Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just When You Thought...

I'm constantly amazed that the human woman makes it through each day in one piece. Today she came home and declared that she fell down the stairs at work. Yes, she literally fell down the stairs, landed in a heap, had one of her work bigwigs leaning over her saying "you ok?"

She says that she tripped, but we know the real story, since she's nearly "tripped" here going down the stairs. Its those went out of style last year semi-bell bottomy goofy pants and big clunky heeled herman munster boots she wears. Skittered down the work stairs, took a header, and now she's even more bruised than when I get done with her.

Ok, fine, she's self destructing, but this impedes her ability to chase us around the house and yard. I'm sure tomorrow she's going to want to sleep in, since she claims to be on "vacation", but we know she has to clean the house for Uncle Jack, so we'll be sure to wake her nice and early.

Ernesto is also suppose to arrive sometime Friday night. Nobody seems to know what Ernesto will be, other than a lot of wind and a lot of rain, which means a lot of riccocheting around the house for us and the bruised human woman.

Glen Ford doesn't count, in case you were all wondering. He's a pre-Uncle Jack bonus round.

Gonna go to bed early I heard, since the human woman is all creaky and cranky.

(I'll add a new bruise or two to the collection tomorrow to make her feel loved)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Next Time, Don't Swing Your Arm Into My Tooth

The human woman is bleeding. She swung her arm into my mouth and onto a tooth while she was playing "got your feet" with me. I've told her how dangerous it was to swing her arms around near my mouth during this game, but she never listens. Its only a flesh wound, but I'm sure she won't learn.

We've gotten some very interesting guesses on the celebrity Uncle Jack visit death pool. I'm very intrigued by the Marie Osmond guess. I think Castro is already dead, so I don't know if we should count that one or not, but we'll see. I'm guessing that Tom Cruise already sacrificed baby Suri to the thetons already, and career suicide doesn't count.

While the human woman was applying direct pressure to the bleeding wound, she showed me the projected path of Ernesto, and amazingly enough its scheduled to hit Merryland around the time that Uncle Jack's plane is suppose to arrive. What a shock!

We did manage to survive Tropical Storm Isabelle, which was quite crappy actually. More so for the humans, who had to stay up all night when the power went out to bail out the thing they call a sump hole. We had to wear our harnesses all night and not go in the car at all, just wear our harnesses. It was pretty peaceful once the power went out, but the humans were freaking every time something large smacked the house. They let us go out once or twice, but totally freaked, as the trees were bending over sideways. They wouldn't let us just run around, they had us on leashes, and frankly it was a bit hard to poo with trees blowing sideways and rain pouring down. On the good side, there were plenty of branches to chew on the next day.

Keep up the good guessing on the pool, and for all you dogs in Florida, batten down the hatches, and poo downwind.

(90mph wind really messes up my fluffiness)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Public Service Announcement


Yes, I'm sorry humans and animals of Florida, but Uncle Jack has confirmed plane tickets, and will be arriving on his usual day, which means that Ernesto will come barreling up the coast toward you. I see the evacuation warning have already been sounded, and I certainly hope the humans have learned their lesson from Katrina and provide pet friendly transportation.

Although the human woman frowns upon it, I'm starting a pool on "which famous person bites the big one" during Uncle Jack's stay. Please take your guesses now, and I'll try to come up with a cool prize for anyone that guesses the demise of the correct famous person. Winners will be announced as soon as someone famous bites it. Remember, only between 2 September and 9 September are guesses valid. If your famous person guess dies before or after, it won't count.

(resuming my napping)

International Lazy Day

Meeshka on Lazy Day
Originally uploaded by Shmoomeema.
I'm officially declaring today as International Lazy Day!

What makes this day any different than any other day where we all lay around and do a lot of nothing? Well, because I'm declaring it an official day, that's what makes it different.

The rule of the day is: lay around. Only do what is necessary to survive such as eat, poo, claw your human. Put on your best lazy, sprawl, curl-up, wallow look.

I'm mainly declaring it a "day" because I had a rough night last night. Not only did the humans go out for a long time, came back late, then had the nerve to smell like other dogs, but there was a storm last night.

3 a.m. (or so the human woman declared when I clawed her awake) a storm with a lot of rain came blowing in, along with the evil thunder. I dutifully woke the human woman up so we could sleep in the room that we're not allowed in (where Uncle Jack sleeps, except he's not here yet).

She took Loki and I out, because she was not aware, or coherent at the time and just thought I needed to pee, and discovered that it was indeed pouring rain. I managed to run under the house overhang and pee, and skitter back inside before the evil thunder came out. Then upstairs all wet, where I clawed the human man for good measure before hiding in the room we're not allowed in. Loki goes in there too, don't know why, other than he hogs the whole bed. Sam then spreads out on the comfy bed in the human's room and falls asleep. I pant and pace until the danger is over.

