Sunday, February 27, 2022


 It was a pretty uneventful week.

I destroyed my penguin, then got guardy about it, so penguin travelled to Antarctica by way of the trash can.

Bleeder was late with the foodables, so I helped myself.

Pancake Sunday was nice, but Toast takes his sweet time giving me my share.

Played "fetch" a lot. I've trained Bleeder to go to the return spot, but Toast doesn't know the rules yet and expects me to come to him... silly Toast.

I enjoyed the weather, it was hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, snaining, cold, hot, raining, cold, miserable, nice... I tend to agree with Bleeder that this state is wonky.

I stalked the squirrels... not showing any of that video. Stupid squirrels, I'll show them one day.

I did NOT sniff the things on the shelves or try to climb on them as much as Bleeder claims

I tried to clean under the stove for possible cheese droppings, but Bleeder wouldn't get out of my way.

The automatic feeder was repaired. I sorta broke it and caused it to dump ALL OF THE FOODS in one serving and then not shut off. I did not see this as a problem, but apparently Toast was not happy. Now I have to wait for it to dump my foods, and then require that a small sprinkle of cheese be added to it before I will deem it appropriate. I'm also not happy that it measures things exactly so I don't get nearly as much as when lazy Bleeder used a scoop and plopped it in the bowl.

Today, because Bleeder says I become "over stimulated" which is code word for "typical husky play that causes bandaids to be applied" I am being "trained" and rewarded for doing things like "not making her bleed", or "not stomping on her when she's on the couch", or "not torpedoing Toast in THAT SPOT". Something about positive reinforcement. Hey, if it gets me treats, I'm all in.

Excuse me, I have to go "sit" and look cute because I want a Zukes salmon treat.

Monday, February 21, 2022

The Aliens are Constantly Tracking Me

 Hey everyone, it has come to my attention (thanks to Bleeder constantly reminding me) that a lot of dog custodians are inquiring about tracking their dogs.

Frankly I think it's a bit intrusive, but no more intrusive that Toast and Bleeder's annoying Alexa wiretap in the house that only gets asked what packages are arriving, or what the weather is and randomly butts into conversations or plays random horrible music.

I digress. Toast did extensive research into the various and sundry tracking devices, created an Excel spreadsheet, did a PowerPoint presentation (that Bleeder totally slept through), and decided on the Fi Smart Dog Collar.

Why this one and not that one? Well, because it's really cool

The cheaper "tag" thing relies on strangers with iPhones to turn on tag tracking to report your location if you get out of eyeshot of your humans. Frankly, those tag things are turning into a PR nightmare as more and more people are finding them hidden in their coats and cars and good lord who wants that?

Other trackers rely on batteries that don't last very long and are a pain to charge/change batteries, plus aren't as accurate.

So, this is not a gratuitous looking for freebies post on the Fi, it just works well, has some cool bonuses, and looks stunning around my neck. I will try to explain how it works and why it is cool, in common dong lingo.

First, here is how it works. In a nutshell (from a squirrel that will be mine soon if it doesn't stay off my deck), the collar signal boings off satellites, then the collar sends a signal to a cell tower, which boings to your phone. It also has a "home base" which is the charger, that pings your collar and can detect when you've left your "area", thus giving your humans an as it happens notification as you dig under your fence and run like the wind.

The battery lasts a LOT longer than others, but does require charging. Since I am rendered nude when I'm in my crate, it gets plopped on the charger while I languish with my kong, chew bone in my crate.

You get the Fi, a collar, and a charger. The collars are very nice, but I'll warn you, the two that I've had (outgrew my first) have stained my furs, so if you have a very picky owner that throws you out on the show circuit, that might not be cool with them, but the stain gets removed with sufficient dirt and rain... probably something you snooty show dogs never experience... you should... go roll in a dead thing now, you'll thank me later.

The app is really cool, but is kind of annoying to me. It has a step tracker. Hoo boy, Toast and Bleeder are really into making sure I get my steps in and check it constantly to make sure I'm moving. It tracks my sleep, naps, and exercise. It also rates me against other dogs, other huskies, other puppies my age, dogs in my state, and dogs in my area. No pressure there at all. Currently I'm #53 of all dogs in Baltimore, and #769 in all dogs in Maryland. There is a live view, you can post pictures of yourself, and interact with other pups. If I escape, it'll show Bleeder and Toast a map of where I'm at, within 7 ft. and tracking my every move, and my Fi device flashes red to tell people that I'm gallivanting without supervision. Notification is instantaneous upon leaving my little area. It has, once or twice, notified them that I've left the yard, causing them to sprint out back where I'm lounging on the deck totally oblivious.

Want stories... you can read them here, and yep... most of them are husky owners.

So, yes, you will need to pay a monthly cell phone subscription fee for the Fi device... because that's how it works, it's like my own little phone, except I can't post adorable Instagram pictures of me, I still have to rely on that lazy Bleeder, and the ones she does post... eeesh, come ON!

The collars are VERY sturdy as well, and has a clippy thing for your dog tags, and a sturdy metal buckle.

Heavy duty clippy clip thing

Bleeder woke me up from a nap to take this... seriously?

They have different types of stylish collars you can purchase if you don't like the one that comes with the kit. I have no first hand knowledge as to whether they'll stain your furs or not.

