Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year Now Shut Up and Go To Bed

My name is Meeshka, and I'm afraid of thunder and fireworks.

I didn't always have this phobia.  There's nothing that scared me, hurt me, or affected me in any way.  One day I was fine during thunderstorms, and the next time I wasn't.  I hate fireworks too.  I sleep through explosions on tv, even fireworks on tv, but not in real life.  I don't even flinch if there's a loud noise somewhere close, but fireworks and thunder, that's another story.

I pee.  Usually I try to pee on the Human's bed.  I think it's the fastest way to get their attention.  I also claw them.  I feel that they need to run around and do something, and clawing makes them run around.

I'll pee on my bed, I'll pee on the carpet, I don't care, thunder and fireworks makes me pee, but I refuse to go outside.

If I'm outside and fireworks or thunder goes off, I'll run inside and pee, just on principle.

Loki Mutatoe is afraid of fireworks and thunder too, but he just cowers under something.

They dress us up in garments called "Thundershirts" which they spray with DAP and they give us Melatonine (3mg) to "take the edge off" and then we go downstairs where the sounds are more muffled and they turn up the volume on the tv and play music.

We still pace and pant and pee and claw, but not as frantic.

We hate fireworks and thunder.

There's nothing we can do about the weather, but there is something we can do about people who shoot off fireworks (illegally in the state of Merryland I may add) and that's this:  KNOCK IT OFF!

Nobody enjoys fireworks... seriously, nobody!  Nobody enjoys fireworks when you randomly set it off on a non-holiday workday at random hours... or when you and your drunk buddies stay up until the wee hours of the morning and set it off... nobody enjoys that.  You are obnoxious and annoying and we all hate you, so stop it.

If you must set it off on New Years.... wait until freakin midnight and get it over with.  Don't be randomly setting it off at 8pm until midnight... you suck.  Oh, and may I add, it's ILLEGAL!

This has been your Husky Service Announcement for the end of 2014.  Let's make 2015 enjoyable for everyone by not setting off fireworks.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.