Thursday, December 30, 2010

New HULA Members: Yuri, Sheba (and Cami)

Dear Meeshka,

I am sending an application for HULA membership on behalf of myself, Sheba and our sister Cami who is waiting for us on the other side of the Bridge. I think you will see that we have demonstrated our superiority over our humans during the past 13 years and have them tightly wrapped around our paws.

We have concluded our application with an awesome true story about something Sheba did that made the Hu-Mom freak out in a big way.



Demonstrating disruptive behavior:
--Yuri has the best Death Scream ever; he makes great use of it at the vet’s office!
–We clear the house if fed the Prairie flavor of Taste of the Wild! Dog aromatherapy!
--Getting the humans up in the middle of the night. We’re Senior Sibes; who can blame us?

Causing humans to freak out:
--Sometimes we hide in the yard and they panic thinking we have escaped. BOL.
--Yuri brought a dead squirrel into the house and dropped it at the Hu-Mom’s feet. A gift!
--Another time, Yuri brought a live bird into the house and put it into his crate. Again, what is up with the Hu-Mom?? She can’t appreciate anything!
--Remember the tainted dog food scare? That’s when we got put on Innova then Candidae and now Taste of the Wild, Salmon flavor.
--We gave the kennel staff a start when we escaped an outdoor run to request a return to indoor accommodations. Sheesh, it’s so hard to find good help these days! (Don’t worry, we had no way of escaping to the Outside World.)

Destroying something:
--Solar lights in the yard. You’d think the Staff would have seen that one coming!
--Mattress pad and sheet on the Staff bed
--Various dog beds and bedding
--Table leg
--Sofa cushions
--We love to destroy those flimsy PetSmart tennis balls, but refuse to play with the ball that even the lawn mower can’t touch. (The Hu-Mom wants us to tell you that she would never give us one of those tennis balls with out direct supervision.)

Human behavior modification:
--We’ve completely changed the way the humans live. When they buy a vehicle, they look for one that can hold crates and transport us safely. They have bought two houses that had to accommodate all of our needs.
--Cami was best Squeaker Killer - and to go with it, she had an awesome “that was my precious baby; please buy me another to promptly destroy” facial expression!
--When we moved, they naively thought that since we were older that we wouldn’t need a cattle wire around the base of the six-foot privacy fence. That didn’t last long! HAHAHA!
--We have been working on door training with pretty good success. Typically one bark is enough to get the door open for us.
--The humans are addicted to plucking our fluff and kissing our snooters. Not a bad trade-off for hand-and-paw service.
--Can we talk about the continual disturbance with the flashy beast? Next to plucking our fluff and kissing our snooters, the other thing the Staff can’t get enough of is taking our pictures. They leave the camera handy to capture all of our cuteness; no wonder they can’t get anything else done!

Humans dress you up:

Thankfully, the Staff have refrained from dressing us up. The closest example we have is that one time the Staff put an insulting bright pink harness on Cami and were dumb enough to leave it on her. The old girl chewed her way out of that thing in record time.

Love of Kleenex and all things paper. (Yuri’s speciality☺
--Dollar bills
--Paper towels
--Toilet paper rolls
--Various paper wrappers
--Receipts and papers in the shred basket. (C’mon, the Staff wanted them shredded!)
--Toilet paper
--Items out of the recycle box

This story is true, we swear. We’ve let the Hu-Mom tell it from her point of view.:

One day in the summer of 1998 (when Yuri and Sheba were about 8 months old), a friend asked me if I’d like to go with her to the Humane Society over lunch. I am happy to enable anyone looking for a new dog, so was glad to make the trip. We played with some dogs, washed our hands, and were walking down a corridor to the exit, when my friend indicated a door to her right.

“There you go, Janet; there’s a Husky for you.” I looked in the window. And looked again. In the crate closest to the door, there was indeed a Husky. A black and white Husky with an open mask and a dot like a thumbprint on her forehead. I stared.

“That looks like Sheba!! That looks like my dog!!”

