Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

May your coming days be filled with snow, livergreat, and lots of love!

... and don't forget to claw your humans!

- Meeshka

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

From everyhusky at Meeshka World, we wish you all a very MEHrry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
I wanted a cookie but the Human Woman is a louse.

So I clawed her until she gave me one

And I lived happily ever after.

The End

Merry Christmas everyone!

- Meeshka

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Rescuer Needs Your Help

I'm stealing this from the Gimpy Dog Blog because its very important.  If you can help, your Queen commands that you do so!

On 15 December 2011, a dedicated rescuer faced the biggest fear of most pet owners: a fire in her home.

The house is a total loss, but that's not important to her... she is utterly devastated that she was only able to save 2 of the 7 rescues in her care.

The Houston Pittie Pack is not only a champion of the Pittie breed, but a savior to abused, injured, and gimpy pitties that have experienced the worst in mankind. 

The Dogs With Blogs community, and rescue communities are joining together to get her the help she needs to care for herself, her family, and the two survivors.

A ChipIn has been started by reliable resources to make sure she gets the basics of life for her and the pups.  Once we get a mailing address you will be able to send gift cards to help her rebuild her life and her heart.

From everyone at Gimpy Dogs, our heart goes out to Houston Pittie Pack, and we mourn the loss of the pups and wish them safe passage across the Rainbow Bridge.

To learn more about those who were lost, visit The Brat Pack blog where you can also donate, or simply donate below.

Meeshka - Your Queen

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving


If the turkey is unguarded, its yours

and if you're lucky...

Happy Thanksgiving everypuppy (and kitty... and hamsterrier... and humans...)

- Meeshka

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Update on Sam the Service Dog

I want to thank each and every one of you pups for stealing your human's money and donating toward getting Sam a little boy to care for.

Enough funds were raised, and Sam came to Alex's home to see if he was a match and if he could do the work that Alex needed him to do.

Unfortunately, Alex's condition made it very hard for him to help Sam learn the skills needed to help him. Service dogs are typically meant to bond with the person that they are helping by having their person care for them, teach them new skills and give them very detailed direction.  Alex is unable to clearly communicate with Sam and the challenges were just too much for Sam to do his job.

The good news is that Sam will go back to his training and will be paired with another person to learn how to help them.  The Wales family thanks Sam for trying so hard to be Alex's best friend and helper and wishes him the best on his next assignment.

Don't fret pups, your money will still go to a good cause, as the family is now looking in to finding the perfect therapy dog for Alex.  Its quite clear that what Alex really needs is a friend to snuggle with him, calm him down when things get too much for him, and to have someone there for him when the times get tough and he doesn't feel good.  The really good news is that the money collected will just about pay for a trained therapy dog.  The family is receiving guidance from people familiar with the therapy dog programs, and will go about finding the perfect friend for Alex.

If you have experience with therapy dog training, know of a good organization that trains therapy dogs, or are a therapy dog team member, can you just give me a comment and I can get you in touch with the family so you can provide them with some help in deciding the best friend type for Alex and his condition.

We will continue to update you on the family and the new addition to their home, and how a pup can make a sick little boy feel like a part of the world again.

- Meeshka

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Help a Service Dog Get a Little Boy!

As you know, we dogs come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and duties.  As a "working dog" I know the importance of having a job, and while most huskies are employed by pulling sleds, I found a cushy gig laying on air vents, looking very fluffy, and digging for grubs.

Border Collies herd sheepie things (according to Bet of North Wapiti)

Airedales collect big sticks and pine cones (according to Bogart Handsome Devil)

Labradors destroy furniture (according to Ping of Dogs with Blogs)

And Sam's job is to help young boys with disabilities do fun things and lick their faces and generally make bad things go away for them.

This is Sam:
Clockwise: Sam, Zach, Mike (Dad), Alex, and Kathy (Mom)
Sam really wants to come live with the Wales family so he can be there for Alex.  Alex (according to my human woman) is a really cool kid and has this really horrible disease thing called ALD and he needs Sam's help.  But, as usual, he can't come live with Alex until human money gets paid, and blah blah stupid human things (As Tubey would say).  Until all of this money thing is taken care of, Sam can't do his job.

