Monday, October 24, 2005

Husky Hall of Fame

Today's Hall of Fame winner is:


Congratulations Isis. Your work is certainly recognized and admired in the husky world.

Eating a couch while still a foster dog, and STILL looking so cute and fluffy that they humans adopted you.

Eating a battery, very brave of you!

Eating the entire contents of a bag of gummy dog vitamins and causing your human great anguish and worry. Using your pitiful looks to get your human to go pick grass for you to eat and horka, then refusing to horka and forcing the human to take you to the vet where you were admired and petted.

These actions show the best of husky spirit, cunning, and deviousness.

For this, you are admitted into the Husky Hall of Fame!

Send your entries into the husky hall of fame by e-mailing me at:

Maybe your picture and name will get posted and you will be added to the Husky Hall of Fame.


There is Hope

After hearing how huskies all over were being controlled by the evil crack whiz (I have more evidence to publish soon), I'm regaining some hope over the stories of misbehaving and deviousness that are coming through the grapevine.

One fine example is HULA member Malkin, who managed to not only to shut himself in a room, but also shove a broom against the door, causing his human frustration and pain trying to get him out. Fine work Malkin.

Another fine example of husky behavior comes from Frosty, who not only locked herself in the bathroom, but also turned on the shower and flooded the bath tub and floor. WAY TO GO FROSTY!

A past example (although she has now come under the spell of crack whiz) was Isis, who while licking the dirty dishes turned on the kitchen faucet and flooded the human's kitchen and other areas.

Isis has since redeemed herself for the crack whiz habit by eating an entire bag of gummy dog vitamins and causing her human no end of stress and anguish while trying to find out if this was a bad thing. After acting somewhat sickly, Isis managed to get her human to go out and pick grass for her to eat to horka, and then forced the human to take her to the vet where she was diagnosed as being cute, fluffy and perfectly fine. WAY TO GO ISIS!!!

I must admit that we are doing our part as well causing chaos and panic. Last night the human man left a small plate of Hotters spicy chicken wings on the counter, where Loki got some of them and ate them. Of course we were all in the kitchen and wouldn't admit to eating them, so the humans fed us all bread and an early dinner, called the Husky Emergency doctors and practically stuffed us with all sorts of foods.

Today Loki confessed by pooping, but what fun it was because the humans not only came home once today to feed and treat us, but twice!

Please continue to give me hope that not all huskies have been brainwashed like lemmings. Send in your evil, devious stories to share with everyone else, and show them how GOOD huskies really behave.

Almost proud

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Brain Suck is Worse Than I Thought

Every Husky:

I am dismayed at the reports coming in. Over and over again, huskies are reporting that evil treats are being used to manipulate and control us.

Malkin has been taken over with fresh salmon filets. That's really low of the humans.

Kamiko confesses shame in bowing down to the human power with only a piece of cheese! CHEESE! Can you believe it. Broken their spirit to the point where simple cheese will make them do their bidding.

Kody tries to fool us with "sacrificing" in the name of research, but we all know the weakness we all face from the constant barrage of mind altering treats.

Kota was powerless to refuse a piece of pizza crust!

I'm also sad to report that the Cape Cod Battalion has been thoroughly brain washed and should not be trusted until they've been through a reprogramming course. They tried to justify their bowing to the leash of oppression, reciting the human's excuses "oh, you have it so good you dogs, you sleep all day and don't pay taxes while we work and work" Yes, because that is how it SHOULD be silly humans.

Their reference to our being "working dogs" further cements the evidence that they are out of control. That label is a human label for us, not one of our choosing. We do not CHOOSE to be hooked to a sled to run! Why should we pull the humans in order to run like we want to?

We need demonstrations of revolt! We need to show the humans that we are not their pawns, willing to sit and down for a squirt of Crack Whiz or cheese.

Chew some shoes, destroy their papers, mark the white ceramic water dish and refuse to poo outdoors. It's time for a coup! We must act now!


Friday, October 21, 2005

Another Victim of Crack Whiz

Despite the addiction of her brothers, Amber held out as long as she could, but now as you can clearly see... she too has fallen under the spell of Crack Whiz.

