Friday, June 10, 2011

A Call To Paws Again

Just when we thought we had the radical squirrels under control, another faction emerges to do destruction upon the the very thing we rely on in these hot temperatures... cold air vents!

Yes, the radical squirrel terrorists are back at it again, their latest attack was upon a power station, as reported here in this news article.

The humans think they are cute and adorable and go absolutely whack job when one of these fuzzy tailed rats takes a peanut from their hand, but you and I know their true mission... Squirrelagedon!

Take action now, and obliterate the squirrels from your yard as fast as possible... before they knock out your cool air vent!.

- Meeshka


  1. The only good sgurrel is one that has been used as a chew toy.

    Remy and Flash

  2. coseypooh2:41 PM

    Yes, these little guys can get very testy....hahah

  3. Still think they're cute :p

  4. Nobody better come between me and my cool air vent! Woo!

  5. Oh my goodness! They are getting bold, aren't they? If I see one I shall set Teddy on to it immediately.

  6. Huffle! I'm truly shocked. Meeshka, be warned. Do NOT let Huffle influence you in ANY important life decisions like this one. Do you know who Teddy is? I'm sorry but I really must intervene. Huffle is a SERIOUS troublemaker!

  7. Since we have no squirrels at the house, we figure we must be doing a good job. But when we are out in the valley, we see them everywhere. Maybe they are preparing for an assault on us.

  8. We get those annoying little buggers on my deck!!!
    We also get them on the patio - sometimes they eat Dad's tomatoes. One of these days, I'm gonna get me one of them, and when I do.....

  9. Sam and Monty will gladly sign up for the Squirrel Resistance!


  10. We keep our area clear of those pests. Gotta them rabbits too. Lots and lots of rabbits here. They're in on the evil plot, we just know it.

    jack & moo

  11. Oh Meeshka, I am so on board with this one! I have been working on the evil bunny that sneaks into my yard for weeks now. Now, the evil squirrel and his buddy that like to hang out in our tree are back. Holly got one of their tails before it got away. We all chased one across the back yard as it was running along the high wires right above us! We are always right there in case he falls!

    Hope you get yours!

    Holly & Khady