Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things I don't find remotely funny

I don’t think its funny when you wait for me to get all the way to the back of the yard before announcing “food food” (why can’t you just say “dinner” or “come and get it” or “get your feed bag on”, something sensible, and not the double word stupid talk), just so you can watch me skitter across the icy yard and then slide on my side, hitting the house in my fervor to get something to eat.

I don’t think “got your feet” is funny at all, and one of these days I will have your nose... in my mouth. You can just put it back on once I’m done digesting it.

I don’t think that using me for a pillow is funny, its my spot on the bed, I am using your head as a pillow, no fair getting up and using me for a pillow, its not cute.

I don’t think that standing right at the door and not letting me in so you can hear my cute screams of agony demanding to be let back in is funny. Open the stupid door so I can turn around and demand back out again in 5 minutes.

I don’t think its funny, nor do I want to see the huge tuft of my fluff that you’ve plucked off of my butt, so why do you insist on showing it to me?

Of course I want food, and my dancing around in starvation is not funny at all, so stop asking me if I want food and just feed me.

I don’t think that my sitting on your chest so you can’t breathe is funny, I’m doing it for a reason and you really should, after all these years, figure it out and stop laughing and saying that its cute (ok, its a bit funny to me when you start wheezing, but seriously, get out of bed and give me a treat before you pass out).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Snow isn't Snow

Oh sure, we got snow. The whole yard is full of it, soft, fluffy, cold, lovely snow. We got to play in it for a whole hour before it started raining, but it wasn't rain, it was more like chunks of icky stinging ice things falling from the sky. Then the fluffy snow in the yard turned into a slippery death trap.

This morning we ran out gleefully to play in the fluffy snow and nearly careened into the fence it was so slippery. The human woman laughed at us! SHE LAUGHED! Oh sure, she didn't laugh when Spineless Bionic Hip Puppy Sam nearly fell down, oh no, that wasn't funny... and neither was this apparently:

I piddled with laughter though.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

I love a frenzied Human Woman

So today, the human woman has been running around doing too many things at once. Serves her right for lollygagging all yesterday and doing stupid stuff that didn't involve ME.

Anyhoo, today I got brushed, but I made her work at it, she had to chase me around the bedroom, so bits of me are brushed, and other bits are still nice and fluffy.

Then later on, she was nice enough to hide her dinner in the small food safe, but she left the plate of beef out on the counter for me. It was very tasty. I know she did it to make up for brushing me and all that, so I do appreciate it, but next time I wish she'd just put it in my bowl. I also wasn't aware that I had a time limit to eat, because she took it away from me before I could finish it. She did put it up though, so I'm sure she's just making sure I have some more for tomorrow.

Sometimes the human woman can be very nice.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New HULA Members: Loo, Lee, and Kena

Dear Meeshka:

My name is Loo and I would like to sign-up myself and my 3 husky sisters for HULA membership. Myself, Lee, and Kena are all from the same litter and will be 6 years old this year. Chubbers is a foster failure who could be anywhere from 5 to 8 years old even though she still acts like a puppy most of the time never listening to my reprimanding barks, snarls, or neck-slams. I would apply for my 4 feline brothers and sisters, but they’re content with their splendorous life of eating canned-food (which we don’t get), going to the bathroom in the house (which we get yelled at for), and getting to sleep on the parental-units’ bed (which we are denied with claims that they don’t make sled-dog team sized beds). Plus, the cats claim it would interfere with their 18-hour nap. But to note, so far they have flooded the bathroom twice, chewed through numerous power cords, and attempted to assassinate us huskies on more than one occasion using nefarious weapons such as dental floss, markers, and gummy bears.

Below are some descriptions on why we qualify for HULA membership. I’ve only given one or two examples per requirement otherwise I could bring down the Internet with the massive amounts of information it would take to list all of our great accomplishments. I hope this will qualify all of us!

