Time Flies (Post 999)

Wow, time really does fly when you don't wear a watch.

Uncle Jack came and went, and frankly we're very disappointed that there were no horrible catastrophes or celebrity deaths, except for Patrick Swayze, and that was after Uncle Jack left.

We aren't even counting the Water Heater death on him, nor are we blaming Spineless Bionic Hip pup Sam now limping because he was running outside one minute, then he yipped and now he's limping. Between the water heater and Sam, we're pretty sure the human woman will be keening and rocking back and forth about the bills to fix both of them.

The fun thing is that they humans have been without hot water for the past 3 days and its getting nice and stinky in the house. Between the dirty dishes, the dirty clothes and the dirty humans, we're liking this whole gone to nature smell around the house. No flowers, no sickening sweet smells, its really started to smell like a true husky house. Apparently those tasty smells will come to an end tomorrow after noon as soon as an organ or two is sold to repair the problem... then its off to the vet for Sam for another cash for clunker dogs deal. The human woman is ready to get him a cart and a bubble wrap coat.

Pretty much all I've been doing lately is:

Does this air vent make my butt look fat?



  1. Fluffy and fat are two totally different things!

  2. Not to worry, its just the air fluffing up your butt fur as it comes out of the vent.

    We will keep paws crossed for Sam, hope she can get a good deal on him.

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  3. Your bottom looks wonderfully floofy. Not fat at all.

    Methinks that the humans would consider the dead water heater to be severe enough. I bet everything really smells good.


  4. Fat? nooo...Fluffy and furry is more like it!


  5. No, your Highness, you butt does not look fat at all.

    Huffle Mawson

  6. Woo look fluffy,not fat! Bee-wootiful!

    Husky kisses,

  7. I'm just thankful it was your water heater and not your cool air machine that went kaput!
    Do you know if there's a cash for catclunkers deal going on? I have two I'd sure like to see what I can get for.....

  8. It's just the camera angle, cuz we know you are not fat.

    I sure hope Sam can get his surgery, and then heal quickly. Who else will the Mutatoe swap her swapper at?

    The cool air vent is also MY favorite place. I learned that from you, ya know!

    Khady Lynn


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