Sunday, July 24, 2016

We're Still OK

Thank you for giving us some time to grieve over the passing of our beloved Sammy (Bionic Hip/knee Spineless pup).

Getting old sucks, and losing a member of your family sucks even more.  It has taken us some time to get used to the new normal.

We've been pretty low key, just doing the usual routine, dealing with fireworks and thunderstorms with the help of our new wonder pill (Xanax), and just getting back into clawing the Human Woman for no reason, standing in front of doorways, and generally making our presence known.

You'll be happy to know that one thing has not changed at all: Mutatoe still gets his ample ass kicked by a myriad of household items, and the other day he discovered a cicada on the deck and tried to eat it.

Yep, it kicked his ample ass.