Sunday, November 28, 2010

Subtle Hint

Five days ago the Human Woman came home and pronounced that she had a glorious five days off. Fantastic for us because that meant she could wait on us hand and foot and play with us, and generally do our bidding.

We're on Day Five right now. When she said that she planned on lounging around in sleepy pants for five days, we just assumed that meant 5 pairs of sleepy pants, and not one general ensemble for the whole five days, and there would be some bathing involved somewhere along the line. I mean its fine for Huskies to go months, if not years, without a bath because we are self cleaning (and scotch-guarded) but humans tend to reek after a few days of not slathering the foaming stinky faux flower soap stuff on them.

It wasn't so bad days 1-4, but it finally got cold enough for the house heat to turn on, and frankly we thought something tasty had died in the heater, then we got up close to her... uh huh.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meeshka's Believe it or Claw

Sometimes I get questions about my life that I've been meaning to answer.

Today's question is: Do you call Sam "spineless" because he's scared of things?

I use to think that Sam was too stupid to be scared of anything, but I've changed my mind over the past few years, and now see him as an evil genius. Evil in a good husky way, and a genius because he has figured out how to have the humans lift him onto the bed, carry him off the bed, feed him in bed (whenever he doesn't feel like being lifted off the bed), carried down stairs, and catered to like a king.

Of course all of this came at a price, and for Sam that has meant 3 surgeries. You see, the reason I call Sam "spineless" is because he doesn't have a spine. Yep, it was removed a few years ago. Ok, not the entire spine, but the way he acts, you would think he didn't have one, because he spends most of his time on the sleep number bed (having been lifted onto it by the humans) and being catered to hand and foot.

On top of that, when he was a tiny pup, he had his hip replaced with a bionic part. Sam will never get through TSA screening (although I'm sure he'd enjoy the groping) with that hunk of metal in him, and then he had his knee repaired when he tore stuff in there after trying to run in the yard (that's what he gets for laying in bed all the time). On top of everything else, Sam has one front leg and one back leg that is shorter than the other legs, so he always looks like he's walking with one side on the curb and the other off the curb.

In a nutshell, Sam is a medical mess.

So, that's why he's spineless: he doesn't have one.

Sam also has the amazing ability to poo using only one leg. I keep trying to sell him off as a circus side show freak, but no takers so far. I guess he learned it from the myriad of surgeries, but Sam will balance on one front leg, lift his other leg and back end off the ground and poo. I'm thinking that's worth the price of admission right there.

To make him even more of a freak of nature, Sam will only poo if he can poo on SOMETHING.

Sam will poo on a stick:

Sam will poo on a pile of leaves:

Sam will poo on the Mutatoe:

Needless to say, Mutatoe is never thrilled when that happens, but it is funny.

Believe it, or claw


Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm sure all of you dear readers are aware that I play a bit rough.  I'm a husky, rough is how we like it! 

Given that I'm not allowed to play with the delicate and easily breakable Spineless Bionic Hip/knee pup Sam, and that the Mutatoe screams like a scalded weasel and runs to the Human Woman if I even look at him sideways.  When I first landed in this house, I was suppose to be the trusted companion of the Nova Old Guy-Guy, but he was so creaky that I couldn't sufficiently play with him either, which left me with the Human Woman.

She's worthless for being chased or chasing, and she's horrible at ricocheting off furniture unless I push her down, which still isn't graceful, but it sure is funny.  We also play a game where she "hides" and I walk by her, "oblivious" to her presence until she jumps out and "scares" me, and I run away.  Yeah, yeah, that's all fine and good, but a husky needs to wrestle!  I need a victim... I mean playmate, that I can grab by the scruff of the neck, throw down, and stomp on... and she bleeds too easy and screams.

The other night we got going with a round of "I'm going to bite your arm for touching my freakin feet", and she was whining and complaining (and bleeding all over the place) right after we started.  That sure puts a damper on play time... but she said she had a fantastic idea and left the room.  When she came back, she was wearing oven mitts!

Seriously?  Oven mitts?  You're going to attack me wearing oven mitts?  How can I play with something that's wearing oven mitts?  It really takes away from the danger and intrigue when the victim is wearing big fluffy oven mitts, and I certainly couldn't concentrate on severing a finger when the oven mitts smelled like all sorts of tasty past cooked foods and gunk.

I'm trying to convince her that she should also don some steak shin guards.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

Today we honor the human men and woman who have served our great country to ensure its freedom.  Without their sacrifices, we would not be the free nation that we are today for all humans and pupkind (and catkind).

We also celebrate and honor those brave soldier dogs who also served, fought, and sacrificed their lives so that others can be free (and pampered by their humans).

The Gimpy gang and your queen would like to honor United States Marine Corps Corporal Rex Ahlbin, a decorated war dog that fought at Guadalcanal

A decorated war hero, Rex was a combat dog who served with the US Marine Corps during World War II. Rex served with the US 3rd Marine Division during the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay at Bougainville Island in 1943. Rex, a two-year-old Doberman, warned of the presence of Japanese soldiers near a Marine position, enabling Marines to fend off a later attack. Rex also served with the Marine Corps during the Guadalcanal campaign and at the Battle of Tinian. For his service, Rex was promoted to the rank of corporal by the Marine Corps in 1944.  (Wikipedia)

Rex is buried at the historic Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park located in Elkridge, Maryland.  My humans had the honor of helping to restore this cemetery when it fell into disarray from lack of upkeep.

On Memorial Day of 2006, they arranged for Rex's family to attend a ceremony honoring their beloved war dog and later, member of their family.

We salute Rex and all of the other brave War Dogs on this veteran's day!