, in the leaf blower one, she's wearing sweats, but that's only because she bathed me and didn't want to get the sleepy pants wet. She changed out of the sweats and into the sleepy pants after I was dry.

She actually gets dressed when she goes to work, but the moment she comes home... sleepy pants. Sleepy pants when she's home on the weekend, sleepy pants at night after work. She does have a purple pair of sleepy pants, and she must wear those when the blue pattern sleepy pants are so nasty they stand up by themselves. I won't even comment on the nail polish, as I sufficiently rubbed fur on them when they were still wet, so I don't want to add insult to injury there.

(can you put on some real pants for a change)

Its Gonna Get HOTTER?

The human woman took a nap in the chair, so I climbed in her lap and looked around the Internet. I just happened to find the weather site and it says ITS SUPPOSE TO GET HOTTER NEXT WEEK? Are you kidding me?

The humans can't blame us for killing the grass this time, that's for sure. Apparently in our county we're under water restrictions. That doesn't mean that WE go without water, but it does mean that the grass goes without water. After all that hoopla about grass, now they can't water it, and it sits and bakes in the sun. hehehe

I hope the human woman doesn't mind that I checked her e-mail and found a whole bunch of e-mails from very wealthy people in her "spam" box (it comes in a can, its not meat, who are they trying to fool). Apparently there are a lot of people who are dying overseas and leaving their money in banks. All this time, people are contacting the human woman and asking for her help and she's been ignoring them! They have zillions of dollars they want to just give her and she's not responding to these people. Well, if she doesn't want all that money, then I'll take it, because I sure could use a vacation in a nice cool place like Kayna is modelling:

All of that money they'll soon send me will get me a nice vacation villa on the mountains (that has snow), and maybe a nice summer getaway at some place that has snow.

So, I answered all of those e-mails and told them that I would be more than happy to arrange for the transfer of all that money to me... I mean the human woman. I can't wait. If she keeps sleeping, I'll just use her credit card to buy some neat stuff right away, since the money will be coming any day now, it shouldn't be a problem.

(rolling in dough soon, want some?)

Jimmy Hoffathon, Day 2 update

Live from the field, we have breaking news that nothing has been found so far, yes, I repeat, the husky search team has not found any trace of Mr. Hoffa, or his leftovers.

It is a disappointing blow to the Husky Search team, having been digging, snorfling, and rendering harmless any small burrowing creature they encounter for many hours. They were hoping for something to provide to the media at the 2:30am conference, but apparently they will be stopping long enough to tell us that they haven't found anything before continuing their search. We will then turn to the camera and repeat exactly what they said, just because we think you can't figure out what they said, besides we say it more perky.

Live at the digging fields, back to you Matt and Katie...oooh, I mean whatsherface, the one that replaced Katie.

(in Shmootracker 2000)

Where was MY invitation?

This my own personal opinion, mind you... this is just what I think...

Does Pamela Anderson marry anyone that actually BATHES?

About the only reason I would want to get invited to Pam and Kid Rock's wedding (has he looked in a mirror lately... not so much a kid anymore) is for the food, and the ambiance of dead things from that lack of water use.

I just don't get it. The whole marriage thing is funky for huskies. Smell someone's butt and you land in divorce court and lose half your chew bones. Um, don't think so!

Other human laws are silly too, like driving on the correct side of the road. Then they make these windy, curvy roads and its impossible to get anywhere because everyone is always going the same way that you are. I don't know how many times I've been in the truck, sitting in traffic, and the road on the other side doesn't have traffic, so why can't we go on that road! OOOH NO, that's for the "other" way traffic. Well, if people really wanted to go the other way, then it would be filled with cars going that way, but since EVERYONE is going this way, it makes more sense if people could just drive their cars in the other way, to get to this way.

Ok, that probably didn't make sense because you couldn't see my paws flying in the directions as I was describing them to you... so nevermind.

(visuals are key to directional ranting apparently)

Look at the Giant Water Bowls!

Ok everyhusky, this is amazing! Kayna and Gordy have sent me pictures of their GIANT WATERBOWL!!

