Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's Going On

I didn't mean to totally freak all of you out, just getting real with the sucky part of getting old. Tests come back with questions, and more tests are run, and sometimes there are answers, sometimes the answers come with more questions.

So, the other week I went to the vet for my annual vaccines and because I'm getting old, they took some of my blood... without paying me. The nerve.

The next day the vet calls the humans and tells them that one of my blood levels was pretty wacky and that sometimes indicates Cushings Disease.

Not Cushions disease, which afflicts the ample assed Mutatoe, but Cushings, which is caused by a tumor on either the pituitary or adrenal gland. Some of the symptoms are drinking a lot, panting a lot, peeing a lot, a pot belly, and some other things.

I drink a lot (it's summer), I pant a lot (it's summer), I pee a lot (it's summer, so I drink a lot and have to pee). I'm not fat and I don't have a pot belly... it's just a bit of extra skin and fluff.

The Human Woman stole my pee (once again, without payment) and that got shipped off to some lab.

In the meantime, I started limping. I'm not telling you which front leg because I like to keep you guessing and be very stoic about it. It happens mostly when I first get up, but I'm definitely limping. Of course, if someone shoots off fireworks when I'm outside doing my business, I am able to race up the deck stairs and claw the door to come in. I'm also quite capable of clawing the Human Woman for no reason, a good reason, or a bad reason, without any problems.

The Humans asked the vet when they took the Mutatoe for his vaccines, and there was some frowning, and pondering, and the vet mentioned something like "well, that high blood thing could be an indicator of bone cancer".

Fast forward to today. The vet called and the good news is that I don't have Cushings disease, or is that the bad news? See, this is the frustrating part of humans not speaking our language. I can't tell them what hurts and where and why, and they immediately schedule me for X-rays this weekend.

The good thing: I get to go for another car ride. The bad thing: my humans are very concerned about what it could be, what if it's the bad thing.

As I said before: I really don't care because I'm laying on the cool kitchen floor after getting a tasty cookie, and clawing on the Human Woman and enjoying myself. As a matter of fact, I think I want another cookie now, so I'll claw the Human Woman some more because that's really all that matters to me.


  1. I am keeping my paws crossed for you Queen Meeshka!

  2. Meeshka, you're a character! We hope your tests all come back saying your problems are treatable - even better, minor.

  3. Paws crossed for the Queen. We are older dogs too and make Mom and Dad worry with every slightly weird blood test and soreness. Hope M's problems are treatable. Long live the Queen.

  4. WE think you should get two more cookies, just to make up for that stealing your fluids & not paying woo for it. Paws crossed all will turn out a-ok.

    jack & moo

  5. Paws khrossed fur OUR KHWEEN
    and her humans!


  6. We sure hope your vet can figure out what is going on. Hopefully it's just some arthritis which is easily fixed with meds! We will keep all our paws crossed for you!!!

    Holly and Khady

  7. Ooh, I hope you pass your test! I will cross my paws for you. In the meantime, enjoy your cool floor!


  8. We really miss you Meeskha, sending you our prayers and Good vibes.

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy Bond

  9. Every pup in the kennel is crossing paws for you and we are sending you lots of healing husky vibes. Hope you feel better and that there is nothing bad going on.

    Skye and the Moondance Huskies Sleddog Team

  10. It's going to be arthritis, it's going to be arthritis, it's going to be arthritis !

    We will keep chanting this until you let us know that it is true !

    Sending lots of good vibes to the Queen, and her humans too !

    Greg, Brooke, Benson and Ping

  11. We will keep thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers!


  12. Blogger ate my comment! WOO!!!!
    Anyway, this sounds more and more like when I hurt my neck/disc -- except I skipped the part about having a Labrador study my pee. I hope you "just" tweaked your neck a bit and that with rest and some drugs stuffed into TASTY treats, you'll feel 100% again!
    We're praying for you!

  13. Crossing all our paws and the hoomans are praying! Besides, Queen's don't really get sick...or old. Right!

  14. Meeshka,
    Hopefully it's nothing, but a little joint soreness. After I pulled a couple of muscles, my vet put me on this stuff: I haven't had a single sore joint or pulled muscle since I've been on it. I hope that's all it is for you. Hey, you're still younger than me, and I'm the oldest dog at day care, but also one of the most active!