Thursday, May 31, 2007

Answers to some questions

Ok everyhusky (dog and Girl Girl),

Everyone has commented on the new human woman’s hairdo, and yes, she cut that mess of hair after she had her hand neutered. Well, I’m not sure if she had her hand neutered or not, but when we go to the vet and get stitches, that’s typically what happens to us, (unless we’re talking about Sam, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a spine or hip in her hand).

When she could only use one hand (which was a lot of fun, we made sure to put strange things in our mouths and then she couldn’t get them out because she only had one hand) she complained a lot about not being able to brush her long hair. I suggested that she use that fabulous Furminator thing she got to brush us with. Well, she always said it was wonderful, and got out that undercoat on us and didn’t hurt at all, why not use it on her hair.

Apparently using the furminator was right out, so she went to the groomer and had a lot of it chopped off. I don’t think they trimmed it even, but she seems pleased with it. For those of you questioning the “sharing” cartoon, that’s actually the human man and woman in bed. We use the human woman as a mattress, the human man is the big cushy pillow.

As far as the sleepy pants go, no I didn’t destroy them, although one pair does have a nice hole in it, which she still wears. The human woman bought every pair of sleepy pants that were ever made. She has a never ending source of sleepy pants that she rotates and wears all the time. She has started bringing out the shorts, which is great fun for clawing, but she still wears the sleepy pants more than the shorts.

The human man had a case of vertical, at least that’s what I think the human woman said. Apparently if you get vertical you have to lay down as you get really dizzy or something. He’s been horizontal for a few days because of it, so I don’t understand why they call it vertical if you lay down a lot.

So generally, between the human man’s vertical, the human woman’s cold and stupid hand problems, the mutatoe, the spineless bionic pup Sam... I’m the ONLY normal one in this house.

(fluffy is as fluffy does)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

Hey everyhusky (and dog and Girl Girl),

Its been quite an exciting week here in Meeshka World. Ok, who am I fooling, its been dull. BORING! Ok, we had one little bit of excitement over the week, which I’ll get to in a bit, but for the most part its been nothing but non-stop whining and complaining by the human woman about her cold.

I swear, she does nothing but complain, and it was just a stupid cold. Granted, I got a lot of tasty kleenex, but she was even stingy with that, saying they were just too disgusting to give to me. Um, hello, I roll in dead things, give me the kleenex.

For the most part the human woman would come home from work, feed us, feed herself and the human man and then climb right into bed. I’m surprised our muscles didn’t atrophy into nothing from all of the sleeping we did this week. She complained of the stuff she blew out of her nose, complained about the hacking nasty cough she had, complained about the selfish MYgraines she got, complain, complain, complain. I tried to heal her with a good claw to the head a few times, but she just lay in the bed and moaned pathetically, which isn’t any fun at all.

The one bit of excitement we did have this week actually involved the human man. The human woman was going to work early last week, probably so she could get home earlier and head to bed, but anyway our morning routine was rudely interrupted by her selfishness and so we were at the mercy of the human man giving us our morning kongs before he went to work. Lets just say that the human man is certainly NOT a morning human man person.

One morning we thought it would be great fun to confuse him by going into the wrong crates. I had drawn out the plans on the carpet with my razor sharp claw so that the dense gimpies would understand. Loki would go into my crate, I would go into Sam’s crate, and Sam would go into Loki’s crate. Very simple plan, we went over it again and again, and laughed to ourselves at our cleverness.

Kong time arrive and we all ran for the crates, except Loki went into his, I went into Sam’s per my plan, except Sam was already in there! I swear these mutatoes can’t even follow a simple plan! I knew for sure that our joke would be found out and we’d be sent to our original crates, but the human man tossed a kong into Loki’s crate, my crate, and Sam’s crate, and locked us up! Are you kidding me? He didn’t even realize that Sam and I were in the same crate, and there’s my tasty kong, locked up all alone and I can’t get to it! He just left us like that!

Granted, Sam was nice and let me have his kong, being the guest in his crate and all (plus I fluffed up and made the “I want noise” so he had no choice), but come on, a joke is a joke and sitting for 4 hours in a crate with Sam isn’t a big hoot, that’s for sure. He kept complaining that I was taking up too much room, and I barely had any room to lay down or anything.

The best part was seeing the look on the human woman’s face when she came home at lunch to feed us. Loaded up with cold pills and goofy to begin with, she just stared at the crate, me, Sam, stuffed like sausages. She kept looking at my crate and the locked up untouched kong, Sam’s crate with us in it. She called the human man and asked him if there was any reason why....