Bleeder and Toast REALLY like the peace of mind of this system. When we go for walks it'll track your walk and display a little map of where you've gone. It'll tell you that you left with your human, and notify your family members that you've left the house with one of your humans (as opposed to flinging yourself over the fence after that annoying squirrel that taunts you), but it keeps everyone notified of your whereabouts. 

If you do decide to get one, check with Bleeder first, as they have a code to give you to get you and me some freebies and stuff for the referral. 

Tell them Casey sent you... they probably won't know who I am, but you should tell them because everyone needs to know who I am.


Sunday, February 13, 2022


 Hey, taking a break from the snow. Yes, it's snowing! It's not accumulating, but there's snow. I'll take what we can get seeing how it was in the 60's for two days.

Bleeder likes the warmer weather. We spent a lot of time sitting on the deck stalking the squirrels. Despite the fact that it's warm, Bleeder still suits up in her protective clothing because sharp claws and fangs, play rough, blood yadda yadda, whatever. Her protective clothing also makes her camouflaged and a perfect spotter for squirrels. She hates them as much as I do.

One time we walked out of the house to find TWO SQUIRRELS having a party on the deck. The chase was on and it was close, very close. Bleeder was cheering me on, especially when one squirrel couldn't decide which tree to run to and I could almost taste that fluffy tail.

The other time there was a squirrel on the fenced "NO NO POISON IVY CARPENTER ANTS EVERYTHING WILL KILL YOU" tree. The great thing about that tree is that the squirrels can't jump to other trees from it, so they're trapped if they go there and have to run to another tree to escape, plus they have to figure out how to get through the fencing. It slows them down JUST ENOUGH for me to narrowly get them. Very exciting!

Here is an attempt that was thwarted by the yappy neighbor dogs (I curse them)

Here is a squirrel just BRAZENLY sitting on the fence with its back to me... I made it clear that it wasn't wanted on the fence.

I see you up there!!!

Bleeder didn't feel well today because the weather makes her head explode, and then there was a slight "incident" this week where I happened to be jumping on the bed at the same time she was leaning over, and there was this crunching noise and blood, but she assures me that this was only the 6th time she's broken her nose, therefore I guess it's some kind of routine. That will teach her to lean over when I'm leaping. She's better now, and I got to lick her mac and cheese bowl clean.

Plus, today is clean sheets day AND PANCAKE SUNDAY!  Toast has discovered the secret to big, fluffy pancakes (something about egg whites, folding, blah blah, whatever) so today I got to share his maple syrup and butter covered fluffy pillowy pancakes.

Yes, I too would like pancake

He took his sweet time doling them out to me though

Um, hello... starving here!

Ahem... there's clearly two piece of my side that are getting cold...

When I'm not cleaning dishes, eating pancakes, changing the sheets, chasing squirrels, playing, eating my food, helping with laundry, or the myriad of other chores I perform around here... I get the skritches and watch tv with Bleeder.

Such a rough life I lead... oh and I got two new ring chasing things for outdoors... I love my ring chasing things... except now that I have two new ones, I like my ripped up foam ball better. Gotta keep them on their toes.

Have a good rest of the weekend.


Sunday, February 06, 2022

Pancake Sunday and Other Sundries

 Sundays are for pancakes, and I get my very own pupcake that Bleeder hand feeds me while Toast is eating his stack. I have since learned to demand a dip of maple syrup on mine, as pupcakes are a tad dry, but tasty nonetheless.  When my stash runs out, there's always Toast stash, as he's a slow eater.

Excuse me, I see some pancakes on your plate

Bleeder, why isn't Toast sharing?

That's better. Good Toast, mmm, butter and maple syrup

Bleeder doesn't like pancakes, so she then makes a toast croissant with cheese and ham... which I don't get any, but she does let me lick the crumb plate afterwards. Bleeder is very selfish.

Once again I had to spend time in my crate as another stranger came to the house and did things, but the end result is that we now have a backyard light that illuminates the entire back yard.  I'm torn about this as it was fun stalking any wayward woodland creatures that happened to venture into my territory at night, and it also means Toast and Bleeder can see me stalking and doing sketchy things at night. The good part is that now Toast and Bleeder can come outside and play with me when it gets dark without falling into my gigantic holes, twisting brittle bones on my vast yard toy collection, and not run into trees.  Of course that means the fun of watching them stumble about, and jump on them when they fall is over. Sigh.

They also had an automated po-po cleaner installed. Seriously? They have tongues. They are so LAZY!

I got some new squeaker balls!

I like to peel them and then grab them by the peel and fling them violently at expensive electronics, walls, glass, and heads. Great fun!

I also help with the house work. I'm a professional laundry working dog. I go downstairs to supervise the putting in of clothes. Then I go downstairs to supervise the putting of wet clothes into the rotating warm box. Then I supervise the clothes being taken out of the rotating warm box and into a basket (grabbing booties and small items that fall out and racing through the house refusing to relinquish them), then I get a cookie for the sock and then I'm gated out of the bedroom during the folding of the clothes due to my knack of snagging another bootie and repeating the process and getting a cookie.

Last week was "clean sheets" night, so the sheets got changed. They were perfectly good sheets. I only stomped on them with muddy feet once, so I don't know why they needed to be changed.

These sheets are perfectly fine Bleeder, stop being so picky