Look at the size of those bowls! I really like to wash my feet off before a meal, but I only have a little water bowl to do that. I tried to wash them off once in the white porcelan water bowl that the humans have in the little room, but they didn't seem to like that... and didn't want me to touch them with my delicate and dainty now very clean feet afterwards.

Kayne is actually bathing her entire self in the water bowl!

Little Gordy (who I'm sure is getting tired of being called Little Gordy, since he's getting to be a big husky now) shows the best way to get the best water out of the giant water bowl.

He can kill two birds... mmmm tasty birds... where was I, oh yes, he can wash his feet and have a tasty cool drink of water at the same time. I'm so jealous of these giant water bowls. I wish the humans would get me one, but I would prefer that they have it inside.

I use to have a nice water bowl that never ran out of water. I'd dig and dig and dig and clean my paws and dig and dig and dig... and then the human woman would scold me, but there was still plenty of water. It was the most amazing water bowl... they took it away from me though.

I don't know why, it was fun!

(a valet with a towel would be helpful when I wash up)

One More Favorite Sleeping Position

And that's only because everyone asked for it.

I give you:

Sitting on the human woman's head... ok, I'm actually laying on her head, but her face is bony and hurts my po-po.

Let Sleeping Huskies Lie


I'm going to have to change the subject after this post, because all of these pictures of comfy sleepy huskies is making me a wee bit tired.

So comfy, so soft, so sleepy, so...zzzzzzzzzzzz

(I'm awake, really, I'm wide awake)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Favorite Sleeping Position

Ok everyhusky, we all know that my favorite sleeping position is either sprawled over a vent, or on the human woman's head (and no, I haven't forgotten about the picture).

Here are some other examples of husky sleeping technique:

Holly demonstrates the total back sprawl:

Polar prefers the total tummy sprawl (better to get up really fast if startled)

Here Sam (not MY Sam, another one) demonstrates the safety of bath tub sleeping during storms:

I would put more examples up, but apparently blogger is having an aneurism. Sigh.

Don't worry everyhusky, if it doesn't clear up by next post, then I'll see if I can't post them from flickr so you can see everything... especially you know what :)

(the getting cranky at human things that don't work like fire alarms, photo uploads... the human woman)

Another Bit of Excitement

Was just sitting here, minding my own business, waiting for the next post deadline to loom when all of a sudden, the stupid fire alarm in the house goes off. That'll certainly wake you up!

There's a rule in the house where if the really loud alarm goes off, we huskies have to go outside... but we really don't want to go outside because outside takes us near where the really loud noise comes from. Then the humans freak out and yell at us over the loud shrieking thing, then the phone rings, and its pretty much a nutty time.

Which leads me to an important service announcement: Do you humans have an escape plan?

Nobody ever thinks of it (well, we do here because the stupid alarm goes off if you fart), but most people don't think about what they would do if their house caught on fire. Some people do think, but they don't think "hey, what about the dogs". Well, you need to think about the dogs, because when you're running around going loony and trying to get out, we're doing the same thing, but we probably won't have the best idea on which way to go.

Do you know what you'll do and where you'll go to take us to safety?
How will you do that?
Do you have leashes and collars where you can easily grab them on the way out?
Have you thought about having emergency choke chains and leashes already set up someplace so you can get them on and get us out quick?
Do you have those little stickers that tell firemen that you have dogs inside in case something happens when you aren't home?
Do your neighbors know that you have dogs so they can tell the fire department to get you out quickly?

Just some things you might want to think about, because when your fire alarm goes off (and hopefully it never will), you won't have much time to think then.

Another helpful public service announcement from your pal


The Things We Put Up With

Ok, so we're cute and fluffy, and I've complained about this before, but look at the stuff they force us to do.

Here's poor Meeko. He's a dog without a home. He's part husky, part... well... who knows what, but he's a nice enough guy, and since he's at least part husky, the rescue is trying to get him a nice cushy home.

Right now he lives in a kennel (cuz there's no room for him in a real home at the moment), so he gets to come to a house on the weekends sometimes... and they do this to him:

Can you imagine that?