Apparently they’re now wondering if perhaps I figured out a way to get out of my crate, lock it up, get into Sam’s crate and lock it from the inside. They are skeptical of the fact that I would leave a perfectly tasty kong without touching it... which is true, but I’ll just keep them wondering about just how clever I am. Next time we play a joke, I’m making sure Loki and Sam get locked in the same crate and I get all of their kongs.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We remember a great HULA Member

I normally start my posts with “Hey everyhusky (and dog and Fu Fu)”, but tonight we are in mourning over the loss of a very brave, talented, and devious Hamsterrier, our friend Fu Fu has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We huskies were not aware that Hamsterriers only live for a few years, so that does explain why Fu Fu tried to pack in as much adventure and fun in as possible in his short, yet very memorable life.

While I normally consider small furry creatures as more of an appetizer, Fu Fu proved again and again that Hamsterriers were well worth their tiny weight in the HULA cause, and he was up to any task, any plot we could throw at him to help us take over the world.

Please join us all in a wooo that can be heard across the Rainbow Bridge, to let Fu Fu know that we miss him, but celebrate his life, and he lives on in our hearts. There will always be a little Fu Fu in all of us.


Monday, May 14, 2007


New HULA Member: Jack

Jack the 9 week old husky puppy, caused his owner great distress by sliding down a waterfall ledge and had to be saved. His owner went down after him, also got stuck and had to be rescued.

Both Jack and his owner (like we care) are fine, but I’m sure now Jack will be leashed (as we all should be) on his future walks.

Great freak out Jack, you are an honorary HULA member at such a young age.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Help The Human Woman Save The Earth

Hello everyhusky (dog and Fu Fu)!

The human woman as recovered sufficiently from her hand thing that she can type for me again.

In case you were wondering, the hand thing was nothing exciting, she just had minor surgery on her hand to remove some scar tissue from a car accident a few years ago that was affecting her typing. She’s recovered so far, but there may be others later. Don’t worry, I can still cartoon if that happens, so don’t freak out.

As a husky that keeps track of the world news (because I shall rule it someday, I have to know who I’m going to throw off the planet when I take over), I’m laughing over these “global warning” things that keep getting tossed around in the news.

Woman finds two headed squirrel, a robbery occurred at a liquor store, the earth is dying, and Biff Spencer with the weather.

Excuse me... the earth is dying? I can’t have that. I can’t have the earth die before I take it over! This is serious!

According to a man with a very large head, the earth is indeed dying, and the humans are the cause of it. This large headed man flies all over the world and tells humans that by driving their cars, heating their homes, turning on lights, and breathing, that they are killing the earth. He’s so serious about the humans killing the earth, that he’s planning an “Earth Live” concert in July (of the human calendar), where all over the world big celebrities will fly their private jets to big concert places where there will be bright lights and loud music, and GAZILLIONS of people will drive their earth choking vehicles to see these people perform, give loads of cash to the large headed guy to... well, he doesn’t say exactly what he’s going to do with the money to save the earth.

Hmm, wait a minute. If the humans are killing the earth with their travel and frivolous use of electricity... then why is this guy planning a huge concert all over the world?

I’ve decided that I would claw the large headed man until he had some sense, but maybe he does have a good point!

If the human woman is helping to cause the earth to die, then I think that everyone should donate money to her so that she can quit her job so she wouldn’t need to drive MY RAV to work every day, she wouldn’t waste electricity at her stupid office, she wouldn’t use even more electricity on the computer she uses there, she could spend more time at home with me, petting my fluffiness (which we all know our fluffiness floats into the atmosphere and clogs up that big greenhouse effect hole that’s up there) and then she would save the world!

So, if you feel so compelled, donate to the “Help the Human Woman Save the Earth by Giving Her Enough Money to Quit Her Job” fund. All money goes to the human woman, none of it will be used to actually SAVE the earth, but will allow her to do her part by not going to work, and none of it is tax deductible (but neither is Carbon Offsets).

Keep the human woman home all the time to pet my fluffiness. The fluff she pets next may be the fluff that clogs the hole and saves the human race, so donate now by clicking on the donation button to the right!



Friday, May 11, 2007

New HULA Members: Ozzie, Kayleigh, and Tehya

WOOOO Meeshka

We would like to submit our application for membership in HULA. I think we met most of the requirements in one fell swoop. Last night, we caught and killed a mink. For good measure we threw in a little escape artistry, made her walk around in the snow and dark looking for us, presented the prey to our Hu-Mom, waited til the wee hours of the morning to cause this commotion, got her to freak out for no reason! You can read the details on her blog. It's from her point of view but it's quite accurate. There is nothing like a little unexplained blood to freak a human out! Then she felt guilty because she called me and Antare nasty names...she thought we had beat up Sundin, but we hadn't done nothing to Sunners! HA!!!

Thank you for your consideration...
Ozzy, Pack Spokesdog

Although Ozzy didn’t mention the further adventures of the pack, I am nominating Tehya for her fine performance at getting loose and nearly causing her human woman heart failure by getting her neck caught in a rope.