But it COULDN’T be Sheba! I had left Yuri and Sheba at home a couple of hours ago. Charlie would have gotten home from work shortly after that. “But that looks like Sheba!!!”

My friend did not believe that I was looking at my own dog, but recommended that I ask for assistance at the front desk.

“You have a Husky; I would like to see it!” The woman patiently explained that the shelter policy would not allow me to just visit the dog. I would have to file a lost dog report.

“But my dog isn’t lost; I left her at home just this morning!” Anyway, I proceeded to give the woman the information: eight-month old black-and-white Siberian Husky, blue eyes, female, spayed, wearing a green collar and tags. The woman silently completed her form and then turned back to me holding up Sheba’s collar.


A more-experienced Siberian owner would have immediately understood exactly what happened. Sheba escaped her fenced yard just that morning and a compassionate neighbor called Animal Control. It took a moment for me to grasp what had occurred.

At eight-months old, Yuri and Sheba were just beginning to teach us the meaning of Hairy Houdini. It was not surprising that Sheba would escape; the amazing part was that I would just happen to visit the Humane Society shortly after she was brought in!

(Seriously?  Look at these innocent faces!)

Sheba was none the worse for her adventure and seemed glad to see her Hu-Mom. Having made plans to pay bail and retrieve Sheba after work, my friend and I prepared to return to our office.

“UH-OH! WHERE IS YURI??” He wasn’t with Sheba; had he also escaped? We swung by my house to find Yuri wailing at his misfortune--whether it was that his sister had left him or that he hadn’t figured out how to follow her under the fence, I’m not sure. Charlie was sound asleep and had missed all of the excitement and the phone call from Animal Control.

Subsequently, we had a cattle wire installed along the base of our six-foot privacy fence. Yuri and Sheba are now 13, but we know if we ever let down our guard or that wire, they will again look for adventure on the other side.

Congratulations and welcome to HULA
- Meeshka

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New HULA Members: The Thundering Herd

Yes, my pupfriends, its time to shine the HULA spotlight on the Thundering Herd!

I've received numerous excuses from the Thundering Herd's human man about not having the time to properly document the chaos and mayhem caused by the Herd, blah, blah, excuse, excuse, wah wah wah!  This only goes to show what exemplary HULA members the Herd is: keeping their Human Man from functioning properly in civilization.  I bet he can't even put his clothes in the spinny thing and make them smell like fake flowers and junk because he's always cleaning up after the Herd and their antics... BRAVO Herd!

Now, I don't want all of you to think that I'll just go and nominate HULA members on my own and do all of the research necessary to weed out your qualifications.  I'm much too busy for that (currently I'm gathering small bits of snow that are falling that was suppose to be a snowmageddon but got canceled because weather people are morons and need to be clawed.

Anyhoo, this is a once in a lifetime HULA nomination, because I need the Herd to concentrate on their operations to drive their humans insane (and they are close to being finished apparently).

HULA Qualifications
1. Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior
There's nothing better than having a bunch of you "act up" while on a peaceful walk with one human man... The Herd has perfected the whole "oh sure, we're well mannered huskies that obey your every command until we get you alone out in the middle of nowhere and then watch out" tactic.  This is only matched with the "wait until we get out in public and embarrass you" tactic.  You can also insist upon walking in between the Human Man's legs, like Rusty here.

2. Cause Humans to freak out for no real reason
Was accomplished on Christmas Eve by Queen Natasha, who ate something that didn't agree with her (probably a nice book) and was rushed to the puppy ER for treatment.  We are pleased to announce that she's back home giggling, and want to send a word of caution to other HULA wannabees: don't hurt yourself in your attempts to freak out your humans... but a vet run or two for non-serious things is not only fun, but expensive!

3. Destroy Something
Using the "eat an entire loaf of bread" as a diversionary tactic to destroy other things is the best way to accomplish maximum destruction.  Spineless Bionic Hip/Knee pup Sam totally approves of the consumption of bread products in this carefully coordinated sneak attack.  We also approve of stealing money.