Since my beauty sleep was interupted last night by the loud storm, I feel its only fair that the rest of the dog world gets to be lazy today as well.

Happy International Lazy day!

(turning over so I don't mat my fluffiness)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Come One Step Closer...

Come One Step Closer...
Originally uploaded by Shmoomeema.
Everyhusky (and dog), you've made some good arguments about keeping very small children around instead of banning them.

Yes, they are much smaller than large humans, and do have a tendency of dropping tasty things on the ground for us. They are messy eaters, and with their short stature, are easy to lick clean.

I do agree that they must be "debarked" though, as they tend to be screechy and whiney, and I get enough of that from Loki. We'll have to figure out how to segregate them off somewhere until they grow up large enough where we can weed out the bad apples, and use the good ones to wait on us hand and foot. We'll figure that all out once we take over though.

My humans have vowed never to bring the little rug rats into the house ever. I'm glad they've decided this, as they are messed up enough, let alone breeding them. I don't think they would pass any of the required certifications as the human man's back is all messed up and he takes pills for stuff. The human woman is gimpy as well, only one working opposable thumb and she's always swigging something called Dimetapp or Nyquil. Not to mention those selfish-grains she gets that require us to tap dance on her head.

I also wanted to assure Woofwoof that all monies have been received and accounted for on the blogathon. I've also received word that no monies were used in the purchase of new sleepy pants or other personal items. The human woman hasn't been sporting any new sleepy pants (believe me, you'd get a picture of that).

We're pretty excited here tonight. The humans brought in a huge bag that smells like that tasty fish and sweet potato food, so we all can't wait for breakfast. We think we're going to wake them really early tomorrow. They also mentioned something about tooth cleaning food, which I'm not too excited about, but my teeth are getting a bit dingy, so I guess if its tasty and brings back my lovely white smile, I'll give it a shot.

Ok, that's about it for tonight, I have to take my nap so I can wake the human woman up sufficiently early to get my new tasty food.

(dreaming of fish and sweet potato goodies)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Breed Bans, the Next to Go

Everyhusky, as time draws closer to the day where we take over the world, we must seriously consider banning certain breeds.

I know, some huskies and dogs think that the owner needs to be punished for not training their breed appropriately, or for allowing their breed to run loose and get into trouble, but we have to seriously consider banning some breeds for their tendency to get into fights, get into trouble, cause harm to others, and not have the ability to be trained.

The first breed on the ban list will be children. Yes, I know, I can hear your woo's saying that they can be trained, they can be rehabilitated, its not their fault they are cruel, bullies, bring guns into schools and shoot their teachers and classmates, do destructive and cruel things... but I'm afraid that I have to disagree with you. I think they are beyond any training, and we certainly can't take the risk of allowing them to roam our streets and harm others.

Yes, some children are very nice, but they could turn without warning. Parents have frequently said in the news that they had no idea their child was capable of murder or cruelty, so its not like there's any way that we can weed out the bad. We must ban them all.

Yes, there are some very good parents out there who control their children, teach them right from wrong, show them how to live nuturing, helpful, good lives, but since we are unable to determine which child may go stark raving insane and take out an entire school, we must ban all of them.

I'm sure some of you will not like this ban, but it is for the best.

(Is it just me, or has the world gone slightly wacky)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Step-Sister in Action

I almost forgot, I wanted to share with you a little video that features my step-sister Tashi, and her new adopted (non-gimpy) friend Polar.

For those of you not in the Know about huskies, they're playing. No huskies were hurt during the filming of this mini-movie, and they're playing... it may look like they're attacking each other, but trust me, that's calm compared to what Sam, Loki, and I get into.

Have fun and watch my little Step-Sister go at it.

Where there's a husky, there's a way

You're probably wondering why I've posted such a crappy picture.
If you look closely, you'll see that the area that I'm in is completely fenced off. The humans had just spent a great deal of time laying brand new fill dirt, and carefully spreading grass seed, and watering and nuturing this area. They put a plastic fence up in order to keep us from this fun area, then went inside.

Within three seconds, I found my way in, and was gleefully laying on the new dirt, just waiting for them to see me. This is taken from inside the house. If I had a middle finger, I'd be sticking it up at the human woman.

That's what being a husky is all about. A lot of dogs don't understand our culture. They do what the humans tell them, they listen when they are told "don't do that", "don't get in there", but to huskies, "don't go in there" means "you really need to get in there". Put a fence around something and give us 3 seconds and we'll be in there.