If you want to help Sam get his job, go steal money from your humans and send it to:

Mike Wales, 
c/o Friends of Alex, 
6424 Birchleigh Circle
Alexandria, VA 22315

Or you can click on the convenient paypal button on the upper right hand side of my blog. 

Its the Human Woman's paypal, but she will make sure that one big honking check from all of us 4-footers will get to Alex's dad so he can hire Sam to do his job.  Not only that, but the Human Woman will make sure that your WHOLE donation goes to Sam's employment as she will cover whatever fees Paypal rips out of your kind donation.  (a note from the weasels in the legal department: this is not a tax deductible donation, just one from your heart).

So help us create a job, and let Sam do his.  You'll make Sam and his human boy Alex very happy!

- Meeshka

P.S. This is not Spineless Bionic Hip/Knee pup Sam.  That Sam would actually require a boy to fetch his things and bring them to him on the Sleep Number Bed.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Its essential to maintain good hygiene at all times.

After a busy day of grub mining, its best that you clean up before dinner

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Its Grub Season!

Thanks to the Irene rain, rain before Irene rain, and the torrential downpours we've had today, I'm officially announcing that its grub season in Merryland!

Its all nice and muddy out in the yard, perfect for grubbing!  Here is some of the earlier handiwork before the torrential downpours this afternoon:
Its blurry only because the Human Woman has been doing nothing but cleaning since she's been home this week, and her arms shake uncontrollably from the exertion.  If she's not flitting here with cleaning, she's flitting there with cleaning.  Cleaning all the time, and yet... amazingly enough, the place still looks like it hasn't been cleaned.

Of course, this may be because we've been spending a lot of time outside, digging for grubs in the rain, then coming in to take a break and shake our mud all over.  She loves when we do that!

At one point she yelled at me for being selfish.  She told me that the pups in Texas didn't have grubs and they didn't have rain, and it was so dry there that the whole state is on fire and pups and kits and other animals have to flee for their lives from the icky fire.

Well, I didn't like that at all, and I stomped my delicate (yet muddy) feety feet at that.  As the Queen I cannot allow one state to get so much rain when another state needs the rain, therefore I am hereby announcing that all rain needs to go to Texas right this very moment.  If the rain doesn't move to Texas, then I am calling on all pups, kits, and other HULA members to do what I am doing:

I am standing out in the middle of the rain to collect all of the moisture in my incredibly fluffy fluff, and then I will walk to Texas and shake, thus putting out some fires.  I have a lot of fluff, so that's a LOT of water I can douse on the flames.  I want all HULA members to immediately go outside and gather as much rain water as you can and meet me in Texas.

Of course, I guess I should have told the Human Woman what my plan was, as she's not very happy at my water collecting mission at the moment, so I may be a bit late to Texas.
By the way, Human Woman friend Laura... its MEESHKA... I looked you up, you better be glad Misery isn't on the way to Texas... harumpf.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Laborless Day

Yawn everybody!  Its apparently "Labor Day" for the humans, which means for the past few days, the Human Woman has been laboring.  She's been like a total freak cleaning the house with garbage bags.  We feel it has something to do with the disappearance of the Human Man, who the Human Woman claims she took to the airport... but we're beginning to wonder if he isn't really stuffed in one of those contractor bags.  We're waiting for the tell-tale odor of good stinky roll in it smell.

We've been very helpful though

As some of you have remembered... its usually the time that Uncle Jack comes to visit, which means:
  • Horrible catastrophe (natural and man-caused)
  • The unexpected death of a celebrity
This year, the Human Man went to visit Uncle Jack... leaving us here alone with the psychotic Human Woman and her contractor bags of doom.  This doesn't mean that there won't be a horrible catastrophe, or an unexpected death of a celebrity, because the rule is: if more than one of the Human Man's family is located in the same area at one time, chaos and wackiness ensues.  It'll be a triple whammy on Thursday, so you have until then to get in your ghoul pool guesses:
  • Horrible catastrophe
  • Celebrity death
Just comment on the blog with your guesses and we'll see who wins.