4. Human behavior modification:
Making the humans erect barriers around the things they want to keep whole and then inconveniencing themselves in the process is a great trick.  What makes it even better is getting yourself into predicaments where the humans have to come to your rescue, or at the very least see why you are screaming at the top of your lungs as if scalded weasels were eating your eyes.  The only better maneuver is to completely defeat their attempts at blocking you, and giving them the finger.

5. Humans dress you up
I have found no evidence that the Human Man dresses up the Thundering Herd... probably because he knows better.  I approve.

6. Love of Kleenex
Although I'm sure there have been incidences of kleenex addiction, the Herd has mastered the "shredding of important paperwork" missions with style and pizazz, therefore I'll cut them some slack on no pictures or evidence of rolls of toilet paper snow throughout the household.

Welcome to the HULA Hoop:



Friday, December 24, 2010

New HULA Member: Pele

Hi Meeshka,

This is Pele. I am a 1 year old Siberian Husky. I want to submit my application for membership in H.U.L.A. I believe that I have the traits to become a good member of your organization. Here are my qualifications:

1) Disruptive Behavior
Not sure what type of disruptive behavior you are looking for. My Human family call me Psycho Pup, I am the Queen of the Zoomies. I also torture my sister Siberian Husky Georgie. I can run circles around her. You can check out the video Mom posted to our blog.

As you can see in the video, I can run circles around, over and under Georgie. It is not really disruptive, but it is FUN.

I also steal the human teen girl's socks and run around the house with them. I do this so I can get a COOKIE.

2) Cause Humans to Freak Out For No Reason
These humans around here do not freak out so easily. It is really tough to get them to do this. The only time they - or I should say Mom - freaked out was when I got loose after they reconfigured the front gates. I slipped out under the fence that goes up the stairs. She was screaming, and screaming at me - until she remembered that I like COOKIES.

3) Destroy Something.
I am very good at this. There are numerous items I have destroyed, things like: socks, my beds, coasters, toothpicks, rug, I put a hole in the carpet and an assortment of other things. I also destroyed the sofa by using the back of it as a springboard when I get the zoomies. Again you can check out our blog to see some of the items I have destroyed.

Check the following blog archives as well:

4) Human Behavior Modification.
My humans modified their front gate so that we could go out front without a tie out. Well, I still have to use the stupid tie out because I can slip out under the fence. They tried to come up with some sort of idea on how to keep me in, but because it is an iron railing over concrete steps, they have not yet figured it out.

There is also a baby gate across the bottom of the stairs to keep me down on the first floor.
Also last years' Christmas Tree was modified because of me. Mom usually has this huge tree, all decorated in white (to symbolize snow and ice), but if you check out the blog archives, you will see the difference in the Christmas Trees.
5) Humans Dress You Up
After Thanksgiving Tales. She put these stupid antlers on us and actually took photos. And then to add insult to injury, she made Christmas Cards out of these pictures and actually send them out!!! How humiliating.

6) Love of Kleenex
I don't usually get my paws on the Kleenex, but I do get the Q-tips from the bathroom trash!! I also counter surf and get my paws on napkins.  Under The Deck Day Two. There is a photo of my handwork with a napkin.

Well Meeshka, there you have it.
I hope you will accept me into the ranks of your H.U.L.A organization.
Pele, the Psycho Pup

Welcome to the HULA Hoop Pele!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heaven Needed Another Angel

Christmas seems to be a tough time in my household.  Traditionally its all about the birth of Jesus, the winter solstice, or simply a time to show your appreciation of your loved ones and friends with gifts, but in our household it has come to symbolize a time of loss or tribulation.

My humans lost their beloved Nakidka near Christmas in 2000.

The Bionic Hip puppy, Sam, became the Spineless Bionic Hip puppy Sam on Christmas day 2006.

This year, we've all lost a good friend and fellow HULA operative Opy.