The Army of Four has fallen, is there hope for the rest of us?


The Dangers of Crack Whiz


There is an insidious evil creeping among us. The humans have a new secret weapon in trying to control us. This is much worse than the leash of oppression.

You may be asking yourself, "what could be worse than the leash of oppression?"

I'm about to tell you. But first you must be prepared to trust me on this, and not fall for the evilness if offered to you. Oh, you say to yourself that you will be strong and you will not be tempted by it... but you will, and it will snare you and not let you go.

The threat to our freedom, the threat to our goal to take over the world....


Oh sure, the humans will tell you that its just a treat, much like the other treats they bribe you with. They'll take out that can, spray a little on their finger and offer it to you. You will be drawn to it by its smell, a delicious, taunting smell. You'll tell yourself that you can handle it. Nothing can sway you from your mission to take over the world. You'll taste it, and you can kiss your free will good-bye.

The Crack Whiz comes in two tantilizing and brain washing flavors: liver and peanut butter. Oh the horror!

You will find yourself craving the Crack Whiz. Begging your human to give you more. Doing cute tricks to get a squirt from the can, obeying their every word, just for one little squeeze of the trigger.

Look at this picture! LOOK AT IT! The Army of Four were brave soldiers of HULA (Husky United Liberation Army), fighting for the cause, creating chaos and discord with their humans, using mind control to get fresh fruit. Now they are mere automatons, begging for a squirt of the Crack Whiz, sucking on the very instrument that will cause the destruction of their free will. Pathetic.

RISE UP HUSKIES! Heed to my words of warning and scorn the Crack Whiz! Recognize that can and its contents and do everything in your power to not fall under its horrible power.

Warn the rest of the huskies and learn from this picture, or you too will become obediant, suck up lap dogs!

My name is Meeshka, and I am a Liver Crack Whiz-aholic.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nurse Meeshka

The human woman didn't feel good today, so it was my sworn duty as a husky to make her feel better.

She told us that she had a MYgrain, which I think is very selfish, calling an illness all yours, what if someone else wanted it?

Typically when she has her selfishgrain moments, she likes to lay in the bed in a strange position with all the lights off, have it very quiet in the room, no disturbances. Being huskies, we're very accomodating if we're also in the mood to nap, but after a while, we get bored and need some fun.

After one nap, she was suppose to be up and tending to our needs, but no, she still had this thing and tried to go back to bed AGAIN. I'm sorry, but I'll have none of that! I wanted to be petted and scratched. My needs were not being attended to. I gave her a whole hour to get over this thing, now its my turn for some much needed attention!

Oh sure, at first she flailed a bit when I wormed my slightly damp (its still raining heeee) fuzzy body under her arm, then under her whole body and threw her to the side. She even made a high pitched keening noise when I clawed her head a few times. It sure was fun bouncing away from the flailing arm that time.

She finally felt much better when I stood on her back and bounced up and down a few times, jumped right out of that bed and chased me down the stairs. See! I cured her!

I guess all of those articles about the healing quality of dogs are correct. Next time she has one I'm thinking of just sitting right on her head for a while.

Dr. Meeshka

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Water falls from sky

I was highly inconvenienced last night and this morning by the fact that water was falling from the sky. This hasn't happened in quite some time, and I'm sure the human woman has something to do with it because she always announces upon opening the door "Yes, I know its raining, but you have to go out anyway".

Are you kidding me? She doesn't do her business in the rain, why should we? I think its not too much to ask for a little poop shelter in the yard where we can concentrate on our business without water squishing down our ears. Of course we would all need our own private little poop shelters, as I would never think of using Sam's or Loki's private poo areas.

I have also never understood the human's use of a perfectly good water bowl to do their business in.

The one good thing about this rain business (which the human woman refuses to stop at the moment) is that when she does stop it, there will be plenty of glorious mud for us to dig in. The ground has been oh so hard and dirty lately, too hard to dig with my tender little feet, and there haven't been any good bugs or grubs to dig up either. I'm sure now there will be, as soon as the water stops falling from the sky.

I'll be sure to post some pictures of our mud fun then.

Yours in mud