Sunday, August 24, 2014

The 2014 Uncle Jack Ghoul Pool

Ok humans, it's time to batten down the hatches, and prepare for the worst, it's time for the 2014 Uncle Jack Ghoul Pool!

For those of my loyal fans, you know what this time of year means: death, destruction, and all sorts of mayhem and chaos.

Once again, this year Uncle Jack will not be visiting us, we are sending the Human Man out to visit him and grandma and grandpa Human Man for the safety of the East Coast as we know it.  I pity the West Coast, it was nice knowing you.

Every time the Human Man's relatives get into one central area along with Uncle Jack, something horrible happens in the world.  Typically there is a horrific natural (or unnatural) disaster, and someone famous dies.

Check out the history of Uncle Jack Ghoul Pool at these links:

Here is the back story

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So you see... it's about to get all freaky in here, so get your guesses in now.

I realize that a lot of that has happened recently (and can probably be blamed on Uncle Jack) such as the passing of Robin Williams, and today's massive earthquake in California (oh the woomanity).

The official start time for Uncle Jack's Ghoul Pool starts on Saturday 30 August 2014, so you have until then to guess:

1.) The horrific natural (or unnatural) disaster anywhere in the world
2.) The unexpected death of a famous person

Put your guesses in the comments and we'll see who wins.  Remember, nobody really wins anything, you just get the satisfaction of knowing you contributed to the horribly events that will occur soon.  So you have that going for ya.

I'll just be hanging out here where it's safe

Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's Not Fair

It has come to my attention that the Humans are wasting a large amount of time "pinning" things they want, or think is cool, or want to do, or have done, or whatever to a site called Pinterest.

I feel this is very unfair.  If the humans can do this, there should be a platform for us canines to share things we have done, want to do, think is cool, or whatever.

Therefore, I want to start a new platform called Peterest.  I fully expect the human site to sue me, but I'm a dog... have fun with that.

Therefore, these are the things I would "pet".

Things I've done:

Things I want:

* Update:  It has come to my attention (thanks Thundering Herd) that the website Peterest already exists, but only contains pictures of pets... I'm not amused.

Friday, August 01, 2014

The Great Escape

The other day, as usual, we were hanging out (napping) in our crates waiting for the Human Woman to come home and feed us lunch.

Spineless Bionic Hip/Knee Sam decided he wanted to sleep on his cushy Serta Perfect Sleeper dog bed.

He really wanted to nap there.

He had enough, he planned his escape, which consisted of pushing open his crate's side door that hadn't been properly latched.

I would like to file a formal complaint in that the Mutatoe and my crates are boxed in and we can't use our emergency side escape hatches.

He then walked around and gloated about his newfound freedom before plooping his creaky butt down on his big cushy dog bed, flaunting his comfort.

This is how the Human Woman found him.

To her credit, she started checking the side door, so he's stuck like the rest of us.

- Meeshka