1. Demonstrating disruptive behavior:
I submit as evidence picture 01_01, which I feel nicely captures our ability to give ourselves spa mud treatments while causing havoc with the parental-units. That’s me in the back and Princess (aka Lee) standing by the hole. You’ll notice the nice patterns of mud on the snout and legs with a good coating on the underbelly as well. The look of horror on the female parental-unit was worth days of entertainment. She actually had to call the male parental-unit home from work so that they could bath us. Even with the bath it was worth it – all that glorious mud!

Now we all know its easy during the winter to drive the parental-units crazy by refusing to come inside while running madly around in the snow. They stand at the patio door with looks of frustration, yelling threats of fluffy-butt beatings that you know will never happen. But, as seen in picture 01_02 (from left to right is me, Princess, then Kena – Chubbers refuses to participate in this scam, opting to run inside and lay on the air conditioning vent), we have also developed the summer version of this fantastic husky trick. Instead of running around madly, which we all know just doesn’t happen outside in the summer since its too hot, you lay in the sun, getting a nice husky tan, lazing the day away. When the parental-units call you in, you may briefly lift your head or give a little yawn, but then you must lay down again like that one movement used up all your energy for the day. They’ll keep calling… You must ignore them! Trust me, we’ve learned this one from the felines – unless a parental-unit is standing right next to you, what can they really do except yell? Eventually, they will come outside - hopefully you’re laying in the furthest point possible from the door so as to make the parental-units’ trek long and difficult. Now at this point you can either jump up and run to the door like you just realized they wanted you to come in or you can wait, lay through the toe nudging, and turn your body into boneless goo when they try to pick you up. We like to randomly choose our strategy as it keeps the parental-units guessing.

Butt-twirling. I think that says it all, but let me explain. Occasionally, Chubbers has issues with her anal sacs not draining – the vet claims this occurs frequently in overweight dogs (she’s not called Chubbers for nothing). So, she started butt-scooting to relieve her overflowing anal-sacs, which caused the parental-units to yell at her to stop doing that. So the ever-obedient Chubbers complied. She started butt-twirling – she sits in one spot with her fore legs on the ground and her rear legs propped up around her forelegs with her butt directly on the ground. She then proceeds to twirl herself in a circle. Amazingly enough, not only can she husky-fight like this by bopping myself, Princess, and Kena with her head as she twirls, the parental-units don’t yell at her anymore – they just laugh. Trust me, all you huskies out there with butt issues have to try this one!

2. Cause humans to freak out for no real reason:
My favorite human freak out was when Princess and I were still puppies (no Kena or Chubbers yet) and I used to put Gus’ head in my mouth and gnaw – just a little, I swear. Gus is the evil cat (remember the bathroom flooding mentioned above). You can see in picture 02_01, just how nicely I was able to coat his neck with my superior husky slobber. But the best part of this was, the female parental-unit would get all flustered (she had apparently heard that huskies like to eat cats) and lean down and grab Gus out of my mouth, set him on the table, give him pets and make sure he still had a head. As soon as the female parental unit stopped paying attention to him, Gus would jump down and I would stick his head in my mouth again. Really, this was good for hours of amusement until the parental-units caught onto the fact we would never hurt our feline brothers and sisters as they are fun to groom and can open drawers and cabinets to bring us yummy treats (remember the dental floss, markers, and gummy-bears mentioned above).

Princess and I got a little carried away with this next freak out, but it had the added benefit of us huskies not having to wear collars anymore. You’ll notice in picture 02_02, that I love the neck bite. Well, Princess and I were doing a little neck gnawing on each other and she got my collar wrapped around her lower jaw. It formed a nice figure-eight, which had the unforeseen side effect of choking me. The parental-units came running after hearing Princess’ high pitched whining (I couldn’t make any noise what with the whole being choked thing going on) and immediately started trying to separate us. What we didn’t know was that the collar clip was hidden under Princess’ tongue, so the Parental-units were really freaking out, trying to cut off the collar and crying until they found the clip. At this point I was a little put out as it took them so long I almost passed out. To make them pay for their slow action, I then caused my pupil to stop dilating. This, of course, caused more freakage and warranted a trip to the vet (I don’t care for the vet so much, but you do get a car ride there and back so its worth it). After being poked and prodded, and the vet saying my clever ruse was caused by a pinched nerve and the pupil would return to normal, NO MORE COLLARS. All the huskies here still owe me for that one.