Meeko also writes:
"These humans are nice, but not too bright. Indy's dad took me for a walk early this morning. It was really hot out, and he was all sweaty. He took off his socks and shoes when we got back inside, and he left those deliciously sweaty socks lying on the floor.

Later when Indy's mom got up, she took me for another walk. When we got back, she gave me some nice fresh water and then she took something called a "cooling mat" out of the freezer, put it on the kitchen floor, and tried to get me to lay down on it. Uh, no thanks. I just got a bath the other day, and that thing is all well. Nooooooo way!

Then she said "Is it me, or does Meeko's breath smell like sweaty feet?" Then those silly humans were checking to see what else smelled like feet. They sniffed the cooling mat, wondering if it was mildewed, and sniffed some other stuff in the kitchen. Then I walked up to Indy's dad and licked is face, and he said "'s definetely his breath. It smells like he was sucking on a gym sock."

So they keep their tasty socks out, then blame the poor thing for taking advantage of the stinkiness... its apparently OK to drap a towel on him and take a picture of him, and then tell him he has gym sock breath. Poor thing, he'll never get adopted at this rate.

To see Meeko's page, go to:
Meeko' page

Someone please adopt this poor guy, he's goofy, but very nice.

(try putting a towel on me and you'll see the better edge of a claw little missy)

10:30pm Jimmy Hoffa Update

This is your roving reporter once again, letting you know that the husky search team is back at work.

After a tasty meal on the picnic table, they're hard at work sniffing around for any leftovers from their meal... I mean, they're working hard to find the long lost union leader.

It looks as though they may be on to something, or it could be just another mole. There seem to be a lot of moles in the area, which is hindering the search somewhat. The lead sniffer dog has reported grubs, as well as a large mole population is stalling the efforts of sniffing. It is a well known tactic to put a lot of moles near the area where famous union leaders have been secretly buried, so it may be a lead... or just a lot of moles.

We'll stay with the story as it develops

(now back to you Willard)

How to Be A Nuisance

Ok everyhusky, off the bat I see that link I typed for the doggie Amber alert thing didn't work (guess when you're typing like mad hoping the power doesn't go, and your claws get stuck in this little tiny human keyboard, things just don't work right), so it should work now.

And now, an important lesson in being a husky:

Be a nuisance!

You may ask yourself, but Meeshka, how I can I be a nuisance?

Well, Loki is one every day, he's the master of being a pest. If its not yapping like a loon, or batting everyone with the mutant paw, then he's eating soap out of the bathtub, or stealing that nasty stopper thing out of the kitchen sink and licking it (ok, we all lick our butts... but that's just NASTY).

If you don't want to go to those lengths to be a nuisance, you can always:

Steal food off the counters. Sure the humans will eventually learn to put their goodies in what is called "the food safe" which doubles as a microwave or oven.

Lay in the middle of the hall (where nobody can get past) then when the human steps over you, remember that you have to go somewhere and get up really fast (this one is best done near the stairs).

Or... you can do what my friend Sasha does, and lay right in front of the toilet in the middle of the night.

Its important that when the humans try to step over you to use the porcelan water bowl, that you totally freak out. Adds more excitement as the humans, half asleep, try not to slip on that cold tile floor. You can also knock things over and yelp really loud and make them feel bad.

Just another helpful tip from your friend...

(I scream and limp for no reason... just for the attention)

OOh, Had Some Scary Moments There

oooh, everyhusky!

I had to throw that last post out a bit early (typing wildly, so sorry for any typos), as the power in the house started flickering a whole bunch. I hope that link works, let me know if it doesn't.

Then there was a notice about blogger having a scheduled outage tonight NOOOOOOOOO... but relax... it was an old notice that some poor tired blogger mis-read, so WHEW!!!


Its getting close to my regular bed time, but I'm sticking with it tonight. I keep clawing the human woman to make sure she stays awake with me, she started yawning a while ago too. Must have been all of that pizza she ate and DIDN'T SHARE.

