Friday, November 08, 2013


Yes, yes, yes, I know, it's been FOREVER since I've posted... sorry, been very busy, plus the human woman refused to move the computer near the cold air vent.  eeesh.

So... what's been going on.

Fleas for one.  Stupid things.  Can't get rid of them.  Ticks too.  It's the start of some kind of dogpocalypse or something I fear.  Ok, I blame the weather people for not giving us enough snow to kill those things off these past few years.  I better see some snow this year... just sayin.

The Spineless Bionic Hip, Knee dog, Sam, broke again.

This time they really thought he broke something important and expensive.  Luckily he just twerked his non-bionic hip and knee... or was that tweaked... I get those mixed up.

So, he was sequestered down in the official recovery room with the Human Man, and pampered like I should be getting pampered.

I told him that I knew he was making more of a deal out of it than he was acting, but he bribed me to keep quiet.  Hey, I'll take that.

Then the Human Man got sickly, so it was two sickly pack members downstairs and I was stuck upstairs with the Human Woman and the Mutatoe... ugh.  He took up the whole bed!

The Human Woman took us both for a walk to get us out of the house... probably to try to flee the horrible germs percolating in that house.

Then I decided that there was no way, no how, not ever, ever, ever I was EVER going to go into the yard again because the Human Woman hadn't "picked up" in a while.

Ok, seriously humans, you flush the porcelain water bowl every time you "go" into it, why is it so hard to "flush" our yard once in a blue moon?  Huh?

Since I refused to go in the yard, and apparently pooping on the deck is abso-fricken-lootly out of the question (per the Human Woman), the humans took matters into their own hands... meaning they put my harness on me and tried to convince me that leash walking me in the yard was the same as "taking a walk".  I was not fooled.

Two things came out of this incident:

1.) The Human Woman is very quick with cleaning the yard every day, and

2.) They got to try a new leash on me, which I'll be reviewing in my next post tomorrow, so stay tuned, you won't want to miss that festival of fun.

- Meeshka