3. Cause humans guilt for no reason other than to get attention or treats:
The classic Delicate Paw. Anytime a human steps on, grazes, or looks funny at your paw, go into a high-pitch whining/howling session for 3-5 minutes while dramatically limping. Princess pulled off a nice one when we were puppies and the female parental-unit stepped on her paw while out walking us one morning. Princess managed to wake up the male parental-unit and made the female parental-unit think that a bone would be sticking out. When she put down Princess inside, the female parental-unit was so relieved when Princess stopped whining/howling and started walking normally, that we both got yummy treats. Unfortunately, you can only use this one so many times before the parental-units realize that a husky that can slam their head into the corner of a coffee table without missing a beat can probably deal with a little step on the paw. But while it still works, it’s the best and takes very little effort.

This next one was a bit more tricky, but the results are well worth it. Princess very generously developed a low thyroid problem. But instead of a normal low thyroid count, her problem actually produces a high count of T4 – there’s some mumbo-jumbo about the body attacking the T4, so you don’t get enough T3, but the test reads an off the chart T4 count. Any-woo, the first vet we went to did not know what it was, and since high thyroid problems are only found in canines when there is cancer or a tumor present that’s what they told the parental-units who immediately freaked out, moaning and wailing, scrambling for a way to find a bunch of money to pay for tests, thinking that Princess was going to end up in doggy heaven way before her time. Little did they know this was just part of a very clever plot to get more peanut butter. They eventually got a second opinion, and were so relieved when the smart vet told them it was a low thyroid problem and Princess would be fine as long as she took a pill twice a day, that they don’t mind paying for tests twice a year or the pills. But the best part, we ALL get peanut butter and/or shrimp 2 times day! The very smart parental-units realized that trying to give just Princess a treat twice a day was not going to cut it with the rest of us huskies, so we have all benefited from Princess’ noble sacrifice.

4. Destroy Something
Now you can simply chew up a cell phone, but where is the challenge in that? Instead, get your parental-units to buy a husky running course (they call it a pool, I say its an obstacle course that I can run around faster than my sisters). Wait till spring when its cool out and the pool is open but the water is still chilly. Make sure the solar cover is on and one of your parental-units is nearby with a non-waterproof cell phone either in a pocket or attached to a belt clip. Take a running start and leap as far as you can towards the center of the pool. Now don’t panic, but you’re going to start sinking. Scramble around a bit, then turn and give your parental-unit an ‘Okay, come save me now’ look. You might want to practice this look first as it is essential to get the parental unit to dive in after you. At this point, the hilarity and destruction begins. My male parental-unit jumped in to save me, fully clothed with his cell phone and some balls in his pocket – he was yelling something about freezing off the latter. Seriously, I have never seen anything as funny as a sopping wet parental-unit shivering and cursing while I was barely wet and basking in my great achievement of annihilating the cell phone. This also resulted in the parental-units spending a lot of money and time making the pool husky-secure with fencing all around and deck stairs that flip up. I’m still pretty sure I could jump that fencing, but what’s the point, I already accomplished my goal of destroying a cell phone without chewing it up.

Coming in a close second to my cleverly fiendish Destroy a Cell Phone plan, is Chubbers with her Lull Them into a False Sense of Security plan. Chubbers will not snatch something for a long time. Then, just when the parental-units believe everything is secure in the house, she will grab a seashell/coconut/can of cat food/cat food bowl/dish cloths (see pic 04_01)/etc. and chew on it enough to partially destroy it. Then, and this is the really fiendish part, Chubbers will bring said forbidden item right in front of a parental-unit and continue to gnaw on it. For some reason, the fact that Chubbers destroys the forbidden item right if front of them just causes the parental-units no end of hilarity. Now, its true that Chubbers loses her forbidden item prior to complete destruction, but she gets to partially destroy it and she doesn’t get yelled at or punished. In fact, if it’s a really forbidden item, like dental floss, she might even get a treat! Come to think of it, this may need to go under Human Behavior Modification – I mean whom else but a clever, brilliant husky could get humans to give them treats for destroying things?

