Monday, February 27, 2006

What's this lump doing in our bed?

I wanted to thank all of you for your concerns about possible changes to my house. I assure you, the human woman is allergic to hairless puppies and refuses to have any.

There were also requests for pictures of me sitting on the human woman's head, but I don't have any. This is as close as I could get to that sort of picture. Apparently the human woman wanted to nap, and so did we, so we gave her the usual portion of bed and took our usual portion. You can see me using her as a pillow, she's good for that.

They've since purchased a king sized bed (and about time too) so we have a lot more room to sprawl out, and I've taken over the head of the bed... the human woman still gets the same portion as before (don't want to spoil her).

I'll get the human man to take a picture of me sitting on her head one of these days and post it.

Meeshka (rightful owner of the head of the bed, and the head of the human woman)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dastardly Plans

The humans have gotten smarter recently. I don't know what this sudden surge of brain cells could be attributed to, but it has got to stop.

I mentioned the other day that they moved our crates... for our convenience (they told us). Soon, or little play nook downstairs was transformed into a wide open nook to play in, but they blocked it off, and they even vacuumed up our hair and steam cleaned it! Now it doesn't smell like dog down there. Its almost as if they were trying to erase our very essence! Do they realize how long it took us to get that room nice and dog smelly?

We can't get in there because they put one of those bothersome gates up to the only entrance. Now all we can do is gaze from the railings and wish we had all that space to play, run, and ricchochet. The human man even went down there to eat, leaving me to sit behind the gate and watch him. I couldn't even get close enough to reach out with my tongue and taste the plate!

Oh, I told him how angry that made me. I woo'd softly to no response. Then I made the "I want" noise, but he ignored me. Finally I had to resort to the high pitched SQUEEL of anger sound, but he just ignored me.

The human woman was upstairs eating at that dreadful table they bought that doesn't allow us to get close enough to taste the plate. Sam and Loki stood watch up there to make sure to catch any crumbs that fell, but that table is dastardly and catches fallen food. This whole furniture thing is very frustrating! Even my steely stare did nothing to prompt the human man to bring me food and feed it to me.

What happened to the good old days where we'd surround the coffee table (which was head level) and wait for an opportunity to lick the plate. Sam or Loki would distract and I'd dash in for a good lick, or as I clawed the human woman leg, Sam and Loki would get an opportunity in for the steal. No, they have real furniture now, and we have to figure out how to conquer it and get our tasty bits.

Ok, so one nice thing they've started doing is not gating us in the bedroom. Because the old Nova guy (who hasn't needed his purse outfit in a while) is always thirsty, they gated off the stairs so he won't fall down them and leave the kitchen area open for us. Its nice to go get a cool drink of water at night when you're thirsty. Hey, wait a minute! That only means that the humans get to sleep in more! I no longer have to sit on the human woman's head to get her to wake up and take me in to get a drink of water. They're making us go on our own now! That also means they're sleeping in later instead of taking us out in the cold!

Next thing you know, we'll be up making our own breakfasts. If I see a "doggie" door getting dragged in here, I'm packing my bags. Where's the fun if we can go out anytime we want instead of making the humans let us out, then demanding to be let back in, then out, then in, then out again!

(plotting to make the humans' lives more miserable again... the way it should be)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Who moved my crate?

The humans got home from the evil work place and tossed us outside as usual. What was unusual was that they didn't let us in and feed us at the usual time, even though we banged on the door, and woo'd and cried. They were doing something inside, and whenever they lock us out and do stuff inside... its never a good thing.

Just as we suspected when we came back inside, our crates were GONE! Our cozy little nooks were moved upstairs! Not only that, but half the couch was gone and now moved upstairs!

We huskies don't like change. Not only were they late feeding us, but they re-arranged our sacred spots!

The human woman tried to explain that they needed the downstairs in order to do something, and we would be much happier with our crates upstairs, but we know this is a lie. SHE likes the crates upstairs. Its easier for her to get the empty kongs out of them if they're up there, and its easier for her to do stuff up there, so stop with all the "its best for you" crap, we're not fooled.

It was kinda nice being in a different locale than normal when we're chewing on our kongs and napping. I want the crate near the wall that is closest to the window, but that's Sammy's crate and he wasn't pleased when I tried to claim it as mine. The little brat Loki went right into his crate like the suck up he is this morning.

Sigh, it'll take a while to get use to this new routine, and we've already made it clear that we aren't happy about change and need even more treats than usual in order to appease us.

By the way, here's another picture of me in the snow... that is gone... lasted a whole lousy day then melted. This weather sucks, but luckily to help us show our displeasure, its very muddy outside, so I was sure to get my tiny, delicate little feet all muddy and stomp all over the human woman's side of the bed last night.

the next thing you should move is that horrible end table to the dump.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Snow is Gone

Once again, a perfectly good snow is gone. We barely had a day of snowy playtime before it got warm again and melted it all away. I really need to convince the humans to move where the snow is. I'm a HUSKY! I NEED SNOW to play in!

