Friday, November 11, 2005

The Human Woman is trying to trick me

I've been merrily posting away on my blog using an interface that the human woman gave me to make posting easier.
Right, apparently all of my words of wisdom have been floating away in cyberspace (or is that Siberspace) and not getting posted.

I'm so mad right now!

I posted really funny things too, but its gone, all gone.

Ok, lets see:

I was invited to a play date with some of my local husky pals (who I've never gotten to meet yet) for this weekend, but unfortunately the humans say that I can't go. They suck. Apparently there is this thing called "dog flu" going around, and if it wasn't for the old guy Nova, they would just throw our health to the winds and let us go (so they say) but since there is a risk of us bringing something bad back that would make the old guy sick or worse... we're not allowed to go play with other dogs until either they come up with a vacine, or... well, lets not go there.

Since they wouldn't let me go on the play date, I sat around and sulked for most of the day yesterday and today, but amazingly enough... they got my harness and leash and they actually took me in the truck! I thought for sure that we'd be going to the evil vet, but my skin allergies haven't come in yet, so I had no idea what was up.

We drove for a while and finally came to this thing called a "park" and it had leaves, trees, squirrels, geese (I hate geese, the geese fly over head and they honk and I stomp my tiny, delicate little feet and tell them to go away), ducks and swans. Of course the humans wouldn't let me "play" with the geese, ducks, and swans, or the squirrels either, which was no fun. We did walk through the leaves and that was fun. I pooped in the leaves to the humans had to clean it up, and of course peed on the leaves so that other dogs would know that it was MY park.

By the time we walked all over the park, I was very tired. As we walked up to the truck we saw a malamute being walked with his leash of oppression, but I was just so tired from our walk that I jumped into the truck and demanded to be taken home.

I'm very sleepy now

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IndyPindy said...

Oh, Meeshka, that is just too bad that you can't come, all because of old weak Nova. Why should you, who are young and healthy and in your prime, be deprived of your fun? I think the desctruction of some furniture would be appropriate retribution...that's just my idea...