Does beating up the female parental-unit count as destructive? Kena is a husky but she’s also referred to as the ‘Good Puppy’. Of course, that’s relative! But she is a little too subservient sometimes, always coming inside when called, rolling over for belly pets at a glance from any human, and never escaping from our rec room when we’re locked in. However, she has managed to give the female parental-unit a black eye and a bloody lip during paw wiping treatments (don’t the humans know we work hard to get all that spa mud on our paws), so I feel she deserves some credit despite her semi-obedient ways.

And of course, there is also the food destruction, which includes but is not limited to, a box of turtles, a cheeseburger (with both parental-units standing right next to it), a stick of butter, a box of donuts, a pork chop (again with the parental-units standing right next to it – you’d think they’d learn not to blink), and any bread item in a bag (this is the best because even if it is out of husky reach, Korben the cat likes to play with bread in bag and sooner or later it will end up within husky reach).

5. Human behavior modification
All of us huskies have spent hours upon hours training our humans to do our bidding. Its tough work and you’d think they would have some kind of training classes we could send our humans to, but here’s a quick list of our accomplishments so far:
  • Female parental-unit, a diehard anti-morning human, now gets up at 5:00am everyday to let us out.
  • Both parental-units have finally learned to give us treats every time we go in our kennels.
  • To prepare the rec room as our personal domain where we have our own kennels, dog bed, and couch (don’t want to rub your snout in it Meeshka, but yes we have our own couch – see picture 05_01 for proof) and provide us with a cozy loveseat in the living room where we can slobber on the windows from comfortable lounging positions.
  • That I am not to be brushed - the other huskies put up with this atrocity, but I’ve trained the humans, through well-executed jumps and kicks to jaws and ribs, that my glorious coat, even when clumped up, is not to suffer from brush or rake or pluck.
  • To let us out whenever we want. If the parental-units don’t, well then we’re not responsible for what comes out of our rears and lands on the carpet (never the easy to clean Pergo – always the carpet).
  • If we walk, we will poop. It doesn’t matter if we were just in backyard for an hour, if you take us on a walk, bring a bag.
  • If a human has food, they will give us a treat. We will cuddle up next to you. We will gaze adoringly into your eyes. We will look cute and innocent. Of course, if you don’t give us a bit of that food, we’re liable to knock you down, head-butt you, throw in some slobber and a paw to a sensitive organ, and take the food anyways. Our parental-units have finally learned this lesson. It took long enough.
  • Don’t put cones on us. If you put a cone on one of us, that husky will hog the food and water bowls causing all other huskies to whine incessantly, scrape the cone along the kennels to make as much noise as possible as shown in picture 05_02, bark at the cats using the cone to create a loud echoing effect, and scoop up mud and snow with the cone to bring into the house and dump all over the carpet (never the easy to clean Pergo – always the carpet).
  • Don’t landscape the backyard. We will jump or dig under any obstructions you put up, we will dig in the mud, we will eat small, furry animals, and we will lick grease from the grill.
  • If there is snow outside, we have to go out to play every 5 minutes. Just give in and glory in the majestic husky as seen in picture 05_03.
  • And lastly, we have taught our parental-units to love husky hair, whether as added protein to a meal, tumble-weeds in the kitchen, or a nice furry layer to cover up they’re unattractive sleepy-pants. And, if you know anyone who has had an operation on their lower abdomen, husky hair makes a wonderful pube toupee.