Just as a hint:
I'm just sayin...

- Meeshka

Sunday, August 28, 2011

How I Weathered Irene

Get it... weathered... as in Tropical Storm... fine, shut up!

Don't know what the big deal was.


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Thundershirt

As some of you may know, the Human Woman finally went and purchased 2 thundershirts lately.  She only "needed" one for me, but since the Mutatoe has to do everything like me, she had to buy him one so he wouldn't feel left out and cry like a girly dog when he didn't have a pretty dress to wear... he's so embarrassing.

So... in review:
  • I don't like storms or fireworks.  
  • I pee in the house when it thunders or loud fireworks goes off (my little way of saying "screw you loud noises", 
  • and then I pant and pace and claw the Human Woman bloody.
Its fun.  She doesn't think so.  She has no sense of humor and really REALLY thin skin that bleeds a LOT.

Anyhoo, she heard all of these wonderful things about the Thundershirt™ and watched the videos all slack jawed and amazed, and immediately ordered 2 and had them shipped jiffy quick because we had a lot of storms and she was low of plasma.

Meanwhile we had some doozy storms and chaos, mayhem and lots of clawing.  When she wasn't being clawed, she was hitting the refresh button on the tracking number for the package.

FINALLY the Thundershirts arrived and... no storms.  Nothing.  Weeks went by, and no storms. 

Frankly, I was fine with that and was satisfied that the Thundershirt did its work by warding off all of the evil storms in the world.  Job well done... bravo.

Then last night...

The humans had just settled into bed early (because they're getting old and senile) and we pups had done our usual bed rearranging and space shifting and I was laying on my cold air vent when...


I knew it was thunder because the humans were whispering and turned the tv up.  They try to fool me into believing its a jet, or loud car, or that vroomy motorcycle thing, but


Yep, no doubt about it, it was thunder, so I jumped on the bed and began clawing and panting, as usual.

That's when the Human Woman pulled out the Thundershirt, and I made a dash for my life.  No way was I wearing that thing again.  She put it on me when it first arrived and I humored her, let her take a picture of me, post it on Facebook (where she CLAIMS she has friends) and bragged about how easy it was to put on.
She chased me with that thing into the kitchen, I ran around the kitchen table, she followed.  We ran around the kitchen table about 10 times with me in the lead, just out of her reach.  She tried the soothing screechy voice thing, but I wasn't fooled.  She grabbed a handful of those very tasty calming caramel things that she got from the pet store to bribe me with.  They are very tasty, but she can only give me 3 of them (per the label) and frankly I think I should get about... the whole bag... very tasty.  After the 15th circle around the table, she gave up all pretenses and just started cursing and using the "when I get ahold of you" voice, and I finally dashed into the living room and was going to hop into my crate (which is home free and they can't touch us), but the bitch had closed and locked the doors!  She's evil.

I dashed into the corner hoping to throw her off, but she followed and trapped me, and then there was no escaping it until she dropped the caramels by mistake and then it was GAME ON!

She's right... it does calm and soothe me during storms.  I had to lay down from exhaustion after all of that running and then clawing her while she was trapped.


Saturday, July 30, 2011


I'm pretty sure I've already told you (a zillion times) how slow my Human Woman is.  She dawdles to the door when I have to pee, she dawdles opening the door up for me when I want to come inside, and most importantly, she DAWDLES when she feeds us!

First she'll yell out the annoying "Who wants food-food?" in that high pitched meant to be cute and adorable but its very painful to our sensitive ears double speak crap.  She gets us all worked up and hungry, and then she sloooooowly walks upstairs.  Sometimes she gets lost or distracted by something pretty and starts doing something else.  Meanwhile we're drooling in our EMPTY food bowls.

Then she'll manage to find her way upstairs and into the kitchen, where she may open the fridge and find the canned food, then sloooowly walks to the counter to place the dog food can.  Then she'll sloooowly gather the food bowls, perhaps remembering to do something in the middle of getting the food bowls and wandering off.  Meanwhile we're screaming at her to hurry up, and Mutatoe is gnawing on the water bowl.