I don't sit and cultivate my true fluffiness just to lounge in the heat and humidity. I require plenty of snow activities to make me even fluffier and cuter. I'm sure now that its "spring" I'll start to shed again, thus losing all of the fluffy work I put into my coat for a very disappointing winter.

I'm also very peeved at the humans again. They went and got on tv without me! Sure its for a good cause, but they could have taken me to the cemetery when they were filming the news report about their work (see: The humans on tv)

I am the one that got some of the humans informed about the whole pet cemetery thing in the first place, so the least they could have done was mention my efforts and contributions, but NOOOOO! They use my cute and fluffiness for their cause, and then forget about me.

Because of this lack of snow and lack of television air time, I've been most cranky lately. The object of my crankiness has been that meddling cute mutant pawed puppy Loki. He had the gall to run outside in front of me, so I had to grab him by the head and pile drive him to the ground. He just doesn't seem to learn that when I want to go outside first, he should let me because I'm cute and fluffy and own this house!

Don't even get me started on the Westminster winner either. That should have been ME!

Not having a very good month


Sunday, February 12, 2006

What A Snowy Day!

I'm sure Neal Estano is relieved that we actually got snow last night and today. I'm sorry for the late post, but since I have no idea how long this gloriously fluffy and cold stuff will last, I wanted to spend as much time as possible in it.

We started off in the morning very early, waking the human woman when the sun came up, and forcing her to take us outside. There, we made paths through the cool snow and marked our areas (since everything is new with the snow), then we set about chasing and pile driving Loki's head into the snow. Great fun.

The human woman eventually came out and started taking pictures of us being cute in the snow. Snow is very tiring though, its so much fun that we didn't want to come in, even though we were very tired, so we just made ourselves little holes in the snow and napped after out photo shoot.

The humans were very angry for some reason. When we came in for dinner, we realized that no lights were on, no usual noises, it was very quiet. Apparently the human power givers were having problems giving power... for 8 hours! That's why I'm late in posting (other than not coming inside because of the wonderful snow), the humans didn't have power all day. It was nice and cool in the house for a change, and quiet too. We napped after lunch, then went out and played in the snow some more. The bottom picture is Loki who got mad after we piled drove his head in the snow for the 50th time. He took out his anger on Sam's tail.

Well, time for more snow play!

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Snow is Coming!

I can feel it in my tippy toes, the snow is on the way! The human woman said that packs of humans were at the human food store grabbing all of the milk, bread, toilet paper, eggs and chickens they had there. It must be nice to walk into a building and take whatever you want.

The human woman also said that there was a snow warning. We know this to be true because the annoying beeping thing on the desk went off. It goes off every Wednesday and it doesn't snow, but this time it went off tonight, and that means snow. Well, it doesn't really, because the beeping thing that talks about the weather when the human woman pushes its button is usually wrong. But I know for a fact that there will be snow finally, and I'll get to play in the snow, and shove the annoying gimpy pawed puppy face first in the snow, and then I'll dig a little snow hole and curl up in it.

It better not be rain and snow, because that's nasty and cold and it makes me not fluffy. I want fluffy snow for my fluffiness to play in. I love the snow! The more the better! This year's disappointing snow season has really put a cramp in my style. No little ice balls to leave on the human woman's side of the bed as a surprise. No playing "catch the snowball, then attack the human woman for playing such a cruel trick on me" game. No looking cute in the snow so the humans take pictures of me for everyone to be jealous of my fluffiness.

I can't wait. I'll post pictures of all the snow and me in the snow when it snows. If it doesn't snow, I know one weathercaster with perfect hair that will rue the day he ever pointed at a blue screen and promised me snow! Neal Estano... it better frickin snow tomorrow!

Monday, February 06, 2006

In a Mood

I've been in such a mood lately. Its probably the lack of snow and lack of attention.

I've decided that I don't want to go outside right after I eat like usual. I also don't want to go "pee-pee final" like usual. I don't want to come inside when I'm called, unless it is for food, and even then... yawn... I'll come when I feel like it and you can wait at the open door little miss human woman!

I want the whole head of the bed, thank you, and I will sprawl all over it I don't care if my butt is on your head, just deal with it, AND GET OFF MY TAIL!

In the morning, I'll claw you if I want, its time for me to go out and pee you lazy human woman, and don't give me that crap about "going out when the old Nova guy goes out at 4am" I don't have to pee at 4am, I have to pee NOW!

What's with this old guy Nova getting all of the good human foods? Its not like you humans don't have enough human food, what with all of it piled on shelves just out of our reach or in cans, so why not give US some too, hmmm?

I also think you should leave me alone when I'm digging near the fence, there's something down there, I want it, and I should be able to have it if I find it!

I'm tired of the same routine, over and over again, and frankly your securing of the fence really makes me mad because huskies are SUPPOSE to escape once in a while!


This house is no fun!

Meeshka (fear the claw)