Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sorry for the Lull

Meeshka here!

Sorry for the lull, its been a very busy month around here what with people coming to visit us all the time.

For five whole days we had visitors known as "the in-laws" come and stay with us. They didn't quite know what to make of us at first, what with my stand up claw their back greeting, and Loki hitting them with the mutant paw, Sammy leaping on them with joy. We like visitors, but they seemed not so keen to play with us. They smelled old too, so we stopped clawing and just sniffed them a lot.

Our routine was so totally thrown out of whack during this month. We didn't get to eat out on the deck with the visitors, and these visitors would hide when they ate sometimes, which is so totally not fair. We spent some time in our crates while they went places (once again, so totally not fair), but the visitors have gone and we're getting back into a normal routine, and its about time.

The human woman actually had time to play with us a few times today, in between our naps. We got fed on time (although the amount was still not to my standards), and the human woman even played "gingerbread Shmoo" with me (her name for it, not mine), where I pretend like I want to go outside, but then at the last minute I dash around her and throw myself on the couch. She comes up and squishes me into the couch and I bit her (ok, not hard or anything). It was great fun to play that again.

I'm glad the visitors are gone, its very tiring to keep track of 4 people, especially when they never seemed to be in one place at one time. All that running up and down the stairs to make sure nobody was eating or doing fun things without us. We've slept a lot today, trying to catch up on our napping.

Ok, its off for a quick nap before bed time, so I'll be back online more, now that things are getting back to normal.


P.S. I don't know if I have to warn you, but its getting cold out, which means its about time for the annual "put a stupid hat on your husky" season... BEWARE!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Important Dietary Supplement

Feeling lethargic?
No energy?

You are probably suffering from a lack of paper and cardboard!

All huskies require a certain amount of fiber in their diet on a daily basis. The humans think that the food they plop out of a can or from a bag will provide you with all of the essential nutrients you need in order to survive. THEY ARE WRONG!

The humans think that we just enjoy ripping apart and eating bits of paper and cardboard, but instinctually, we know that we need this in order to maintain our health and vitality. I'm sure its even good for our cute, fluffy coats as well.

Its perfectly clear in this picture, that I'm eating and ripping apart the cardboard (hoarding some in my toy cage for later) not out of a need to "play". Toys are scattered around me for the playing. Its simply because huskies need cardboard and paper for their very survival.

Even huskies that are fed raw meat and bones (you are so lucky) require a portion of cardboard and paper in their diets. Keeps us regular, and creates some really nice poop sculptures in the yard.

It is up to you to find enough cardboard and paper to survive and thrive. I suggest that you find these items on tables and desks where they are plentiful. Envelopes are especially tasty (that nice minty part) and the humans will thank you, especially if it contained a bill, or final notice or something.

If your human mentions "school" this is a bad thing that keeps them from petting you, so your source of fiber should come from books or papers they spend hours on. Once you eat it, they have no choice but to spend their time with you!

So, check out the tables and desks for good sources of fiber. Your human will thank you later by stroking your cute fluffiness!

Another helpful Meeshka tip.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Those Gimpy Dogs

The human woman has been spending a lot of time on the computer (and not letting me blog like the lawyer said she had to). She says it is for a good cause, but the only good cause I can think of is her making a Web site exclusively of me... which she's not doing.

No, she's making a site for gimpy dogs. She says that gimpy dogs like Sam (see picture of his hip replacement recovery... check out the goofy haircut, what a poodle husky), Loki, and old blind geezer Nova are "special" dogs that need "special" care.

What about me? I'm hungry, I need some special dinner! I get skin allergies in the fall, has anyone checked the calendar lately?

The human woman says that a lot of husky owners ask questions about stuff that's wrong with their huskies, and they need a good place to find out information and talk to others that have the same problems. Ok, this is a good thing, especially if it means that the human woman has more time to pet me and wait on me hand and foot. There are also other types of dogs (like we huskies care about them) that need information too.