Finally she'll get the bowls on the counter and open up the sacred food bin.  She has a scoop she uses to measure out our meager portion and she does it ONE FREAKIN SCOOP AT A TIME!!!  By now the spineless bionic hip/knee pup is springing in and out of the kitchen.

I finally had enough of this and took matters into my own hands.
Yeah, don't mind me, I'll just get it myself, thanks though.

- Meeshka

Sunday, July 24, 2011

HULA Corporate Sponsor

The Human Woman and man went out to breakfast (without us) the other day and much to her shock, the Human Woman found that the Husky United Liberation Army (HULA) now has a corporate sponsor: Dennys

Its subliminal advertising, but its a start... pretty soon we shall take over the world... one pancake at a time. 

mmmmm pancakes

- Meeshka

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Poo Interupted

Woo everypup,

Its your Queen Meeshka.

Yes, I know its been a while since I blogged, but it is summer, and summer means those horrible thunderstorms, and it is July, and July means those stupid humans™ are setting off fireworks, and generally its been nerve wracking.

The human woman has purchased about a gazillion dollars in "calming" potions, lotions, gels, creams, caramels, treats, liquids, and poultices to help me through the loud noises, to no avail.  FINALLY Einstein gets a clue and ordered one of those Thundershirts off the interwebs.  Of course she did this AFTER the Independence Day weekend, and since we live in Merryland, where its required that bombs burst in air and rockets have a red glare, it was nothing but explosions, panting, clawing, and peeing.

Please note: if you want sympathy, pee on the carpet and not on the human's bed.  I'm just sayin from experience.

To top off the fun, the Mutatoe has developed a disabling fear of fireworks.  I still think he's trying to suck up and be just like me and faking it, but he'll go hide under something, or throw himself in his crate and stare in a catatonic state (and that's hard to do if you aren't a cat).  The human woman gave him some stuff called "rescue remedy", which is perfect, as he was rescued, and he could certainly use a remedy.  I'm pretty sure she gave him shot of tequila instead because he sat in one spot, stared into space and drooled, just like I've seen the Human Woman do when she's had too many chocolate martinis.

She ordered a Thundershirt for him too, and I'm sure he'll LOVE to wear it and will want to wear it all the time... because he's not right in the head.  I'm not too sure if I'm going to like it, or if it will work, but I assure you that one way or another, you'll get to hear about it, and most likely see the claw mark action photos on the Human Woman when she tries to put it on me.  I've worn a regular shirt before, and I contend that it didn't so much as calm me down, but more like embarrassed me so much that I would crawl under some place dark so nobody could see me or take pictures of me.

As you can see by the cool blog post by the Army of Four, not only did the bitch take a picture of me, but she combed me, AND make a stinking card out of my misery (for which I have yet to see any money from).

Oblivious Sam
The Spineless Bionic Hip/Knee Puppy Sam is totally oblivious to the fireworks and storms of course.  He also loves to go out and watch them, and will stand with his head up during a thunderstorm.  Why I am surrounded by such strange huskies?

So, in the meantime, I'm just hanging out inside with the suck up Mutatoe because every once in a while the stupid humans™ will shoot off more fireworks (even though the holiday has been over for FIVE FREAKING DAYS NOW!) which means that every time I go out to poo... a rocket goes off and I have to skitter into the house without having done my business.  This makes me cranky.

Cranky because the Human Woman didn't bother to purchase one of my very own Wunder Thunder Cloaking Robes and also because I really have to poo.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Call To Paws Again

Just when we thought we had the radical squirrels under control, another faction emerges to do destruction upon the the very thing we rely on in these hot temperatures... cold air vents!

Yes, the radical squirrel terrorists are back at it again, their latest attack was upon a power station, as reported here in this news article.

The humans think they are cute and adorable and go absolutely whack job when one of these fuzzy tailed rats takes a peanut from their hand, but you and I know their true mission... Squirrelagedon!

Take action now, and obliterate the squirrels from your yard as fast as possible... before they knock out your cool air vent!.