To us, "don't jump on the counter" only means "don't jump on the counter right now". That doesn't mean next week, or even 5 minutes from when told. Its in our house, so its our counter.

We don't fetch things. I don't even know why, after all these years, the human woman throws things for us. We never bring it back, you'd think she'd learn by now, and then people call us stupid because we don't fetch. Hey, if a husky was throwing something for a human and they wouldn't go get it after 5 throws... we wouldn't throw it anymore, so who are you calling stupid?

I just wanted to show everyhusky this grand moment of defiance. I'm very proud of it actually.

On a final note, I've noticed that our HULA run company "Google" is slowly managing to take over the computer world with our ideas and concepts. Yet another company has gone out of business thanks for our business savvy and domineering concepts. Pretty soon, once we've taken over most of the businesses and are alone at the top, we'll reveal the true name of the company... yes, you guessed it: "Woogle"

(taking over, one company at a time)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Uncle Jack is coming!

I just checked my Paw Pilot and realized that the reason the human woman has been cleaning a lot is that its almost time for Uncle Jack to come visit.

Ok, he's not my real Uncle, he's actually the human man's brother, but he always smells like dogs (he is apparently owned by two Labs), and he sneaks us food. Ok, he doesn't exactly sneak us food, but he's easy to trick so we can grab his food when he's distracted.

When Uncle Jack comes, the humans hang around the house and cook all sorts of tasty treats (most of which we don't get), and spend plenty of quality time with us, and we get to play "wake Uncle Jack" in the mornings.

The game goes something like this: Human woman wakes up (ok, who am I fooling, we wake her up) bright and early. She drinks a lot of coffee and mumbles a lot. After a while, she'll decide that its time for everyone to get up and she needs our help. She opens the door to the room we aren't allowed in (but Uncle Jack is) and then the resounding screams wake everyone else up. Its great fun! Happens every visit and yet he seems surprised when we leap on him.

The humans claim that every time Uncle Jack visits, someone famous dies, or there's a horrible catastrophe. Think back in time... September... think of any bad things happening in September... I figured you could. Its all because of Uncle Jack, so go ahead and blame him. Just in case you can't think of anything: Princess Diana, September 11th, Hurricane Katrina. There are oodles more, but I'm sure you get the seriousness of his jinx.

So everyhusky, batten down the hatches, stock up on supplies, Uncle Jack is coming to town.

(does this flotation device go with my eyes?)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

What's that Smell?

Meeshka glaring
Originally uploaded by Shmoomeema.
The human woman threw us outside again. We heard the Dyson going, and then the sound of that steam cleaner thing... she's cleaning AGAIN.

Just when we get our nice doggie odor on things, she feels compelled to clean. It takes a lot of effort, and skill to put that fur down the way we do, and she had no regard for the arts.

Came back inside, and sure enough, not only did she steam clean the bedroom, but she even vacuumed and WASHED the dog beds. They just aren't the same now.

I don't use a dog bed. When I'm not laying on the human woman's head, I usually lay on the air vent and suck all the cool air from the room. Sometimes I lay on the dog bed by the human woman's side of the bed, but that's only to warm up a bit from the nice chilly air vent.

My routine is: Head, vent, head, vent, dog bed, head, vent. This explains my need to nap throughout that day, as my routine is very tiresome.

The human man seems to think that Loki gets up during the night and lands a round house kick to his mid-section. He swears it happens, and the human woman swears that he's just dreaming. hehe, I'm not telling.

I do sometimes find the remote control they leave on the bed and step on it so the VOLUME IS VERY LOUD! I also like to change the channels and watch good stuff while they sleep.

Its funny to watch the human woman sleep. She's crammed toward the middle of the bed, making sure even as she's sleeping, to leave me adequate room in case I want to jump up and take my spot.

They're so easy to train.

(hmmm, should I sit on her head first tonight, or just lay on the vent)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Another Typical Day

Here we see Loki in the "please don't kill me" position. This was shortly after he attempted to grab my tail and drag me backwards. He knows not to do this, but does it anyway. I have let him live (so far), but he needs to learn very quickly.

The human woman (once again) pronounced me "matted" last night, and vowed to do something about it. She did rub me with the rubbery "brush" thing this afternoon, which is the only thing I'll tolerate, mainly because its pretty much worthless against the thickness, and fluffiness of my fur. She didn't get my belly though, I wasn't in the mood.