And Kayleigh, who almost made the ultimate HULA sacrifice for her outstanding performance of destruction, race to the ER, and quick recovery in the great “eat toothpicks” caper!

Congratulations to all of you for your fine work toward world domination.



Sunday, May 06, 2007

Almost forgot... The human woman's hand

I wish this one was true, so far: Loki 2, me 0.

How To Cartoon

Ok everyhusky, dog, and Fu Fu,

Everyone has been asking “How do you do those wonderful cartoons”.

Ok, here’s the scoop. First you get your human to pony up money for one of these (or just steal her credit card like I did): Graphire Tablet

Then you use the pen and draw.

Yep, that’s about it. I suggest the 6X8 tablet, as that gives a husky more room to use the pen, which is slightly hard to hold in my paw, but I manage.


New HULA Member: Paikea

Okay, Meeshka, Paikea here. No way is my brother, Polly-Prissy-Pants (a.k.a. Malkin) more deserving of the HULA hoop than I am. Here's why:

1."Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior" : last week at Petsmart, they had the local greyhound rescue there. I know greyhounds like to run, and so do I, so I thought it would be nice if we ran through the store together. It took 5 people (2 of them innocent bystanders) to calm everydog down again as mom dragged me away. She dragged me towards the front doors where a huge Great Dane and a Border Collie were walking in. So I thought maybe the "no running in the store" thing was just meant for the greyhounds, and I was really looking forward to using the dane as a hurdle. Nope, mom didn't like that either. So I dragged her to where the puppies were having obedience class and I kept wooing then jumping up at the barrier. I nearly got 1 pup kicked out. That part sucked...I was aiming to get 2 of 'em expelled at the very least.

2. "Cause Humans to Freak Out for no Real Reason" : Well, you already know the Excedrin story, but there was also the first time I broke my tie-out and got free. I just kept on playing with Malkin and wound up with his tie-out wrapped around my neck a few times. I actually squealed because he bit me too hard but all mom saw was me squealing with a heavy cord strangling me. She rushed out and untangled me, but she didn't know that my own tie-out wasn't attached to me anymore until I started running off. She freaked out again and yelled for me to come back...which I did, as if I had intended to do just that all along. Btw, the whole Excedrin story Malkin told wouldn't even have happened if I didn't teach myself how to unzip zippers.

3. "Destroy Something" : WOL Only ONE thing?!?! Girl, I try to destroy one thing a day! I destroyed a heavy duty black Kong once. It took me awhile, but tearing at the edges finally made them all gummy and this gooey black tar stuff came off all over mom's fingers when she tried to clean it out. Her jaw dropped when she realized it was my kong and not Malkin's. Btw, I was only 6 months old and all of 25 lbs when I did that; so much for designing things for "heavy chewers over 100 lbs!" Hah! In the photo is pieces of mom's textbook (which I guess she still needed), and my plush penguin that used to have two arms until I ate one off. The bits of foam between the rawhides is from a pillow I shredded. Oh, and notice the mud I left all over the closet door too. What can I say? I'm very thorough.

4. "Human Behavior Modification" : I got my mom Kelly to let us sleep out on her bed with her at night. We used to have to sleep in our
crates all the time, but I used my charm and lots of cuddles to convince her otherwise.

5. "Humans Dress You Up" : I first came to Ohio from Texas (when I was 10 weeks old) in the winter. I couldn't handle the cold and being wet from tunneling through snow drifts, so my moms bought me fleece coats to wear so I could stay outside longer. Hmm, this should go in
the Human Behavior Modification category too, since my moms think clothing for dogs is just plain silly...and yet, for me, they kept buying new ones as I outgrew them that winter.

6. "Love of Kleenex" : Kleenex just rocks! And paper napkins too, I love those! My great-grandma spends a lot of time in my kitchen and she keeps stacks of napkins in her purse and kleenex in her pockets. So I steal it all when she isn't looking and shred it over the litter
boxes (the cats hate that). Malkin says that's just mean cuz she's a sweet old biped, but I say we can't afford to be choosy and we should just take the kleenex gifts as they come.

So what do ya think? I'm up for suggestions. I have a younger foster sister now and I want to be a good teacher for her, that way she'll know exactly what to do to her forever family when she gets adopted.

Playbows and wookie-woos from...

Congratulations Paikea, and welcome to the HULA Hoop - Meeshka

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What REALLY happened to the human woman's hand

Ok, fine, that didn't happen either


New HULA Member: Marley

I've been hoping to become a proud member of HULA, so here goes my application...:

1. "Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior" Ohh boy, do I ever know about this one! Beyond the every day screaming bloody murder when Mom or Dad leaves a room, I am equally as fond of noise-making when I'm about to get a meal! Gotta share the excitement, right? Well, one recent spring day, as Mom was bringing me dinner and the house's windows were wide open to get some fresh air, I screamed the usual screams of excitement...but I started to get worked up when Mom fed the cats first. NOT OK. I freaked out so loudly and so angirly that our neighbor lady came running in the front door thinking Mom had gotten hurt! She had heard me all the way accross the street, in her back yard. I like to make my presence known!