- Meeshka

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Show Her You Care

On this Mother's Day, make sure you pay a lot of attention to your Human Woman

Friday, May 06, 2011

My World Events

Hello all!  Its been a very busy time here in Meeshka World.

I'm sure you've all heard in the news about a certain President taking credit for the elimination of a rather pesky person.  Pffft.  Of course that's all a silly lie.  We all know that humans are incapable of doing anything around here without the help of HULA. 

All I had to do was wave one of my delicate little feety feet and the matter was taken care of by my loyal HULA Hoop members.  About the only thing they did get right was the name of the reactionary force that took care of the matter: Seal Team 6.  They are making the team to be all secrety secret and go on and on about how they can't show their faces because they were so ultra mega mega top secrety secret and junk... but the real reason is because the humans are too ashamed to admit that they can't do anything right, and its the animal world that has to fix everything for them.

So, here is your first look at Seal Team 6:
Sergeant Bubbles is currently appearing undercover at Sea World in Orlando.  Check out his show, he actually juggles three beach balls!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

How To Drive The Human Woman Insane #9587

First, you find a spot to dig right next to the gate:
Then, when the Human Woman is laying paving stones down in your new dig spot, wash your delicate feety feet off in the water bowl and saunter throughout the house.
Its a win-win.

- Meeshka

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

I was going to go to the royal wedding...

... but the humans turned on the air vent. 


Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Coffee Answer

Dear Pups,

I wanted to thank all of you that suggested adding caffeine to the Human Woman's daily medicinal routine to get her a bit more mobile... unfortunately I neglected to add this picture of what the Human Woman looks like most of her waking day:
I'm thinking nothing short of electro-shock therapy will get her to move any faster, and although clawing is effective... I can only claw so much and apparently she slows down even more from the blood loss.

Thanks for the tip though.

- Meeshka

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Wonders of Modern Medicine

The other day, Zim contacted me because his human woman was negligent in her walking duties.

It seems that unlike my human woman, Zim and Dave get twice daily walks and get to go see things all the time.  They actually have an ocean, and a giant's castle, and they get close up sniffs of kitties and things.

Me... well, this is what I see every day:

Yeah... how... exciting.

Today we got to do this:
This is us... snoopervising the workmen at the crappy foreclosed house next door.  We can't play with them, or even sufficiently make sure they are doing a good job (and from the looks of it on our deck vantage point... they aren't)... but I digress.

Zim was upset because his human woman was unable to walk them because of the pollen and some stupid fires that were intentionally set to keep stupid cedar trees from taking over the prairie (whatever the prairie is), and as Turbo says... just stupid.

So I mentioned the myriad of pharmaceuticals my human woman dumps into her body on an average day, and suggested that their human woman go buy some of them.  For instance, this is what my human woman looks like without Zyrtec:
She's like a living zombie shuffling around.  We can barely get her to feed us when she's in a pollen stupor, and I won't even go into the gacking she makes from the post nasal drip stuff... she's disgusting actually, except for the tasty kleenex she leaves around.

But after popping some allergy pills, she's the picture of vibrancy and pep:
um... ok, she's a living zombie drinking coffee... and this is why we never get out of the yard, but apparently it worked for Zim and Dave, and now they are back to getting their walks again.

Us... not so much.


Saturday, April 09, 2011

Human Woman Training

Yes, its been a while since I last posted, but I've been very busy with remedial training for the Human Woman.

Training humans is a constant thing, and if you neglect their training, they do stupid things like:
  • Not give you a treat for doing simple things
  • Not feed you on time
  • Not pet you when you want them to, and try to pet you when you don't want them to
  • Put their dinner in a high place where you can't get it
  • Think that you are actually a guest in their house.
The Mutatoe has been making sure that the Human Woman realizes that she is allowed to sleep on the bed only because its convenient for us.

Sam is making sure that they come running for the slightest whimper or woo.

My job is to ensure adequate treat dispensing (speaking of... the stupid robin built another tweet dispenser on the deck... I can't wait), and to lower the human's expectations.