The box carrying person came to the door again tonight, and of course... we didn't get anything out of the boxes. They're hidden in the big food safe, which apparently the humans don't know is actually called an OVEN. Like we don't know that. We use to get pizza crust when the old guy-guy Nova was around. We got a LOT of stuff when he was around. You would think with the gimpy mutant toed freak Loki, and Mr. Bionic Hip I'm too scared to go up the deck stairs Sam, that we would get way more goodies than we actually do. Makes me want to break out in a skin rash or nice hot spot to get some hot dog chunks or something.

I'm actually totally disgusted with humans lately. The human woman started yet another blog (yes, she's actually a member of the blogger's anonymous blog too, not that it helps her any), and she's been posting all of these special needs dogs that need homes, or expensive medical care and stuff. One of the dogs she posted was a 16 year old husky named Brandi. Apparently Brandi and her friend spent all of their lives tied out in a yard somewhere, barely getting fed, no attention, no nothing. Animal Control was called about a foul odor, and yep, you guessed it... Brandi's friend had passed away without their humans knowing or caring, and there was poor Brandi curled up beside her friend, starving to death herself.

Luckily there are good humans on the earth (we'll take care of the not-so-good humans when we take over the world), who found room for poor Brandi to live out her years with love and good food. Go check out Brandi's Story (I left out most of the insanity) and if you feel so compelled, help out the humans that are helping her, even if its a few bucks. They deserve it. There's a link to their site and a place to send a donation too.

(when I rule the world, all people will be treated just like they treated us)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just a quick blog

I'm taking a moment of time from chasing the gimpies around the house and beating them at queen of the bed to say that crickets although fun to chase... taste really bad.

The human woman also reported that the "tiger" was back waving at the Intersection of Doom, and nearly caused a three car pile up. I had asked her to keep carrying her camera to work so that she could get some snaps of the carnage should it happen while she's around. She's carrying it in her huge bag.

Today the human man came home at puppy duty time and stayed home with us. He layed in bed most of the day, so we had to jump on him, woo at him, paw at him, and generally want out every 5 minutes. We've learned that when humans come home at puppy duty and lay in the bed, that means they want us to do funny things and bug them. We really got a lot of attention this afternoon with him home.

We like how he flails at us and we play dodge the flailing arms, its very fun. The human woman spoiled it all by coming home at her normal time and she threw us outside where we couldn't bug him.

She's no fun

(going to bed now, I've had a rough day of bugging the human man)

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Human Woman is in a Mood

Apparently the human woman had a rough day. She's been ranting about stupid software that doesn't work right to pay her bills, then paying off something before the pay off date and getting charge interest anyway, then having a conference call but nobody gave her the number, some stupid co-workers that drank all the coffee stuff, and were too lazy to go downstairs to get another box of it, someone touched something on her desk, insurance problems, and generally I stopped listening around that time and napped.

Today's noon-time political waver was Mr. "no fuzzy animal nickname" Wang again. He had a flunky with a smaller banner and smaller american flag with him, but not dressed up as anything. Down the road was another one, the human woman didn't catch his name, but he looked a little peeved about being down the road, and not at the very busy Intersection of Doom, where he could at least talk to the crash victims as they were wheeled into the ambulance.

I forgot to mention one of the weird things about me. When I put my front paws on the kitchen counter to make sure the human woman is making my food right (and not skimping on the canned food), I sometimes fart. The human woman laughs at me and calls me Mrs. Kissell, the flatulent maid in the movie "10", brilliantly played by Nedra Volz (who passed away in 2003). I looked her up after she called me that, and just as I suspected, it wasn't meant as flattering.

Ok, so some questions I've been asked recently:

What does "woo" mean? Well, that depends. Did you mean "woo", or "woo". Please be a little more specific with the tone because it means different things.

What does "Shmoo" mean. I'm glad you asked. Its yet another one of those "cute" names the human woman has for me. It evolved like this: Meeshka... Meeshka Moo, Meeshka Shmoomeema Moo, Shmoo. How she got to that, its a leap, but she claims that when I lay down, I look like a "shmoo".

Since most of you dear readers are not as ancient at the human woman, a Shmoo is a cartoon character created by Al Capp (go look it up, what do I look like, Wikipedia), that looks like this:
Although I agree with the statement on the cartoon, I don't particular think that a red/white fluffy husky even resembles this, but I will allow the human woman her delusions, as she does continue to feed me and tend to my needs. Once she stops doing that, she's on her own.