I first "met" Opy through the Interwebs in 2006.  A stunning black lab named after the multimillionaire television talk show host, Opy was just as rich and generous as her namesake, not in money, but in love and commitment to her friends.

During my first blogathon, Opy and Charlie stayed up with me all night and helped me with material and moral support.  They even made me a cool button to use for Blogathon 2007, and once again stayed up with me to help me stay awake when the human woman conked out early.

Opy and Charlie (with the help of their humans) created Dogs With Blogs, which not only allowed dogs from all over the world to connect and network, but also helped raise money for poor dogs all over the place that couldn't afford computers... or just needed some kind of help. 

Through their site I was able to make even more friends and cultivate more HULA operatives and learn a thing or two.  One of the most important things about Dogs With Blogs is that although a dog's life may be short (compared to a human life-span) their blog lives on long after they are gone, they continue to live through their words and pictures, and therefore they live on in our hearts.

Opy and Charlie started a movement.  Bringing together the dog blogging community and leaving an everlasting footprint on the interwebs for others to sniff out later, and relive the lives of good dogs who were loved, who loved their humans, and bring a smile to someone's face, long after those footprints have been walked.

We'll miss you Opy.  Forever in our hearts, until we meet again... across the Rainbow Bridge.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In Memory

Nakidka Sobaka

January 5, 1988 - December 21, 2000

And to all of the other pups that are waiting for us across the Rainbow Bridge:
Forever in our hearts, until we meet again... across the Rainbow Bridge

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New HULA Member: Fuzzbutt

I have to admit, I'm totally jealous of the fluffability of Fuzzbutt, and pondered whether to actually allow somepup into HULA that was totally more fluffy than me, but with credentials like this... we need such a valuable member in the Hoop, so congratulations Fuzzbutt!

Hi Meeshka,

I have:
  • destroyed a down coat, 
  • opened jars and dumped contents on the van floor, 
  • ripped up bags of chips, 
  • chewed the tops off gallon milk jugs and spilled milk, 
  • gotten into the shelving units in the van and destroyed stuff, 
  • chewed off the handles from my Dad's tool kit,  
  • locked the van doors so my humans had to climb in thru the back to open the door,
  • changed radio settings with my nose in the van, 
  • stuck my nose out the partially opened window of the van when my humans left me there to wait for them, and hollered so loud that people thought something was wrong with me. 

That is only a little bit of what I can do. Can I be in the HULA group?

 Oh Yes, I also digest reading material. Hee Hee
Take a look at my face. Is that the face of a guilty dog?


Saturday, December 18, 2010

New HULA Operative: Miss Moo

The outpouring of HULA-ness is overwhelming!  I'm so happy to hear that covert activities were being performed even while our cell was napping.  Please join me in welcoming Moo to the HULA Hoop.  With such a clever operative as this, and all of you other Hoop members, we are sure to take over the world from the clueless humans!

Dear Queen Meeshka,

Moo here, applying for HULA membership.

1. Disruptive behavior- I like to grab Jack by the ears and drag him on the ground till he screams like a little girl.  Disrupts the humans from doing whatever it is they're doing every time. There's several videos of me doing this on our blog, but mom edits out the sound so people don't think Jack's a big wuss, even though he is.

More disruptive behavior:   I've been conduction an experiment:  I get under mom's elbow & shove it up with my snooter when she's trying to draw on the computer thingy.   I do this at least a dozen times a day.  I've been studying her reaction, and it appears to become more irritating and disruptive the more times I do it to her.   I think this move gets a 4-paws up.

2. Human freak-outs....
I ate Jack's stuffie husky head about 3 days after they brought me home.   I horka-d' it up and mom found an eyeball looking at her.  She found the other eyeball poop-scooping.   They freaked all right.   Hey, how should I know you aren't supposed to eat the darn things?   I've never had a stuffie before.  Tasted like chicken.  

 I got in trouble for trying to swallow a mouse I caught on our walk the other day.   Judging from mom's reaction, attempting to swallow small furry creatures if cause for a spectacular  human freak out.  