6. Being dressed up as something for the humor of the humans
Okay, we have to humor the parental-units sometimes, and it shames me to admit we submitted to the following with only token resistance, but frankly they took us by surprise and we did get lots of treats during the whole ordeal. I just can’t talk about it anymore… I’ll let picture 06_01 speak for itself. Super-Loo… Really humans are so easily amused sometimes.

7. Love of Kleenex
We fall a little short on this one as the felines have dibs on all the Kleenex and Toilet Paper in the house. However, all of us huskies here have honed our paper chewing skills on paper towels (or as the parental-units call them, liquid assets) and paper plates. Frankly, we prefer these anyways as they usually have delicious food residue on them. So, anytime a paper plate or paper towel is left unsupervised for 1-2 nanoseconds, it is promptly snatch and gnawed on, making sure to spread all non-food covered paper parts around the room(s) in an area as large as possible, grinding in said parts to any carpeted area whenever possible. Its really a two for one, a scrumptious treat and a way to annoy the parental-units.

Congratulations Loo, Lee, and Kena, you are all very well deserved members of the HULA Hoop, keep up the good work.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Its About Time it Snowed

Big fluffy flakes!
Puppies Play in Snow

Even Spineless Bionic Hip Pup Sam got off his Sleep Number bed and stopped watching Fox long enough to play.
Puppies Play in Snow

We had a rousing game of "attack the Mutatoe in the snow"
Puppies Play in Snow

You may not be able to tell in this picture, but I'm winning.

Even Spineless got some Mutatoe chewing action going on
Puppies Play in Snow

So, as the snow fluffles down into the yard, we're resting up for another round of powdered Mutatoe.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Awards and junk

Hey everypup (and kit and hamsterrier),

Still hating all of you with snow, as I still don't have any. Just cold. Its so cold that the human woman's left index finger snapped off outside while picking up our poo, but that's ok, she fished it out of the poo bag and duct taped it back on.

Ok, that didn't happen, but its so boring around here I just didn't want to say that its so boring around here, which I just did, so I don't know why I bothered to come up with something more exciting.

Ok, so while reading all about everyone's fun snow adventures, I see that I've been given some pretty nice awards. I've also found a few that I'll just downright take for my own, because I want to, and I'm a husky... its what we do.

First, this very nice award was stolen from someone. Its very nice, and I'll sit here and guard it and if you try to take it from me, I'll make a high pitched keening noise and snap at you like a Mutatoe eyeing my cookie.

I think it has something to do with being friends and sharing, but its mine, and I'll claw you if you come near it, because I'm all about the awards.

The next award has a bunch of stipulations and requirements and hooo boy, its just chock full of drama and intrigue... or was that a show I was watching on tv... I forget, anyway, here's this award and the write up that I'm suppose to post as well:

"The award states that "This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships!" In other clearer words, "These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

Ok, I just piddled on the human woman's chair when I got to the part about "self-aggrandizement" ahahahahahahAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!! I would also like to point out that the human woman's biggest pet peeve (other than not finding a spice-less spice rack in any local store) is "in other words..." because she thinks that if you have to include that as a follow up to something you wrote, just say what you mean in the first place and delete the crap that needs an explanation. So, thank you Mason Dixie for giving me this fantastical so well deserved award as I'm the best blogger out in the blogger world and people should pay me in livergreat to be a part of my life... not that I'm self-aggrandizing or anything.

Ok, so here's the last one, which also came from Mason Dixie (nice sucking up, I must say, you shall be awarded honary HULA status yet if you continue this). It looked oddly familiar, and sure enough I already have an award that has the same picture but with different words, but hey, I'll take it anyway, although I'm pretty sure a dog would not stand to be used as a couch for a cat, the sentiment is nice.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Just so you know

Each night when the human woman gets home and unlocks the powerbook, I sit and read all of the blogs that I subscribe to (and its a lot) while she prepares my dinner. I try to comment on as many as I can, but I have to admit that its getting harder and harder to come up with something nice and friendly to say for each of you.