(don't call me Shmoo)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I've Been Tagged

The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself." Then you tag 5 friensd and list their names. The furries who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

5 Wierd Things About Me
  1. I love to eat used Kleenex (I'll eat the plain ones, but used are better)
  2. I don't like having my feet touched. If you touch my feet I'll curl them under my fluffy body and then you have to deal with the teeth.
  3. I'll jump on the bed and skitter in a circle, then push all of the covers out of my way.
  4. Once in a while, for no reason, I'll scream really loud... keeps the humans on their toes.
  5. At 7am if the human woman isn't out of bed, I'll claw her out of the bed. If she tries to go back to bed, I'll burrow under her, then throw her out of the bed.
I tag Charlie,Opy, Moo, Kimmy, and Belle!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Average Day

Just wanted to share with you all why I'm always tired. I swear, if its not saving something from getting stolen off the counter by one of the idiot step-brothers, its something else.

Here I am trying to relax in the yard. You'll notice that my feet are crossed, which I've been told means that I'm a leader of sled dogs. Leader is right, I'll just lay here, you go pull the sled and be quick about it.

Here is Sam complaining to the human woman about something I did, or at least something he thinks I did. I'm fluffy, I do no wrong, so I have no idea what he's going on about. Look, I'm right there just eating some grass, all innocent.

This is me attacking Sam for tattling on me earlier. He kept sitting on me, eating my grass, then had the gall to call me a name, so I had to make sure he knew who was boss. He peed himself when I came after him... heeee, I love that.

After all of that hard work, defending my grass, defending my honor, and chasing mutant gimpy step-brothers around the yard, its time to relax again.

We convinced the human woman to feed us early again, and now we're crowding the human man trying to get his Ritz crackers. He threatens to hit us, but he's a push-over, I'm sure we'll get a cracker soon enough, whether he gives it to us, or we storm the castle and get them ourselves.

(gonna get a Ritz)

Friday, August 11, 2006

How Can You Take This Seriously?

This is Loki doing a playbow. How can you possibly take THAT seriously?

He runs out into the yard and pretends he's digging up something interesting, just to get us to come see. Then he either attacks us, or he runs away, thinking that we'll chase him, which we usually don't. If that doesn't work, he'll pretend that he found the most tastiest stick, and run around with it. He just begs to be walloped.

I tried to wallop him today, but the human woman got mad at me. Seems she didn't appreciate my grabbing him by the neck and swinging him. He didn't seem to mind at the time, so I figured it was all in good fun, but the human woman thought otherwise. She yelled at me, especially after he screamed like a little girl. Of course he ran to her and played hurt and all, and she cuddled him like the baby he is. Wussie.

With the human man getting up very early to go to a class, our eating schedule is totally hosed. Normally we eat at 5, noon, and 6pm. This week we've eaten at 4, noon, and 6pm which is utterly ridiculous to be expected to go a whole 8 hours without food! So, we demanded lunch early, then dinner early, then starved at night until tonight... we DEMANDED a second dinner at our normal time, and got it! Of course it was just dry kibble, no warm tasty gravy water or scoop of canned goodies, just dry, dry, kibble. The horror.

So, in a nutshell: human woman yelled at me, Loki is a wuss, dry kibble.

(not gonna take this abuse much longer)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Super Typhoon... Coincidence, or Justice

The human woman stayed home all day today. We heard a big rumble outside, and sure enough, we got tossed in our crates, but we forgave her this time... we got something called "Jumbones" which were VERY tasty and are suppose to clean out teeth. I admit, I have a bit of a plaque build up, which I wouldn't have if the human woman would get over her raw food thing and give us frozen turkey necks, like I've seen suggested by other humans on that list she reads all the time.

But I digress... apparently some big items in the back downstairs room needed to be removed, and some bigger downstairs items needed to be moved into the room. They're white, they're big, and I've seen them and I'm not too keen about the noise they make. The human woman is totally entranced by these things, and they have little windows, so I'm thinking they might be televisions since she sat there and watched them, although she put clothes in them. I'm guessing she's insane.

So, after we ate our Jumbones, and sniffed around where the work guys were (not getting too close to those new quiet, yet disturbing televisions that swirl clothes), I cruised the internet for some news and found that China (dog beaters of the world) is getting smacked by a SUPER TYPHOON.

I'm a pretty wordly pup, and I have to say that China getting whacked by a SUPER TYPHOON is pretty kharmic. You would think that for all the hoopla over panda bears they get, they'd be a little bit nicer to dogs... but then again, they don't get a gazillion dollars from zoos to breed and raise their dogs.

I'm pretty sure they'll take the Humane Society's offer for money to vaccinate their dogs, but then I have to think... why does the Humane Society have all that dough when there's still dogs (and cats) wandering homeless and now feral in Louisiana because of that hurricane?

When huskies (and other dogs) rule the world, we'll get rid of all those "animal rights" groups, because they don't seem to spend a whole lot of money on actual animals... they seem to spend it all on stupid campaigns, and tv spots, and big dinners to raise more money that doesn't go to animals. They shouldn't really be called "animal rights" groups, they're more like "animals give us rights to more money" groups.