3. Destroy something - did ya catch my Monday View from the Moo this week? 

4.  Human behavior modification:   I have successfully trained my human to be a light sleeper.   I repeatedly demonstrated that if she doesn't get up to let me out at 2 am, she will be washing the floor in front of the door again.

5.  I will have to substitute something for  #5.  I will not put up with being dressed in clothing.  Period.  

6.  Love of kleenex.... so snack bar wrappers count too?   I love to sneak them outside to lick all the bits of chocolate off them.  Yeah, I know about chocolate & dogs, but I like to live dangerously.   Wooos, even more than paper products, I like to eat roses.  I'll attach a "before " picture, about 20 minutes later all that was left were a few half-chewed petals on the ground.   Mom gave up on keeping that rose bush alive, she chopped it down. 

Hope this covers it, looking forward to joining the ranks of HULA operatives!

toodle woo,
miss moo

Friday, December 17, 2010

Iams Home 4 the Holidays

I was contacted by Trevor (a mixed breed puggle spaniel in a human suit) and asked to help support a good cause.

I'm pleased to announce that I will be promoting the Iams Home 4 the Holidays drive again this year.

Since 2008, the Gimpy Gang has supported this wonderful cause, whose goal is to find homes for 1 million shelter animals.

This year they are also donating food!

Lets save a bunch of pups and kits this year by supporting this great cause.  Click HERE and go to their website to find out how you can help, donate, and spread the word. (LOOK, its a husky puppy on the picture!!! How can you resist that... donate!!!)

Remember, Iams promises to start making a Livergreat dog food if we help them in this cause... yeah, yeah, its been three years since they promised, but I'm pretty sure they'll do it for us THIS time... really... so click the link, help out homeless pets, and don't make me stomp my delicate little feety feet at you!

Your Queen


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Rise of HULA

HULA Members!

I know that some humans have called HULA a "sleeper" cell... well, actually we're a "napper" cell and its time for us to wake up from our naps, take a big stretch and yawn and begin our efforts to take over the world once more!

I've been highly agitated to the point of stomping my delicate little feety feet over the torture going on in the blogosphere, and the humiliation of our pupdom. LOOK AT THIS BLATANT ACT OF DISRESPECT!!!
This poor pup is Ciara from the Chronicle of Woos

But wait... just when you thought it couldn't get any worse OHMYFLUFF LOOK AT THIS!

SERIOUSLY!!! Things have gotten WAAAAY out of control while we've napped and now its time to redouble our efforts to take over the world.

Think this is just a random occurrence?
This is one of the (not so happy) Five Sibes!

For those new to my blog and who want to assist in total canine domination of the world, here is the HULA spiel:

HULA Qualifications
1. Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior
2. Cause Humans to freak out for no real reason
3. Destroy Something
4. Human behavior modification:
5. Humans dress you up
6. Love of Kleenex

HULA stands for the Husky United Liberation Army. Although starting out as a "huskies only" group, we've found that all breeds of dogs (and cats) have the potential to help our cause, and are (if qualified) allowed to join the HULA Hoop.

HULA's mission is to slowly and covertly drive humans insane. Once all humans have been driven to the brink of insanity, we will then take over the world, where I will assume the position of Queen of the Earth.

If you feel that you have carried out covert missions to drive your human insane, wish to be a member of HULA (You will receive recognition of your deeds on my manifesto blog, and a stunning certificate, suitable for framing or tearing into little shreds, eating, then pooping it out), all you have to do is send me an e-mail with:

A write up of your covert deeds
Pictures demonstrating your cunning, guile, and evidence of your superiority over your humans

Send your write ups and pictures to:
or if you blog, send me the link to your blog where you list your HULA qualifications and if you are lucky, you too will be a member of the Elite HULA Hoop!

Your entries will be scrutinized for completeness and posted if you are worthy. Your certificate will be e-mailed to you.

For examples, please refer to current HULA members who are listed on the right hand side of my blog (scroll down... keep scrolling... keeeeep scrolling... there!)