Sunday, February 06, 2011

My Week in Review

Lets see... I clung to the last tiny bit of snow left on the deck, using the pillow technique that Zim taught me through his "how to build a snow fort" tutorials.  Zim is also suppose to send me some of his snow... but it hasn't arrived yet.  I'm sure it got lost in the mail.

Then I glared at the Human Woman because all of my snow downstairs was also melting, and not only that, but it started raining and washing it away faster.  This is my "Do something about this rain and make it snow" look.
I have had a few comments asking me if I sufficiently got back at the Human Woman for nearly poisoning me with Sam's pill.  The answer is most definitely YES.

Not only am I waking the humans up in the middle of the night for no reason (last night I climbed mount Human Man and stood on him until he yelled at me to get off of him), but every time the human woman sits down to pay attention to that stupid iPad thing, I do this:

Well, this would be where I had a video of me attacking the human woman... but blogger is being a butthead and won't upload it... harrumpf.

Today's festivities included the Human Woman making cookies.  But instead of the usual tasty peanut butter cookies, she made cookies that we can't have because they had chocolate in them.  Can you imagine that?  SERIOUSLY?  You're going to bake and NOT give us anything?

I mean SERIOUSLY!  Spineless Bionic hip/knee pup Sam even got off the Sleep Number bed because he smelled her baking and expected his cookies!

We totally guilted her into making us something tasty.
Ok, I totally blocked the oven until she did make us something.  We got our very own buttermilk biscuits hot from the oven and hand fed to us.  Yep, we know who rules the house.



Mango said...

That is kind of sad seeing you clinging to the last little patch of snow.


FiveSibesMom said...

You rule!!! Yay for the oven-blocking technique. And we love your snow pillow!!!

The Thundering Herd said...

We have totally lost the battle for saving the last of the snow in our yard. Between warm temps and lots (and lots and lots) of rain, we are down to tiny miserable patches about paw size. Its February - it is supposed to be wonderfully miserable.

P.S. - Excellent work on the hot biscuits. Our hu-dad is totally abusing us by not cooking for us hourly.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khome to Pawsylvania -

I've got lots fur woo to take bakhk to Merryland!

PeeEssWoo: BTW, The StarBarks plant is less than five or six miles from here - that might help The Human Woman decide to help woo!

KevinJimeno said...

Hey you are looking so lazy just stand and let some fun with snow ..

Melanie said...

Poor Meeshka, what a rough weekend you had - how dare your human made chocolate cookies instead of PB! You are so cute on your snow pillow. hugs, Melanie

The Army of Four said...

I KNEW I should have given the snow to the FedEx man instead of putting it in the mail! Lots of ours is GONE, so I assumed the mailman was delivering it to you like I had asked! We're supposed to get a bunch more tomorrow, so maybe I can try again.
Play bows,

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful to collapse from weakness right there in front of the stove. You really look as though you couldn't take another step without some hot, tasty nourishment.

Huffle Mawson said...

We know you are in charge. Now, if you could only be in charge of the weather!

Holly and Khady said...

I'm feeling your pain Meeshka! All our wonderful snow had been melting too. Now we have a skating rink covering our snow. We are in single digits right now, but it's gonna warm up into the 40's so I think it's all gonna be gone soon.

Thank goodness you got some treats! Or that would have called for some drastic clawing!


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vanessa said...

haha, because the country i came from doesnt have a snow, then maybe i can use this technique for my dog. A snow pillow.. Lolz.. but i really want a real snow. A real snow where i can play here with my beloved dog.

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