Friday, September 12, 2014

Intruder Bunny

We have an intruder.

It's a bunny.

I have no idea how this bunny managed to sneak into the very secure Meeshka World.  The Human Woman has spent her entire lifetime pouring concrete to keep us from digging out, securing the fence cracks to keep us from squeezing out, and patrolling the perimeter ever vigilant for any sort of lapse in security all in the name of keeping us from getting out...

Apparently she didn't expect anything to want IN to our domain.

The bunny has been chased OUT of our domain several times.

The bunny somehow finds its way back IN to our domain.

It ate the Human Woman's vegetables.

It poops near where we poo, as if to say "F you".

Mutatoe HATES the bunny.  He chases it around the yard with his ample ass flapping in the breeze, and yet it still manages to outrun him and hide in the stuff that's under the deck.

From its safe place, it laughs at him.

The Human Woman thought she figured out that it was squeezing in through the small gap in the fence corner, so after chasing the bunny through the gate AGAIN, she blocked that spot.

The bunny laughed at her.

This bunny has some nads, that's for sure.  It actually sits in the yard and waits for us to come out before scampering into its hidey hole of stuff under the deck.

I will get you bunny.

- Meeshka