Friday, February 04, 2011

Hoo That Funny Human Woman!

Wanna hear something funny?  Oh its a real knee slapper... if dogs had knees... well, we do have knees, its just a bit inconvenient to slap them when we laugh, but I'm sure you'll appreciate this real hoot of a funny story.

Yeah, so remember how I told you that Spineless Bionic hip/knee pup, Sam, was on antibiotics for a personal (sore pee pee) reason?  Yeah, and did I happen to mention that the specific antibiotics he was on is the very same antibiotics that I'm allergic to and make me horka if I have them?  Well, I may have neglected to mention that part, because why on earth would the human woman even bother to give me any of those pills, because they are for Sam and not for me and she knows that they make me horka?

Because the human woman is a moron and the other night while she was distracted with whatever delusional thoughts go on in that head of hers, she prepped us all some tasty livergreat and smooshed the Spineless pill in some livergreat and then gave us all our bits of mooshed livergreat and then said (wait for it, its a side splitter):

Wait a minute... where's Sam's pill?

Yep, that's right, she had no idea WHO she may have fed the livergreat smeared pill to!  Hello SPCA?

So what do you think the odds were that of three livergreat globs given to three dogs that the ONE dog that's allergic to the pill would get it... need a calculator for that one... want a hint?
I'm so freaking clawing her in her sleep.

I want another dinner now!


  1. Horka is no fun. Claw good!

  2. Yeah, but I heard you horkaed on the deck. Do it on her pillow next time!

  3. Was it a birthday Horka revenge?

  4. Sorry you had to horka, but the human woman totally deserved to clean up that mess! I hope you got more livergreat after all that!

    Hope Sam heals soon! My Sam went through something similar and had to be on those nasty pills for over a month! I think our Sam's are way too much alike.


  5. Anonymous7:03 AM

    oh man... you wuz robbed!

  6. Idiot human. Sometimes I wonder how they survive.


  7. I think a nice steamy horka for her to clean up is a good return on her investment in stupidity.