Ever Vigilent

First of all, I wanted to send my condolences to Susie Lockheed on the passing of Sam, the World's Ugliest Dog.

Its dogs like Sam that make me look so much better, but in a moment of weakness I'll admit that even the ugly ones need love, moreso than us cute and fluffy ones (of which I'm the cutest and fluffiest).

Today's lesson is being vigilent. One must never allow something to be taken away from you, no matter how sneaky or cunning the other dog thinks he is. I'm talking of course about Loki, that bed hog, cushy stealing mutant pawed puppy.

I have a red cushy pillow in the living room. Its mine. I don't use it, but its mine. Its there when I need it and want to lay on it, I just choose not to need it or lay on it unless someone else wants it or lays on it.

That's the problem right there. Loki seems to think that the cushy pillow is now his because I didn't happen to be laying on it. He throws himself on it, lounges around on it, sprawls on it, puts his fur on it, and drools on it. ON MY RED CUSHY PILLOW!

Fortunately for me, Loki loves to drink gallons of water. The pup is just a gimpy camel, he drinks so much water, and because he drinks so much water, he always has to go outside.

The other day he was laying on the pillow and I wanted to lay on the pillow, so I woo'd and pranced and stomped my feet until the human woman got tired of me clawing her leg and told me to go outside. Did I go outside? Oh no! I waited until the human woman started down the stairs, at which point gimpy boy takes off to go pee. I immediately reclaimed my red cushy pillow and lounged upon it.

I wanted to lay there on the pillow until Loki came back in, just to show him who was boss, to show him who owned the red cushy pillow ME!

sigh... he took a long time out there, and I got bored, so I went to get a drink of water, and when I got back that little interloper had come back inside, and threw himself on the pillow again.

I get no respect in this house.



  1. Meeshka,
    If you are going to guard a stick, get a large one. Like a tree.


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