Saturday, December 26, 2009

New HULA Member: Diefenbaker

Now that my glorious snow is all melted from the stupid rain and my yard is nothing more than a quicksand pit of goo, I figured its a sign for me to get busy with inducting some new HULA members.

I have to admit, I've been purposefully ignoring young princess Dief for a while. She has so much potential, and frankly its been fun watching her do more and more devious things in order to get a coveted HULA membership. I nearly piddled in the human woman's chair when I saw the mud fest and frankly, there's no better way to totally freak out a human for no reason than by revealing your (natural) third eye lid at them and thinking your eye is going to fall out. Simply brilliant!

I also commend you on your methodology for telling your humans when you have to go outside, the tongue in the nose thing really does work.

So Diefenbaker, I hereby award you with a coveted spot in the HULA Hoop, so very well deserved, and I know you will strive to come up with new and exciting ways to torture your humans, and assist me in taking over the world.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We remember

Its been a sad time for HULA and Dogs With Blogs lately. We've lost quite a few wonderful family members this year, so in honor of those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and wait for us from afar:

Forever in our hearts

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Wubba

The human woman felt bad about not letting me play with that ultra cool Wubba thing, so she brought it out for me to try:

Um... not seeing the fun factor here, except for making the human woman go retrieve it. She does it so well, doesn't she?

Monday, December 21, 2009

That's Just Not Right!

Ok, so all this time I've been feeling sorry for the spineless bionic hip/knee pup Sam because Mutatoe and I have been out frolicking in the snow and having fun, but Sam has been cooped up in the house, no doubt pining to run free in the soft, squishy, cold, fluffy snow with us... and then I happened to see this movie!

All this time I was thinking he was deprived... hey! Where's my Wubba toy??????

Sunday, December 20, 2009

We Interupt This Snow for a Special Announcement

You may recall that last year, the Iams Corporation promised to make a livergreat food if we got over a million pets adopted last year. Good news for all of the homeless pups, kitties, and other furries, their goal was met, but I'm still waiting on the livergreat food.

So, when Victoria, the poodle dressed as a human that works for the Iams marketing firm, contacted me again, she was very apologetic about the lack of livergreat food, and asked for my help with finding more homes for the homeless pets this year.

Well, I guess I can set aside my wants, needs, and desires for another year, and I command all of you with blogs to spread the word of this good cause once again. We need your help getting all of these potential HULA members a home so that we can take over the world!

All of you bloggers, go get the badge to the right to show your support for finding homes for pups, and kits, and hamsterriers and others who don't have loving homes yet, and tell everyone you know to support this good cause! I DEMAND THAT YOU ALL COMPLY, and I'll make sure you get a stash of the new livergreat food that Iams, once again, promises to produce.

Ok, back to laying in the snow.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nap Time

I'm seriously exhausted now. I think I may have overdone the whole frolic in the snow thing... since it happens so infrequently, I wanted to make sure that I:

1.) played in the snow - check
2.) lay in the snow - check
3.) Pile drived the Mutatoe's head in the snow - check
4.) Pooped in the snow - check (although the snow is the same level as my po-po and that was disturbing)
5.) ate some snow - check
6.) ran in the snow - check

There is now so much snow that I can't even walk in it! I had to force the human woman to blaze a trail for us to walk through the yard. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong, but why can't it be a reasonable amount of snow spread through the winter? Merryland is so stupid. I need to get Turbo involved in righting this seasonal dysfunction.


Oh Yeah, This Is What I'm Talking About

We have at least 5 inches of snow, with more falling, and its suppose to BLIZZARD!!!!!!

This is the Spineless Bionic Hip/Knee puppy and I attacking the Mutatoe. We pile drived him into the snow and totally covered him, the human woman laughed.

This is me gazing upon all of my beautiful snow.

This is me running away from the Mutatoe after we pile drived him into the snow... I'm running so fast I'm just a blur.

Friday, December 18, 2009

We're waiting

Originally uploaded by Shmoomeema
We're suppose to get two feet of snow tonight... we're waiting, we're waiting, where's the snow, hurry up snow, better get snow, better get lots of snow, I want snow, don't make me claw you weather people!!!!!!

Monday, December 07, 2009

More Snow Please

The local weather guessers were spared a gory claw death when we actually did get snow here in Merryland. Of course this caused the local Global Warming conference to be canceled because it was much too cold outside. I spent much of my time outside camouflaged from the human woman who frantically searched for me to no avail. She has new glasses which cause her to tip over again, so its no wonder she couldn't find my brilliant hiding place right in front of her.

I have been spending my time basking in the snow, then lording over my (once again) full pack, now that the Spineless Bionic Hip Knee Pup, Sam, is back with us. No longer does he have his own room, his own Wubba, and the undivided attention of the humans, no, he's a mere lowly pack member once again. As an added bonus, the lower room is now open to us and we have our own couch again. This means we have a couch upstairs and downstairs. The humans seem to think that the couch is for them to watch tv on, but we've made it clear, by taking it over, that its for us. I hear the human woman is planning on buying new chairs so they'll have something to sit on, which is only appropriate. If the chairs are comfy, we shall overthrow them as well.

Now that things are back in order, and I have unlimited ability to claw the human woman (who can't hide from me downstairs anymore, I can claw her at will and am making up for lost claw time) I will be able to better attend to my blog and my queendom.

Some of the things on my to do list include inducting some deserving pups into HULA, and also plotting the overthrow of the world, since humans are totally messing things up.

So, on that note, I leave you with some snowy fluffiness.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What Is This?

I think I've made it very clear that I am not happy with the current Amerifur leadership situation.

Its bad enough that the election was literally stolen by squirrels that hoard acorns from Turbo, but for those rodents to put this guy into a leadership position when he clearly has no clue how to interact with other humans.

I mean come on! Play bowing? There was no posturing, no butt sniffing and for a young leader to play bow and old leader like that right off the bat, it just shows that he's not a pack leader, he's not an Alpha by any stretch of the imagination. I mean he's bowing so low, he's venturing into Omega status and I was very surprised that he didn't roll over on his back and tuck his tail in!

I would expect a leader of Amerifur to do a hard butt-check, a stiff legged stomp, a snort and then a butt sniff when meeting another world leader. This display is embarrassing. Even more so that when they parted, he didn't pee on anything!

I can't support this human if he can't demonstrate true Alpha leader qualities.

At this time I am supporting H.A. Turbofire not only for his congressional district, but for the 2012 election (if Amerifur lasts that long). I am in the process of gathering resources to insure a fair and honest election this year, and will be convening a group to help stop human stupidity in the interim, and make sure that the voters of 2012 aren't so freakin stupid again.

A very cranky Queen of the World.