For example:

I want in.  I was just in, and asked to go out.  The reaction time to letting me out was too slow, therefore now I want in again, but since the humans hardly ever ask us if we want to go out, but always tell us to come in, I require a treat to come inside.  The only time I get offered a treat to go outside is when the humans NEED me to go outside for some reason... therefore we refuse to go outside.

This test is to ensure that clear signals are recognized by the human and acted upon immediately (pant, pant... that's an inside joke with the humans who won't explain it to me either, but they think its funny).

Anyhoo, I go outside and then immediately want to come back inside. 
  • If your human lets you out, then lets you right back inside... you have a good human.  
  • If your human lets you out, then right back inside, then out, then inside, then out again... you either have a very good human, or a really stupid one.
  • If your human lets you out, then in, then refuses to let you out again, then pee on the carpet to demonstrate the importance of letting you out.
  • If your human gets tired of holding the door open while you stand there and closes the door, then you should claw at the door furiously and scream loudly to shame them and they'll open the door to keep the neighbors from calling the ASPCA.
  • If your human gets tired of holding the door open while you stand there, then bribes you to come, then you have them sufficiently trained.
 Please ensure that your humans are adequately trained.

On another note, I want to send a woo out to Diefenbaker and the crew for their pawsome rendition of the HULA anthem.  Seriously, you need to check out these vocals.  I'm disappointed that they were dropped from Canine Idol early in the season, but I'm sure their recording contract will prove they have the chops (mmm pork chops) to make it in the music scene.

If you have a rendition of the HULA anthem you'd like to share, then send me the link and I'll give you a woo out.


Monday, March 14, 2011


The Human Woman posted a video of me "throwing a tantrum".

It just shows you how feeble she is, I'm clearly trying to tell her that its been a whole 2 minutes since I had a treat and she needs to get off her lazy butt, put down the iPad, stop playing Angry Birds and feed me!

By the way, for the record: the only reason I would run and tell someone that gramps has fallen in the well is if gramps is holding a treat.

I'm glad I could clear that up.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Someone In Fulton County Has Good Taste

Every once in a while I do a Google search on myself to see who is saying what about me.  Its also a good way to find potential HULA members that I'm not aware of, and also add to my list of people that need to be clawed.

Imagine my surprise when I came across this tidbit of information.

Apparently some fine individual in District 39 of Fulton County, Georgia wanted me to be their state Senator!

The evidence is right here, and yes, I realize that someone else voted for Sam... but I don't think that counts because they didn't use his full name (Spineless Bionic hip/knee puppy Sam), therefore it was probably thrown out.

So, whoever you are in District 39 of Fulton County Georgia, a big woo out to you for your support.  Maybe we'll win in 2012 and as always, Livergreat for everyone!

On a personal note, I want to send a woo out to Millie of The Brat Pack.  It has come to my attention that she at one time aspired to become a HULA member, and was off to a good start by consuming mass amounts of pilfered spinach... but her Human Woman started shirking her blogging responsibilities and didn't follow up with documenting her HULA qualifications.  A note to the Brat Pack human woman:  no excuses now, get to it, or you'll get the claw!

- Meeshka

Update - I just realized that someone also voted for Loki, but once again, since it wasn't his official name (Mutatoe), I'm sure it was thrown out as well.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Phenobarbital recall!

Just a quick wooo to spread the word that there is a recall on a certain type of Phenobarbital because stupid humans put the wrong drugs in the wrong bottle.

Read the article, make sure you don't have these pills (the bottle and label will say Phenobarbital, but the pills inside may NOT be).  If you even suspect you have the wrong pills, don't give the pills to your dog because acetaminophen will cause all sorts of internal damage and possibly death.

Here's the link to the article, go read it, spread the word

Phenobarbital recall

- Meeshka

Sunday, March 06, 2011

New HULA Members - Sparky and Patches

There are some pups who just jump right out at you and say "HULA" and Sparky did just that today with his amazing endeavors.

In just one day, Sparky has managed to encompass almost ALL of the HULA requirements, and he did so with flair!

First of all, he lives with a Human Woman named Kat... get it... like that isn't funny all by itself, but it gets better!  Yes, it actually gets better!