Oh sure, I enjoy all of the pictures of you pups (and kits) frolicking around and reading about how much fun you are having, but with each picture of you enjoying mounds of fluffy cold snow, and tales of how much fun it is to snorfle and sniff the snow, and play in the snow, and frolic in the snow and trip your human in the snow and generally lay in the snow like donuts...

Meanwhile my backyard is a barren dirt covered wasteland of no snow, nothing, not even a flake, not one lousy flake!

sigh... I have just one thing to say about you getting snow
I hate you all!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thank you, and miscellaneous other things

Thank you one and all for the wonderful birthday greetings. As Copper mentioned, I am indeed 8 years young, as fluffy as ever.

For my birthday I received a wonderful new palatial crate with fleecy sleeping mat so I am no longer cramped with my fluff hanging out of the sides. I can sprawl in queenly comfort and nosh on my kong bone treats in style. Of course, the Mutatoe also got a palatial crate because his ample ass was hanging out of his crate, and Sam got one weeks ago, so I hardly think that my birthday present was unique to my birthday, and that irks me to some extent, but hey, its something.

I have also been remiss in accepted awards and sundry other bribes bestowed upon me, therefore as your Queen, I am now declaring that if I see a nice award on somepuppy's blog... I'll just take it. I am a husky and what is mine is mine, and therefore if I want it, I'll just take it, rip it to shreds, perhaps eat it, poop it out later, and then roll in it. I am husky!

Speaking of "better late than never", Skyboy has found that he is of Kingly heritage, or at least his human man is, and he has created his own royal court and has declared me as Queen. I must say that Skyboy knows how to suck up, and might even be afraid of the claw, but I am honored at this declaration and have placed the King Skyboy's Royal Court thing among some of the proudest achievements on my blog. You can't have it unless he declares you a part of his royal kingdom, so don't even think about stealing that!

I must say that having kingly roots is very cool. I've been able to trace back the humans' roots somewhat and have found the following:

Grandma human woman has no clue who her real father is, therefore we're pretty convinced that human woman hails from dysfunctional half wits until someone can prove differently. The late Grandpa human woman man's father ran away from home, changed his name, lied about his age to get into the Navy, and therefore we're pretty sure that this line also came from gypsies or con artists with a patriotic binge.

Grandpa Human man's family were carny folk (little hands, smell like cabbage), and the history shows that they all died under strange circumstances such as horse stealing, or shingles (which turns out to be a kind of torture where the accused is cut into thin slices and used as roofing materials). Grandma Human man's family is somewhat of a mystery and is believed to have been planted by aliens in the early 1800's.

Ok, I think I've caught up on the weekly happenings, so I'm off to nap on a vent.


Monday, January 05, 2009

Potential HULA Members Jump for Joy

Back in November you may recall that I was contacted by Victoria, who is actually a poodle dressed up as a human that is working for a marketing firm that was helping the Iams Corporation. Their goal was to get a million pets adopted during the holiday season.

Well, Victoria is happy to report that they have surpassed their goal and that since one week before today (5 January of the human calendar) one million, eighty-eight thousand, five hundred and six pets have found fur-ever homes since they started their event on 1 October 2008!

That's a whole bunch of potential HULA operatives (more than I can count using all household paws, including the Mutatoe paw)!!!

Thank all of you operatives that helped out to spread the word and help these deserving pups and kits find new happy and loving homes.

The final tally will be on the Home 4 the holidays site soon!

Although this is a WONDERFUL thing, lets keep reminding people that pups and kits still need homes, and continue to tell humans that there are still plenty of them that need adopted and spoiled.

I can't wait for Iams to start producing their livergreat food!


Saturday, January 03, 2009

Meeshka Movie Review: The Dark Knight

The humans went out and bought one of those "Blu-Ray" DVD players last night (instead of stocking up on livergreat, like I told them), and they also purchased some of those new fangled blu-ray movies to watch. No, they also didn't listen to my recommendations, so instead of reviewing "Succulent Squirrels Cavorting in My Yard", I will be reviewing "The Dark Knight", which has nothing to do with night time, but was very loud and full of explosions and should have been called "The LOUD MOVIE".