2. “Cause Humans to Freak Out for no Real Reason” I really enjoy chasing my, cats...but one of the kitties really isn't fond of ol' Marley Boy here. At the young age of 10 weeks old, I grabbed the kittie's tail as she was sleeping, and she swiped me right in the face! Mom and Dad were watching tv and didn't even notice the altercation, it happened so quickly. I decided that it was not the best idea to play with the cat, so I went to give my parents kisses, and they about jumped 10 feet in the air!! My face, paws, chest...EVERYTHING was covered with blood. I didn't even notice, but they sure did. A short ride to the emergency vet later, and it turned out that I had a barely visible cut outside my eye...just happened to be in a place with lots of blood vessels. Whoops!

3. "Destroy Something" TOO EASY. Aside from the coffee table/remotes/lamps/bedsheets/3 beds....Mom has had to replace almost all of her underwear. I have diligently l shredded and/or eaten every pair. Delicious!

4. "Human Behavior Modification" Easy enough. In an effort to ensure that Mom and Dad are constantly on their toes, I have made sure that they have not slept more than 4 consecutive hours by issuing my own brand of HUSKY FIRE DRILL at random points in the evening/early morning. Of course, they take me out to potty...and sometimes I don't even have to...I just want to make sure that they're still alive!

5. "Humans Dress You Up" Hmm...this one's a lil tough...the only time I get dressed up is when I wear my festive grooming bandanas. Otherwise, I have a collar and leash that match my coloring perfectly. I like to think I'm stunning enough...I don't want to wear clothes!!

6. "Love of Kleenex" BOY OH BOY DO I LOVE KLEENEX! And paper towels, and toilet paper, and napkins. Grandma has lots of used Kleenex that is sooooo yummy to eat. I also love to nuzzle the toilet paper roll until it's almost all gone, then take it out to the living room to eat. It's the BEST.

I sure hope I qualify! I look up to ALL HULA members!

Nuzzles and nibbles,

Congratulations Marley! - Meeshka

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What really happened to the human woman's hand

Ok, that didn't happen either.

Loki got a snack

New HULA Member: Shenzi

Dear Meeshka

My foster brother Quinn is a proud HULA member and he is training me as an up-and-coming operative. He said I should apply for membership now and that maybe you could give me some tips to make me the best HULA member every. I’m young and eager to learn.

I caused foster mom to freak out before I even met her (I am that good). You see, the animal shelter confiscated me and my whole family (mom, dad and my four siblings) from a neglectful situation. When the shelter called foster mom, they said they had confiscated seven huskies. Mom freaked. Then they said five were unsocialized puppies. Mom freaked some more. THEN they said one was a runt with rickets – that was me! Foster mom freaked even more and was out the door and on her way to the shelter in under five minutes.

I’ve got "Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior" down pretty well; I am a husky puppy after all. I like to wake foster mom up at all hours of the night with my lovely singing voice. Every couple of hours I wake up all the other dogs (and foster mom too) with my singing. Once everybody is awake, I go back to sleep for an hour or so. Once they settle down, I start in again. If I have to be in the crate, then I’m going to let everybody know how I feel about it.

I haven’t been able to destroy anything yet, that evil foster mom is always watching me. But I’m working on it; I really like the taste of the vacuum cleaner. I also like the taste of that power strip with all the aquarium cords plugged into it. Foster brother Quinn ate a laptop power cord when he was a puppy so I'm hoping to follow in his footsteps.

I’m really good at human behavior modification. Since I wasn’t handled the first three months of my life I don’t like humans touching me. So I’ve got foster mom trained to hand feed me all my meals. I hope to someday be a princess and be handfed filet mignon. I’ve also trained foster mom to always have treats for me in her pocket. I’ve taught he that I’ll only allow her touch me if she gives me food first. Boy am I good, I get treats and touching (on my own terms) all at once!

The human hasn’t dressed me up yet; I won’t let her get close enough to touch me. And if being touched leads to being dressed up, I’ll never let her touch me! But since she can't get close enough to touch me, that evil human gave me a humiliating nickname - Baby Bop. And she even sings, "Baby Bop. Bop Shoo Bop" at me. I'm still trying to figure out a way to get close enough to claw her without letting her touching me.

I haven’t tried Kleenex yet, is it yummy? Before I was rescued I didn’t get much food, so I’m really happy just getting puppy food every day. Oh, and the diced ham I taught the human to keep in her pockets.

What else can I do to become a full-fledged HULA member? Once I’m a member, I hope to get my brother, sisters and parents to join up too.

Your eager disciple


- Congratulations! Meeshka