The human man even said that he was going to stay up all night with all of us, so that's really nice of him. He plays a loud game that sometimes sounds like thunder and I have to go claw him and make him turn it down.

Ok, I'm having a husky brain fart, so I'll go nap for 29 minutes until the next posting.


Helpful Things, Provided to You by Meeshka

Ok everyhusky,

We know how easy it is to get lost. We dig under the fence, run, run, run, the next thing you know we're in another state and can't find our way back in time for dinner.

The humans stick little chip things in us, they register us with places, we wear tags (well, I don't... ahem... I run around nude all the time), collars, sometimes they tattoo us... its amazing! But sometimes those things don't work.

Take it from Sadie, who lives in California, got lost, found a nice woman who took her in... to ARIZONA!!! We can get pretty far from home, where no amount of flyers or phone calls can find us.

Well, thankfully someone has put together a "canine Amber alert" for just us dogs (sorry Zeus, except for the cat that made it to France, you guys usually stick close to home).

Here's the scoop from an e-mail I received from Indy:

"You may cross-post this to any animal related lists.
There is a newly-established YAHOO email list called
K9 Amber Alert.

The intent is create a nationwide group and is to be
used for posting alerts for missing dogs throughout
the United States similar to the way Amber Alerts are
used to help find missing or abducted children.

Incidents will be typical of, but not limited to: dogs
escaped or suspected taken from backyards, dog shows,

Photos can be uploaded to the group. To join this
group click on the following link, you will need a
yahoo user id.

">Canine Amber Alert

Click the link above to go to the list and join if you are a yahoogroups user. If you aren't, you can easily create an account... do it for us huskies who aren't very good with directions.

Another helpful tip from
(husky about town)

The Woe of being a "rescue family" dog

One of the annoying things about having a human that helps with a rescue, other than them bringing home all these gimpy dogs to suck all the attention out of your life, but on top of that... they drag you to all of these "events" that they have.

6,000 degrees out, and they get the leash and harness out and you think you're going someplace good, like an ice cream store, but no... you're sitting on hot pavement somewhere and asked to be "pretty" for the people coming by asking them stuff. Do I look like a hood ornament?

I just got this e-mail from poor Sasha just now:

"I have now claimed the closet. It's Sasha's closet.
Well, everything in the house is mine, but especially here.
I'm sick of Ray being blind and cute and getting attention, and Isis being fat and cute and getting attention.
I still have stupid poodle paws from going to the vet and getting needles in my dainty little legs.
Isis always gets to go to cool events and have fun.
So I complain enough, and they take me. Today. In 95 degree heat.
Um, did you notice I'm a black dog with a double coat?
How about a nice dogsled event in the snow? Let the dogs pull me around in the sled for a while. What, you didn't think I was gonna pull a sled, did you??
But, NOOOO, I go to an event in the middle of summer.
I haven't decided what I'm going to trash to punish them. Maybe the sofa....I don't think a pair of shoes will get the point across..

Here's poor Sasha, hiding in her closet to get away from the humans.

Update on Jimmy Hoffa Search

This just in,

The search team has decided to break for dinner. After a lot of digging, and then the fur incident, they've decided they need a snack before continuing.

So far in their search they've managed to find:
1 shoe
A shovel handle
3 moles
a bone that was later identified as bovine in nature
Amelia Earhart

No sign of Jimmy Hoffa yet, but they will continue to search that area until no stone is left unturned.

(at Hoffa search central)

For all of those who have passed recently

The human woman has said that a lot of huskies have crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently.
We certainly do miss these valuable HULA members, and I'm sure their humans are feeling their loss as well.

I just wanted to post a little tribute to them, and if I've forgotten any, please comment and remind me so I can update this posting.


They are now across the Rainbow Bridge, happy, whole, healthy, and playing with Nikki and old guy-guy Nova.


The Proper Way to Dry a Husky

Some humans go out and buy those expensive dog blow dryers that will only blow cool air, which is very nice of them.

