Friday, November 18, 2005

I just wanna be outside now

The human woman just doesn't seem to understand that now that its cool out, I just wanna lay outside.

I'm fluffy, which is very hot sometimes. The humans, devoid of fur, cover themselves with things called clothes, which require a lot of washing and maintaining, but are good for rubbing fur on.

They keep the house at a ridiculous temperature, then put on more clothes, or take more clothes off, depending on if they're too hot or too cold.

We don't have a choice in the matter, we're at their whim when it comes to house temperature (mainly because the temperature thing is located up on the wall and there's nothing near it for us to climb on to change it). We can't simply take off our fur when the humans want it warm in the house, although the humans claim that there's more hair on their clothes than on us, the liars.

So, now that its nice and cool out, i want to spend more time outside, lounging on the cool concrete, or digging a nice cool hole to lay in. The human woman rakes leaves into a pile, which Loki like to burrow in, make a nest. I don't like the leaves, especially because he and Sam pee on them, then lay in them. They're typical goofy males.

Despite my insistance that I want to lay outside, the human womand DRAAAGS us back inside, where I'm forced to woo, prance, stomp my cute little feet, then finally claw her leg to get her attention and let me out again.

You would think that she would learn just to leave us out there, especially while we nap.

Do you smell snow in the air? I don't. The weathe report did say something about "flurries" after the big turkey day feast, but the human woman is right in one thing at least... those high paid nutcase weathermen don't know anything.

I'm basking in cool

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Woofwoof said...

You are right. The humans are stubborn and usually won't listen (and that's what they say about us - ha!) The only way to get their attention is to do something drastic, like pee on the carpet, or lead a howl chorus in the middle of night. Works every time.