Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering

Hey, the humans turned on the air conditioning, so I've been busy sucking all of the cold air coming out of the vent. Its my job, its what I do.

Let's see, what's new... nothing really.

Human woman cleaned up the thunder room for us in case the thunder comes. The thunder room is very handy because its like my own person torture room just for the human woman. The Mutatoe has to join us (because he's a girly dog and has to be within three inches of the human woman or he cries), so not only can I stomp and claw the human woman, but I can stomp on the Mutatoe and get away with it because "I'm afraid of thunder and loud noises". Heck, if I can get away with it, I'll start being afraid of the sun if that means more clawing.

Here's an obligatory picture of me.


  1. Lookin' fluffy, Meeshka!
    We had the AC on for a while, too. Dave is good at laying on the vents. Me? I'd rather lay in a sunbeam.
    No one here quite gets that, either.
    Play bows,

  2. You are looking most regal and fluffy, Meeshka. Must be from all that refreshing cold air.

    Huffle Mawson

  3. Hi Meeshka! AC is definitely good on certain days. We don't have AC much in this part of the world, but since it was fairly warm today, the humans bathed me with soap and ice cold hose water - yeeeeoooww!!! (It's okay tho - I have lots of fur and it's all over with now...)
    Stay cool...
    xo Sammie

  4. AC? Must be hot where you are for sure. I don't know about that thunder room stuff. I'm glad we don't get bad storms here.


  5. Lookin' nice and cuddly! That AC must be dooing wundurz fur yur coat.

    Gus and Waldo

  6. It hasn't been that warm in Pawsylvania yet...

    Mom did turn on the AC in the Xterra today to keep her transport guests khomfy!

    Tank woo fur sharing your beaWOOtyBooty with us!


  7. As we have explained many times, we are tortured animals because there is - brace yourself - NO AIR CONDITIONING in our house. Ok, ok, the temps never get above 80, but still. Can you imagine the torture?

    So to cool off today (because it was in the 50's), we went and waded in a river today.

  8. No a/c here yet, thank goodness! Glad the thunder/clawing room is all ready for you!

    You look faaabulous by the way!!


  9. You're lucky that you have a/c. We only have a/c in one room at this house (daddy's room because of his hot computers). I can't wait until we move next month so I can have a/c.

  10. Woo look so fluffily refreshed, must be the cool air. We don't got no stinkin a/c here. Well, only in one room. Mom is threatening to go buy another one for the downstairs...sounds like a plan to us!

    Stomp away!

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  11. Woo Meeshka.
    We don't have AC yet. We is still gittin' cold weather here. But enjoy, enjoy!

    Husky kisses,

  12. No a/c here. We have a ceiling fan though, but nowhere near warm enough for that yet.

  13. What an incredible looking dog. Do these type suffer from any known problems or diseases?

  14. The tile works for me right now. I am going to go check the vent out now that you mentioned it. As far as the thunder, I like to just fwap John and Kelly(specifically her left eye) in the face. I do this until they let me up into the bed and then try to 'dig' up the sheets or blankets. I love the fact that the storms always come in the middle of the night. Keeps em up all night and boy do they look and act funny in the morning.



    PS. I've heard of the 'toe' and would love to see a pic ofhim. Any chance?