Sunday, January 30, 2011

New HULA Members: Avery and Brogan

Dear Queen Meeshka

We are submitting a double HULA application to you today. Our brother Quinn was a proud HULA operative and before he went to the Rainbow Bridge he passed the torch on to us. We may not be “real” huskies, but we have lived with the best of them. Potential member #1 is Avery the Siberian Psycho Terrier - half husky, half terrier, all evil. Potential member #2 is Brogan the Dwarf Australian Setter - a mystery breed with a lot of potential.

Here are our qualifications.

Demonstrating disruptive behavior:
Brogan’s specialty is “retrieving” items. Or rather, carrying them around in his mouth and depositing them outside. Mom is always finding her socks outside, which is particularly disruptive during the winter:

Avery prefers to terrier-ize those around her such as brother Quinn and foster brother Phoenix (another HULA operative)

Causing humans to freak out:
One day Avery and our brother Eli (also at the bridge) begged mom to let them stay out of the crates when she went to work. When she came home she found out the front door blew open and both of them went walkabout. They’d been on the run for hours and mom didn’t even know where to look for them. Mom is very thankful for nice neighbors who like dogs. Brogan is more subtle in his freak out skills. He prefers to do things like horka for no reason or limp for a week for no reason - even the vet was stumped - before miraculously becoming healthy again.

Destroying something:
We’ll never understand why she continues to buy stuffed monkeys.

Human behavior modification:
Brogan is a consummate shoe thief. Mom tried putting her shoes on top of the crate but he’d just climb up there and retrieve them. Now when she lets us OUT of the crate she puts her shoes IN the crate and locks them in.

Humans dress you up:
Yes! That evil woman made us dress up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween!! Sure we won the costume contest, but come on! Brogan had to wear a wig and Avery had to have her hair sprayed electric blue.
Even worse was the “photo shoot” she created when she got bored after she lost her job. Poor Avery hasn’t been able to show her face at the dog park since then.

Love of Kleenex and all things paper:
Brogan’s personal favorite is toilet paper. We love watching mom crawl under the couch (with pants around her ankles) to retrieve the roll of toilet paper he’s stolen and deposited there. Next best thing is paper towels. And Avery does not take kindly to being scolded for shredding them.

We are forever your humble servants.

Avery and Brogan

- Welcome to the HULA Hoop!  We also mourn the passing of faithful HULA member Quinn.


Friday, January 28, 2011

What Do You Mean I Can't Have That?

So, the Human Man was broken for a week or so.  It was nice that he stayed home with us, but he couldn't move fast enough to get us our cookies when we wanted... and he didn't seem pleased when we jumped on him to persuade him to move faster... go figure.

Just when we were getting back to a normal routine, the Spineless Bionic Hip/Knee pup Sam had an "issue" and had to go to the vet.  He's all embarrassed and doesn't want me to say what was wrong with him (he had pee pee issues), so I'll respect his privacy.

Here is Sam trying to escape after the VET got WAAAAY too familiar with him... he's very shy and embarrasses easily.
Turns out (for a change) that there's nothing expensive wrong with him, he's just got to take some antibiotics for a while and hopefully that'll sort things out.  This is the best possible news for us because whenever Sam needs pills, that means one thing:
Oh yeah, its LIVERGREAT!!!!!

The human woman stocked up on livergreat and now we all get some whenever Sam gets his pills (morning and night).  I tried to change his pill label to read "every hour" but the pen smudged and I was thwarted.

Anyhoo, the other morning we had lined all up for our livergreat treat: one for me, one for Mutatoe, and one for Sam... but Sam's has the icky pill in it.  Imagine my surprise when Sam's glob of livergreat literally fell right out of his mouth and right near my feet!  What's a husky to do?  I mean, seriously, who would pass that up?

Apparently the human woman wasn't too keen about me getting a Sam pill and totally freaked out:
Yep, she totally shoved half her arm in my mouth and before I could swallow, snatched that glob of livergreat and pill right out of my throat!  It all happened so quickly there wasn't a thing I could do (and note to Human Woman... seriously... trim those nails a bit).

To make up for such an intrusion, and to her credit, the Human Woman gave me another blob of livergreat, probably to thank me for not taking off half of her arm.  The only thing that saved her from a later clawing was the fluffy snow we got.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Product from MeeshCO

As we pups get older, there are life's little emergencies that we may not be able to handle like we did when we were younger.  Older and wiser, we know that help may not be close by when these situations occur, so we need to make sure that we have the support we need, when we need it, and at a moment's notice.

MeeshCO cares about its customers, and wants to provide them with the confidence they need to live a worry free life and remain independent as long as possible, which is why we've developed the Treat Alert©.