She says she'll be done in a week or two with the web site. Not soon enough I say. I also find it hard to believe that she's not charging anyone for all of this good information and help. How is she suppose to support my Greenie habit if she doesn't charge?

She wants people to help her spread the word about their gimpy dogs with uplifting gimpy dog stories (oh puhleeze), and help other gimpies get adopted (warning to everyone: this means they're coming to your home, so get ready to share the bed). How gimpy dogs are perfectly normal (except they tend to look so pathetic they suck all of the goodies away from us perfectly normal dogs).

Sigh. She's on a roll, I can't stop her except for short periods where I rake my razor-like nails on her bare leg.

Anyone want a seasonal skin allergy cute fluffy husky? Must not own any other pets of any kind, as I require your undivided attention 24 hours a day (and a king size bed of my own).

Meeshka (the ignored)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Feed Me

The humans just don't feed us enough. Sure, three times a day is good, but the portions are too small, and they don't include the tasty items they cook on the grill.

They are so cruel. They cook on the grill, but won't let us out on the deck when they do. We sit and stare out the door, watching the food being cooked, then they eat it in front of us. So cruel.

The human man is eating in this picture. Even though they never give us any, we have to try to look as pathetic and hungry as possible in the hope that one day, they will drop something. If it happens, I'm right there. Positioned in such a way that I can strike before it hits the floor without a lot of movement involved.

It helps to look incredibly pathetic, except in this case, all it did was get my picture taken.

I'm hungry... feed me!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Humans Won't Go To Work

For some reason, the humans won't go to work and they're totally messing up our schedule.

My life revolves around a very strict routine:

5am awake, out, then breakfast, then a nap with the human in bed

7am we get our kongs and nap in our crates

12pm lunch, out
12:45pm we get our kongs and nap

5pm cheese, out to play
6pm dinner
9:30pm bed time

Sure, sometimes the human woman stays home and sits at the computer all day, but that's fine, we maintain our schedule regardless.

This whole week that Uncle Jack has been here, they get up late (and are cranky when we try to maintain the 5am breakfast rule), they lounge around, sometimes they go out and come back smelling like that Starbucks place they take us to. They eat, we eat, then they lay around some more. Its very disturbing.

Right now I'm lounging on the deck in the shade. Its hard to nap on the deck because there are all these bird things tweeting, and other yappy dogs yapping, and generally too many distractions.

I keep clawing the human woman's bare leg, or try climbing on the table, but she just doesn't get it. I'm out of routine... how do they expect us to live with no schedule?

Monday, September 05, 2005

Make him come out

Uncle Jack is visiting. We like Uncle Jack, we love to jump on him and claw him, he's so much fun!

Bright and early yesterday we were up at our usual time, but Uncle Jack wasn't. He had the gall to close the door of his room too!

I'm trying to peek under the door to see him, and no amount of clawing would get the door open, but it did wake him up, we were able to leap on him.

This morning he forgot to close the door all the way, so after our breakfast, Sam and I got into the room and gave him our rousing "WAKE UP" dance on his chest. He was really happy to see us. You can tell because they make this "AAAAAAARGH" noise when we jump on them!

Comfy bed

Now this is more like it.

Sam is trying out the NEW comfy bed.

It is much bigger than the last bed we use to have, more room to sprawl and the human woman even has some room to stretch out, but we're planning on taking the whole side over anyway, so I hope she doesn't get use to it.

You call this a bed?

So, this is the "bed" that the humans had us sleep on for two nights.

This is a bed? It barely fits Sam and I, and the human woman actually tried to make us get up because she needed to deflate it.

Can't she see we're napping?

The gall.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Donate to Hurricane Relief

Please join me in donating to reputable rescue agencies to help all of those in the south who are suffering after the wrath of Hurricane Katrina.

No matter how small, every little bit helps somewhere, so open your wallets and help those who truly need it the most.

I'm sure all of us that have roofs over our head, electricity and fancy dog treats would volunteer to give those up to allow our humans to take that money and give it to a person who doesn't have that, and in turn those people can get their lives back in order and help the animals down there that have also been left helpless during this time.