Save your bucks and donate your money to the little not-for-profit rescues in your local area. At least you can actually visit them and see that the money is going to the animals, unlike those big groups... unless you want to go visit their multi-million dollar office complexes and get a free cup of holistic herbal free range tea bag tea.

(oooh, on a rant tonight!)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stop and Smell the Weeds

What an absolutely BORING day!

There were no politicians waving at the Intersection of Doom, nothing exciting happened, just the normal, crate, kong, nap, lunch, crate, kong, nap, dinner routine.

Sigh. I decided to sniff this weed. That's all that's left of the nice grass that was growing, which proves to the humans (or should) that we are not the cause of the grass demise... they just suck at growing grass during a water restriction. hehe, that'll show em.

Sam and I chased the mutant pawed gimpy Loki around the yard and then he squeeked because he's a weenie and the human woman got mad at us for playing too rough with him. Well, we can't help it if he's always the prey! The prey must squeek before we let it up.

Even the news was boring today. An actor went into rehab... that's news? It would be easier to post which actors weren't in rehab, therapy, etc.

Some pipeline in Alaska has a hole in it, so humans won't be able to afford gas in their big cars. I'm not saying anything, but even if they do come out and say that the hole in the big pipe in Alaska looks supiciously like claw marks... I have an alibi. It has nothing to do with my push to ban cars and only allow humans to ride scooters.

Sorry to be so boring, but I had a boring day.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Anti-Storm Clothing

Thoughtful Denali sent me an e-mail with a link to a new product that is suppose to calm us during storms: The Storm Defender Cape

According to the Web site: "The cape has a special metallic lining that discharges a dog's fur and shields him from the static charge buildup reducing his sensitivity to the charge."

I won't even point out the "him" and "his" reference... ok, I just did. I guess it only works for male dogs?

A.) Would a human walk around wearing a metallic cape in the middle of a lightening storm? I think not.

B.) That's even more grotesque looking than the shirt.

Upon further research, this guy is charging like $60 human bucks for this ugly, lightening attractant piece of dog clothing! Holy crap, I'm in the wrong business! I'm sure humans fall for this all the time, therefore, I've been busy in my lab working, and have come up with:

The WunderThunder Cloaking Robe from MeeshkCo!
Created from a space age polymer fabric similar to plastic but not really, this patent pending anti-storm doggie robe will shield and comfort even the most frantic storm frightened dog.

Not only stylish, but it also comes with a form fitting tie so it sits fashionable on the body, and even gives a trimming effect.

This is Loki, modeling the WunderThunder Cloaking Robe.

See how beautifully it fits, and one size does fit all, thanks to the adjustable strap in the back.

Some humans may claim that its simply a kitchen garbage bag with holes cut in it, but don't let them fool you, only the best polymer worms were used in the knitting of this futuristic (and secret) fabric.

Ride that storm out with ease in this stylish and form fitting outfit!

The WunderThunder Cloaking Robe is only available through MeeshkCo productions, so have your human mail a check for a mere $30 to me, and we'll have our express shippers send one right out to you. No more storm worries with the WunderThunder Cloaking Robe!

(make your checks out to me for your very special WunderThunder Cloaking Robe)

Monday, August 07, 2006

What's Wrong With This Picture Again

I'm sure you're asking yourself... Meeshka... why are you wearing a shirt?

I'm glad you asked. Because somebody by the name of Karen said that during a storm I wouldn't claw the human woman if she put a shirt on me. So here I am... wearing a shirt.

I think you can tell by the look on my face that I'm just waiting for her to put the camera down so that there are no pictures of her untimely and bloody death.

Was I calmer during the thunderstorm, well yeah, because I'M WEARING A STUPID SHIRT! How can anyone take me seriously when I'm wearing a shirt? How can I possibly claw when I'm wearing a shirt. I just thank heavens that she didn't get all funny and put the stupid blue sleepy pants on me, although I'm sure she did think of it, because she had this little grin on her face.

Speaking of stupid humans

Apparently there's some guy named "Tiger" that is running for office. What better way to get the word out about your campaign than dressing up one of your flunkies in a tiger costume when its 900 degrees out, and stand on a corner that is nicknamed "the Intersection of Doom" because someone dies in a car wreck there every day (practically). That certainly helps the traffic problem on that corner. If the human woman hadn't had her camera, I wouldn't have believed it either.

Lastly... stupid human quote of the day: "For us, he cannot be the Tour de France winner anymore," Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme told Reuters from his holiday residence. "Technically we cannot say he has lost his title but he has soiled the yellow jersey."