Since I was fixated on the fact that the humans were watching this movie in bed while holding plates of pizza (and not offering ANY to us no matter how close we encroached in their space), I will have to provide you with the various and sundry things the humans said during the movie to provide you with an adequate review. Plus, it had nothing to do with small furry tasty creatures, so who wants to watch that.

There appeared to be a lot of annoying things in this movie.

The first annoying thing, according to the human man, was the fact that if the volume was turned to a reasonable level for the loud explosions, then they were unable to hear any of the dialog. Speaking from a species with a keen sense of hearing, we felt the volume was just fine the way it was and are looking into finding some of those hearing aid things for the humans, or trying to figure out how to enable the "closed captions" so they can at least read the dialog and not deafen the rest of us.

The second annoying thing, according to the human woman was the actual Batman voice. I have to agree with her on this one, what was that actor guy thinking? What was the director guy thinking? Why didn't someone say "look, dude, you pretty much sound like a combination of Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, and Froggy from "Our Gang" and nobody watching this will take you seriously." The human woman wanted more of the Joker scenes and less of the Clint Stallone Froggy boring guy. Apparently the best scene had something to do with a disappearing pencil. Its also pretty sad when humans watch a movie and root for the bad guys... that is bad, right?

Annoyance #2 for the Human Woman was the fact that EVERYONE in the movie said "THE Batman". THE Batman this, THE Batman that. I guess they wanted to make it clear that they were speaking of THE Batman, and perhaps not any ol' Batman, like there were dozens of other Batmans running around... iBatman, and Batman 2.0... no clue. The Human Woman likened it to older people discussing an ailment, where they always say "I have THE gout" or "I have THE cancer", usually followed with the statement "It pains me so". I have THE Batman, it pains me so.

So, both humans felt that it was a MUCH better THE Batman movie than past Batman movies, and that its a shame that the Joker guy was able to read a whole script, but was incapable of reading and following a preSCRIPTion and now won't be in any more THE Batman movies, let alone ANY movies.

So, in a nutshell: we didn't get any pizza and it was LOUD.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

First New HULA Member of 2009: Sidney

Don't let this cute face fool you, Sidney is true HULA through and through, as demonstrated by the e-mails her human woman is posting to the human mail lists (recreated here with some editing with permission):

"17 hours total on the road with a young baby in the car I drove from Spokane to Salem on Sat to pick up my hand picked show puppy. All in all she is so far everything I was expecting of a puppy. She has
proved to be very intelligent and resourceful already. She is a climber it seems. I came home to my husband questioning where I put her before work. I told him in the x pen in the garage. After making sure I was positive that I put her in the x pen he told me he found her in the larger kennel with the two older dogs. After investigating I think she must have move the x pen over about 8 inches to the work bench where she then climbed the 4 foot tall x pen to the top of the work bench, crossed the bench and then dropped 4 feet (thankfully) into a large pile of shavings. She then had to get out through the dog door into the larger run outside where he found her. No telling how long she was out there but she is no less for wear. I know, I wanted a bold one and that she is to a T!"

And then there's:

"She has done it again! This time I came home to find her loose in the house! Thankfully she "used" the downstairs carpet that will be replaced this summer. I was feeling bad for them so I left them inside. I had taken them all into the vet in the morning and then had to work the rest of the day. I thought I would be smart and used a tarp with claps to discourage her from going over the top and to try to keep the shape of the x pen. Nope didn't even slow her down I think. The kicker was that she won't go up the stairs (split level house) anywhere- you have to carry her. But I come home to find her greeting me at the top of the stairs! She had to climb two half flights to get to where I found her. She was so happy to see me screaming the whole time!"

Although her human claims to be containing her in a crate now, I'm sure there will be more HULA adventures in this young pup's life.

Congratulations and welcome to the HULA Hoop Sidney.