Saturday, October 22, 2011

Update on Sam the Service Dog

I want to thank each and every one of you pups for stealing your human's money and donating toward getting Sam a little boy to care for.

Enough funds were raised, and Sam came to Alex's home to see if he was a match and if he could do the work that Alex needed him to do.

Unfortunately, Alex's condition made it very hard for him to help Sam learn the skills needed to help him. Service dogs are typically meant to bond with the person that they are helping by having their person care for them, teach them new skills and give them very detailed direction.  Alex is unable to clearly communicate with Sam and the challenges were just too much for Sam to do his job.

The good news is that Sam will go back to his training and will be paired with another person to learn how to help them.  The Wales family thanks Sam for trying so hard to be Alex's best friend and helper and wishes him the best on his next assignment.

Don't fret pups, your money will still go to a good cause, as the family is now looking in to finding the perfect therapy dog for Alex.  Its quite clear that what Alex really needs is a friend to snuggle with him, calm him down when things get too much for him, and to have someone there for him when the times get tough and he doesn't feel good.  The really good news is that the money collected will just about pay for a trained therapy dog.  The family is receiving guidance from people familiar with the therapy dog programs, and will go about finding the perfect friend for Alex.

If you have experience with therapy dog training, know of a good organization that trains therapy dogs, or are a therapy dog team member, can you just give me a comment and I can get you in touch with the family so you can provide them with some help in deciding the best friend type for Alex and his condition.

We will continue to update you on the family and the new addition to their home, and how a pup can make a sick little boy feel like a part of the world again.

- Meeshka

Wednesday, October 05, 2011