Friday, May 06, 2011

My World Events

Hello all!  Its been a very busy time here in Meeshka World.

I'm sure you've all heard in the news about a certain President taking credit for the elimination of a rather pesky person.  Pffft.  Of course that's all a silly lie.  We all know that humans are incapable of doing anything around here without the help of HULA. 

All I had to do was wave one of my delicate little feety feet and the matter was taken care of by my loyal HULA Hoop members.  About the only thing they did get right was the name of the reactionary force that took care of the matter: Seal Team 6.  They are making the team to be all secrety secret and go on and on about how they can't show their faces because they were so ultra mega mega top secrety secret and junk... but the real reason is because the humans are too ashamed to admit that they can't do anything right, and its the animal world that has to fix everything for them.

So, here is your first look at Seal Team 6:
Sergeant Bubbles is currently appearing undercover at Sea World in Orlando.  Check out his show, he actually juggles three beach balls!


  1. We've also heard they had a heroic pup with them - or maybe two depending on what story you read!


  2. That hat suits you better than a certain other princess. Sergeant Bubbles has many skills the humans don't know about, never mind the juggling!

  3. Ha-woo! We knew it! We knew it had to be real Seals!

    jack & moo

    btw, you sure know how to make an otherwise ugly hat actually look stylish!

  4. At least they admitted they took the most intelligent creature in there with them...a DOG!


  5. Jane Eagle11:58 AM

    I hadn't thought of you as the "dress-up" kinda queen, but everything you do just sets the style!

  6. Good thing you set the record straight about the seals. And we, too, heard about the hero dog who was along on the mission. An amazing canine indeed. Oh, PS - Love your headress!

  7. That first picture is so funny!

  8. PetBlast8:39 PM

    The mom tatoo was a good touch! Lol

  9. That hat looks so heavy! Sergeant Bubbles is sooo worth watching!

  10. .,aww that first picture is so funny.

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