How many times have you found yourself in a comfy position, only to realize that you could use a cookie or other snack?  Seniors shouldn't have to get up and claw their humans for a cookie, therefore we've made it easier for seniors to get what they need, when they want it with Treat Alert©

Simply press the button on the handy bracelet and your Treat Alert© will not only send out an audible alarm, but will also send an electric shock to the matching Treat Alert© Human Pairing Bracelet, notifying your human of your want of a cookie.

No more getting up and hunting down your human, or that exhausting clawing, Treat Alert© gives its wearer a safe and easy way to get the assistance they need... quickly.

Treat Alert©
Available online exclusively from MeeshCO... where dogs rule.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New HULA Member: Rocco!

I have fallen a bit behind on processing new HULA applications because of the snow... I'm sure all of woo will understand the delay.  Plus, don't forget, I have an inept Human Woman... that pretty much says it all.

Anywoo, somehow this little gem of an application got missed while processing others, and I want to give this pup some extra credit for making a tidy, concise HULA application via the interwebs on their blog.  For future HULA members, if you have a blog, please feel free to do your application there and send me the link, I'm fine with that, as it takes less work and we all know how I'm all about the less work (see part about inept Human Woman).

Now, onto a well deserved new HULA member: Rocco.

I am especially enamored by the taking over of the interwebs part... so Rocco will take a place in the covert interwebs takeover (which humans typically call "hackers", our HULA interwebs takeover branch is called "Horkers") to slowly take over the world for husky-kind.

Congratulations Rocco, and welcome to the HULA Hoop.  Please have your human contact my human woman at: for your certificate (suitable for framing or snacking).


Sunday, January 09, 2011

New HULA member: Pippa

Although now retired, in his day Pippa was a valued undercover operative to the HULA cause.

Since Pippa is now retired, its ok to reveal his wonderful deeds to the cause of global Siberian Husky world domination.

Pippa started his mission by finding two humans to take him in, and from there... all chaos ensued as Pippa dove into his undercover mission to drive his humans insane without their knowledge.

Pippa has been instrumental in uncovering the master cat plan of world domination and doing whatever necessary to thwart their mission.

Still striving for perfection even in retirement, Pippa still manages to get his toast, steal the couch, and demand things from his humans to keep them on their toes by looking at them with his sad eyes and melting their resolve until they give in to his every whim.

Yes, they dress him up in a silly raincoat, and yes he's modified their behaviors, driven them insane, and loved to rip up papers and stuffs in his heyday, so in his own quiet cover way, Pippa has oozed with HULA qualifications through the years with very little recognition (as all covert operatives must do until retirement).

For this, we thank him with a hearty woo of a job well done.


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy Barf Day To Me

I had such high hopes for a fantastic birthday today.  I'm 10 years old, and as the Queen of the World, I think I deserve a dignified, treat laden, festive day to mark my 10 year anniversary as Queen of the World.

I woke the human woman up at the reasonable hour of 4:45am this morning, and because it was my birthday, she was actually very nice about letting the Mutatoe and I out, and promptly fixed us our breakfast without complaining!  Off to a wonderful start on my special day.  She even gave me extra cheese sprinkles before stumbling back to bed.

As usual, I jumped up and sat on her head for a bit.  The human woman is a prime candidate for spontaneous human combustion, so when she started heating up I left my head position to lounge on my very cushy bed next to the human woman's side, and of course the suck up Mama's dog Mutatoe nabbed my head spot.

I was dreaming of livergreat and all of the wonderful treats I would be getting throughout the day to celebrate my special day when I heard the unmistakable sound of pre-horka from above.  Without warning, splat!

Yep, the Mutatoe threw up on me!

Granted, I was hoping for a hot meal for dinner, I didn't expect pre-chewed  Mutatoe leftovers.

The human woman jumped up quickly and began to clean up the mess... without realizing that I had been the target of the spew.  I stood there... waiting.  Then I stomped my delicate little feety feet and rubbed against her and that certainly got her attention.  She cleaned me up and apologized (even though she wasn't the one that tossed their breakfast on me), and tried to comfort me, but I was inconsolable... who wouldn't be?

To make up for it, the Human Woman brought home LIVERGREAT!!!! Yessssssss!  She's been all attentive and nice to me, even after I claw her, so I guess it was worth the inconvenience... plus its much quieter since I buried the Mutatoe in the yard head first*.

*Please note: no Mutatoes were buried in the yard or harmed in the making of this blog post.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy Woo Year

Just wanted to stop by and wish all of my royal subjects a very Happy Woo Year. 

May your Woo Year be filled with love and livergreat!