Euuuw, I hope somebody rubbed his nose in it! I thought humans didn't do that sort of thing, and yet here it is in the news that some guy soiled his yellow jersey. If its yellow... I wonder how they could tell.

(still in the shirt, hello, storm is over, get the shirt off me)

Blogathon Sponsors!

Ok, according to the blogathon forum, its ok for me to give out the payment instructions, since they are apparently still having issues getting the e-mails out (they're getting a new ISP, so hopefully next year will go smoother).

You can either pay by check:
Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue
P.O. Box 21202
Philadelphia, PA 19114-0702

or go here to pay by paypal:
Use Paypal

There's a paypal button, just click it and then put in a comment that you are a blogathon sponsor.

Phone: (866) 65-RESCUE (if you have any questions, press 0 and leave a message)

Thank you for your patience, and I hope everyone had fun. Look forward to doing it again next year!

(woofwoof, you can still go after the chickens in you want)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Loki is a big dork

I just felt like saying that, it really has nothing to do with my post for tonight, but felt it needed to be said.

Ok, so he is a big dork, actually a tiny little dork with a mutant paw, and he keeps trying to "show" me that he's the boss, so I constantly have to slam his head into the floor, and yet, he just doesn't get it.

We had yet another exciting day of napping today. Its a lot cooler than it was, but still too hot for my fluffiness to be out for any amount of time. The human woman let us go out on the deck today, and then made this huge deal about Sam coming up the stairs. Sam has developed some sort of fear about climbing up the deck steps, so since he made it up today, you'd think he developed the cure for rabies or something.

Ok, so maybe the topic of today's blog entry is "the neurotic morons I live with, including the humans". Case in point: human woman (1 guess at what she's wearing right now... yep, blue sleepy pants) human woman lets us in last night and a moth came in with us. Big, tasty moth, which we weren't allowed to try and catch. No, the human woman stood there with a fly swatter and batted at the moth as it circled around the lightbulb. We just stared at her. She never hit it. Gave up. Went to bed.

The human man actually expects us to get out of his way when we were clearly laying in the kitchen in front of everything he needed to get into way before he needed to get into it. Then he gets mad when we stand up... of course, we usually stand up when he's trying to step over us, but that's not the point. You tell us to get out of the way, then get mad when we do. What gives?

Did a little bed riccochet tonight, then a little nap, pretty soon it'll be bed time. I'm kinda hungry. The whole "feed us at 4:30 instead of 6pm" bug the human woman until she gave up is backfiring, as I'm a bit hungry right now. I doubt that any amount of clawing will get me another dinner, but its worth a shot.

On a last note: we wish Susan Butcher a glorious sled ride across the Rainbow Bridge to be with her beloved ones, and to wait those that have yet to cross.

Live your dreams now, for tomorrow they may turn to regrets.

(feeling very zen and fluffy tonight)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Human Man Yelled At Me

If you're going to leave tasty kleenex on your desk, then eat it, just don't leave it there and taunt me. Its also my right to take the tasty kleenex that you don't eat, so I have no idea why the human man yelled at me. So I bumped into a few of his computer gadgets while liberating the tasty kleenex, but he shouldn't be putting that on the table near the tasty kleenex!


Its WAY cooler today than it has been in a long time. I actually ventured out into the yard to sniff around, but all of the tasty grass is very dry and untasty now. Since I was out in the yard, the human woman felt compelled to "chase" me around the yard, which meant that the gimpy mutant pawed geek Loki thought it was ok to chase me too. I set him straight.

Even though it is cooler, we came inside and riccocheted on the bed a few times, of course I won queen of the bed, but who is counting. The humans grilled on the deck WITHOUT US, because the grill is hot and we may hurt ourselves. This coming from the human woman that leaned on a hot stove the other day. Nice!

She's been bragging about something called "a washer and dryer". As far as I know, they already have those, but apparently these are "new" and will be delivered Thursday. Any guesses on the chance we'll have to sniff the delivery men? Yeah, I thought so. She goes and buys herself all those cool new toys and yet not one squeeky toy in the house. Oh sure, we fight over them, but that's part of the fun, except for that trip to the vet to have an ear put back on.

Humans have no sense of humor.

(she plucked my fluff outside too)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Update on Sponsor Instruction e-mails

Ok, the humans at Blogathon central just responded, and here is what is happening:

they started sending out all of the e-mails, and then their ISP said "hey, that's a lot of e-mails, I bet they're spammers!" and their ISP cut off their e-mail capability.

When the human woman read that to me, she muttered something about "1984", which as I recall is a very tasty and shreddable book she had at one time.