Sometime last night, Sparky and Patches ate an entire bag of uncooked rice.  Why?  Who cares, its funny, and it totally freaked out their human woman, who had to call a vet and explain what had happened. 

The icing on the HULA cake was this:
Yep, he killed a stuffie, and not only did he kill and shred the stuffie throughout the house, but when his Human Woman was cleaning it up... he dumped over her large caramel mocha coffee.  Bravo!  Way to add insult to injury, way to rub salt in the wound... BRILLIANT!!!!

I think its only fair, seeing how he's had to put up with this crap:
Not to ignore the contributions of Patches, who poses as a snuggle bug cutie pup most of the time:
He's actually a total nutcase that destroys the house if he's left alone without Sparky
Gosh, that's beautiful.

So, for all of your hard work and dedicated service to the global goal of driving humans insane... this HULA is for you!


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sorta Wordless Wednesday

I didn't get any breakfast this morning and I'm very angry.

I'm not speaking to the human woman.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New HULA Member: Teddy

Now, all of you may be wondering why a kitteh is being inducted into the HULA Hoop.  Cuz I said so, that's why... I mean, because every once in a while, your Queen has such a devious plan that sometimes she can't share the news with everyone until it needs to be told.

Its time to tell the tail of Teddy.

You see, Teddy is actually a very small husky puppy disguised as a kitteh.  Yep, this plot is so devious that I'm telling my whole entire world without fear that Teddy's owners will believe it!  Isn't that deliciously livergreat levels of evil!!!??!!!

Teddy "showed up" at the doorstep of Huffle's house one rainy day and put on an Oscar winning performance of pathetic homeless wet kitteh escapades, that Huffle's humans were totally fooled.  Huffle had been briefed beforehand and is still pretending to HATE Teddy, which is what we had planned all along.  While the humans are busy with Teddy and trying to make him more appealing to Huffle, Huffle is able to go about her covert activities without the humans watching her.  See just how EVIL this plan is???

Initially, Teddy was instructed to ensure that the humans would accept him into the household.  Using every minute of his extensive "How To Be Like a Kitteh" instruction, Teddy did cute kitteh things like:
The cute kitteh in the basket routine.  This always gets the humans, look how cute he is in the basket, isn't he adorable, how could we possibly throw him out into the cold cruel world aaaaaaawwww!

Once his humans took him to the vet (who couldn't find the ingenious zipper on the kitteh costume), and named him (his real name is "Majestic Snowgod of Powerderville" aka: Floofy), Teddy began to start his covert activities by:
Hiding in dark spaces waiting for the humans to walk by with bare feet so he could pounce on them and sink his razor sharp little costume kitteh claws into their flesh.

We did have a scary moment when Teddy was found doing this:
Yes, he's chewing on Huffle's human woman's shoes!  It was a true test of whether or not his covert actions would continue, because Huffle's human woman is a known shoe hoarder (with great taste), and we thought the jig was certainly up, because what kitteh actually chews on shoes.

Well, imagine our surprise when the reaction was not to boot Teddy out into the blistering Australian heat... or downpours... or flooding... seriously, who wants to live there... but anyhoo, nope.  Huffle's Human Woman simply got the camera and took a picture of Teddy... which is the ultimate moment of any husky's life and a true statement that we're fluffy and cute for a reason.

Welcome to the HULA Hoop dear Teddy.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

New From MeeshCO

A friend of the Human Woman, we'll call her "Feather", sent this link to my Human Woman and suggested that since these panties were embedded with caffeine, that they would be perfect for traffic jams, because you could just suck on your panties. 

 I'll pause a moment while you all throw up.


As disgusting as that sounds, it is the impetus for the next revolutionary idea straight from MeeshCO!


Why wait for the humans to give you treats when you can just walk right up to them and take a bite.  No more doing stupid tricks for treats, the Livergreat Pants© will free you to go about your business and snack when you want.  Made from only the finest Livergreat, the MeeshCO livergreat pants are guaranteed for freshness and tastiness no matter how long they are worn... and the stinkier the better!

Get your livergreat pants exclusively from MeeshCO, where dogs rule!