Friday, December 16, 2011

A Rescuer Needs Your Help

I'm stealing this from the Gimpy Dog Blog because its very important.  If you can help, your Queen commands that you do so!

On 15 December 2011, a dedicated rescuer faced the biggest fear of most pet owners: a fire in her home.

The house is a total loss, but that's not important to her... she is utterly devastated that she was only able to save 2 of the 7 rescues in her care.

The Houston Pittie Pack is not only a champion of the Pittie breed, but a savior to abused, injured, and gimpy pitties that have experienced the worst in mankind. 

The Dogs With Blogs community, and rescue communities are joining together to get her the help she needs to care for herself, her family, and the two survivors.

A ChipIn has been started by reliable resources to make sure she gets the basics of life for her and the pups.  Once we get a mailing address you will be able to send gift cards to help her rebuild her life and her heart.

From everyone at Gimpy Dogs, our heart goes out to Houston Pittie Pack, and we mourn the loss of the pups and wish them safe passage across the Rainbow Bridge.

To learn more about those who were lost, visit The Brat Pack blog where you can also donate, or simply donate below.

Meeshka - Your Queen


  1. We were so shocked to hear about this. Our heart and prayers are with them all. We made a donation to help. No one should have to go through such a devastating loss such as this. It's heartbreaking.

    Holly and Khady Lynn

  2. Wee is still strugglin to takes it all in

    Ronnii, Uji & Izzy

  3. We're still reeling from hearing about this - so sad. good to see those green papers pouring in!

    We have an award fur woo on our blog- stop by.

    jack & moo

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