Sooo, the blogathon central people are trying to get that mess cleared up, and explains why some sponsors have gotten their e-mails and others haven't. They are looking into another ISP for next year.

Sorry Woofwoof, but it isn't the great chicken sanctuary conspiracy like you thought.

(free internet to all dogs when I rule the world)

Blogathon Sponsors

I have written the pesky humans at Blogathon to find out what is up with the sponsor instruction e-mails.

I've heard from humans that had sponsored other bloggers (the nerve of them) that they have received their instructions, but apparently none of my wonderful and faithful readers have received theirs... I'm very fluffy over this.

I will let everyone know what is going on and will report back as soon as I hear from blogathon central.

Please be patient. As this is my first foray into the event, I really have no idea what is going on either, but the human woman assures me that everything will be ok. But how do I trust someone that wears the same blue sleepy pants every day?


(we don't tolerate lollygagging e-mails)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Meeshka's World Blogathon Raffle Winners!

I wanted to again thank everyone for sponsoring me on Blogathon 2006.

As mentioned in the Blogathon, the wonderfully kind President of Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue donated two prizes to be raffled off:

The "Pretty Sled Dogs, the Movie" DVD

And the really cool husky purse (be all the envy of your friends)

Here is the human woman mixing up the tickets for the first drawing, please note, she's wearing those nasty blue sleepy pants.

Here I am, trying to look at the names so I can pick our my friend Indy's name

Here I am just grabbing whatever I can reach, since the human woman folded them all up and I couldn't read the names. She's tricky like that.

And the winner of the really cool husky purse is:

CAROLINA JOHNSON! congratulations Carolina, I'll be sending you an e-mail to get your mailing address so the HTHNBR President can mail you your prize!

Ok, now for the really cool DVD (which is better than a purse, since the purse isn't big enough to hold a husky)

Here I am hoping that the second round drawing was actually written on kleenex, or that she's added something tasty to the paper.

Picking out the winner of the DVD.....

And the winner is.... BABETH RAIBLE!!!!!

Congratulations Babeth, I'll be e-mailing you for your address so we can send you the "Pretty Sled Dogs, the movie" DVD!

After all of that hard work, I got to eat the rest of the raffle entries!

Congratulations Carolina and Babeth and to everyone who sponsored me, thank you so much for helping me have a wonderful time and spreading the word about Husky world domination.


Attention Blogathon Sponsors

The coordinators of Blogathon 2006 has just closed sponsorship.
You will be receiving instructions via e-mail on how to submit your donation (and thank you all who donated).
If you do not receive your instructions within a day or two, please let me know.


Barney, honorary Husky

During my blogathon recuperation, I happened to be cruising the human news sites and came upon this article: Dog goes berserk, destroys Elvis' teddy bear

This is stupid on so many levels, I don't know if I can cover them all, but I'll give it a shot.

1.) I'll never understand this human compulsion to save old things, try to keep them in pristine condition, lay a huge price tag on them, and then mourn their loss even though it was never used or appreciated for what it actually is. Stuffed toys are for FUN. They should be used, abused, and played with. They should be valued for what they are, used for what they are meant for, and remembered for the fun they gave you in the time that they "lived" (in my case, a stuffed toy has a life of approximately 3 seconds, but wow, what a fun 3 seconds).

2.) Using a guard dog to guard stuffed animals. This is almost as stupid as having a cat guard an aviary, and then being shocked when you come in and find mounds of feathers, dead budgies, and one very happy, well fed, and tired cat. Would humans allow a human alcoholic to guard a distillery? Probably not, but apparently they thought nothing of locking this poor, bored puppy in with a whole slew of stuffed animals... taunting him, laughing at him... its a wonder any of them survived. Why is this a shock and news to everyone that this poor guard dog had a ball in a stuffed animal museum? What moron thought this would be a good idea? Hey, lets get a dog to guard stuffed animals, because dogs certainly don't enjoy ripping stuffed animals to shreds!

I'm sure there will be outrage over this "incident" and I hope that Barney will not meet a cruel end as retribution for tearing apart "priceless" stuffed animals. Instead of sticking those things in a museum, how about giving them to poor children or animals so they have something to play with. How about those people, instead of paying money to go in and see some stuffed animal that some guy that made some records had as a kid, take that money and buy a kid or dog a teddy bear.

In Huskyworld, you certainly won't see the Museum of Foods Dropped on the Floor by Humans. Heck no, because we dogs know how to appreciate things as they happen, so there won't be much to display at that museum... but we will talk and revel in our dog blogs about the steak that didn't get away.

(live in the now humans, cuz there may be no tomorrow)