My humans use to let us dry naturally, but soon found that we not only take hours, sometimes days before we're totally dry. We end up leaving hunks of very wet fur laying around everywhere, feel compelled to roll on their bed, muck up their sheets, and generally leave a hair-gooey mess everywhere.

So, what do my humans do?

Yep, they break out the leaf blower.

The leaf blower is actually pretty nice. Lots of air, so you can pretend that you're driving in a car with your head out the window. Its nice cool air too, not hot stinky blow dryer air like the human woman does to her hair every morning (which doesn't help it any, so I never understand why she bothers at all).

The doggie blow dryer/leaf blower, by Dogko... every home needs one!

(wooohooo I'm flying)

Here's the Sammypoodle

Ok, I found the ridiculous picture of Sam after his hip replacement surgery.

hehehe, they left his little white sock fur on his leg, so he looks totally poodle.

After his fur grew back, the humans claimed that he grew a white heart on his butt to thank them for his new hip. I had a picture of the "heart" somewhere, don't know if I can find that though, but I can look.

If they thought he grew a butt-heart to thank him for his bionic hip, I'm sure I can convince them that I have the image of a steak in my fluff, which means feed me only steak.

Next thing you know, they'll claim there's a weeping madonna on one of us and they'll e-bay us. We'll wind up at that funky casino that buys all that stuff... at least we'll be able to eat that grilled cheese sandwich, and I hear the nun bun is still missing, so that might be tasty as well.

(look, its Budha on my tummy, rub it for luck!)

Update on the Jimmy Hoffa Search

There was a shed incident that caused chaos and mayhem on the search scene.

Our roving reporter has found that one of the huskies sneezed, causing a massive coat blowing drama, throwing our dig searchers off the trail for now.

The sneezing husky is fine, but the Hairmat team, armed with Dysons has been called to clean up the spill. At least the husky dig teams were able to remove the large mound of dirt before this happened. As soon as the Hairmat team has finished vacuuming, they will resume digging.

You may be wondering why huskies were called into this search. The explanation is very clear, as Hoffa's last reported sighting was when he exited the The Red Fox Restaurant, he was seen carrying a doggie bag. Since scores of humans have been unable to find him thus far, it is hoped that the huskies' keen nose for table scraps, and their ability to get them from anywhere they are hidden will finally solve this ages long mystery.

More information when it becomes available.



These are the new little HULA members that Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue (HTHNBR) just got into a foster home. Look at them, so cute, so maliable, so ready to cause chaos and HULA madness!

All of the pups were given names that start with a "V"... I suggested Vicodin, Viagra... but nooo, they wanted nicer names,

so here is Vaughn

This is Venus

This is Vice

This is Vince

Here is Viper

Here is Vy

And poor mommy Willow

Oh yeah, she looks thrilled.

You'll note that none of the pups even vaguely resembles mom (except for the blue eyes), so we're thinking they are part shepherd, but are ever so soft, squishy, fluffy, and have puppy breath!

(no puppies for me, I'm reproductive innards free)


Someone asked what I have destroyed in my huskydom, and what is the most precious/expensive thing... hmmm, trying to think back now.

I was really big into cardboard things. LOVE cardboard. They gave me a whole box one time and told me to go at it. They were joking of course... I was not. I actually lay in the box and ripped it to shreds from the inside. Glorious.

This is a joke picture, of course. The humans say it would be cheaper for us to eat the money than spend it on the fancy dog food we demand. This one is appropriate though, because I did, when I was a cute little fluffy puppy, eat 5 $20 bills. Urp. They were tasty. The human man was angry, but hey, they were sitting up on a desk where anyone could have gotten them, and just because a few pieces came out in my poop doesn't mean I'm guilty (and yes, they checked the poop).

Speaking of checking poop, Sam likes to just eat toilet paper and then he doesn't have to worry about poo sticking to his fur:

But the best one of all was when Sammy ate the tube of ear medicine. He didn't like the humans to squirt it in his ear... so he ate almost the whole tube:

And yes, the humans went out and recovered the bits to make sure they all passed. No wonder the neighbors think they're nuts.

(tasty money)