Let the Ghoul Pool Begin

Long time readers will know what time of year it is.

Yes, it is time for the Uncle Jack Ghoul Pool!

After a long hiatus, Uncle Jack will be coming to visit, and we couldn't be any more excited!!!  We love Uncle Jack!

So, if you aren't a long time reader (and shame on you) and have no idea what the significance of an Uncle Jack visit means, just go click on this link and read away.  Click this link here... right here, this link.

It should take you to all of the instances of Uncle Jack's powers to kill famous people and cause horrific catastrophes.

So, in the comments, tell us which famous person will die unexpectedly and what horrible catastrophe will occur between the dates of September 4th and September 12th.

We also promise to give him a grand welcome to the house as always.


  1. We'll put our thinking caps on. Oh, Balto! I hope that doesn't give our mom any more crazy ideas!

  2. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, or Don Rickles. I feel very ghoulish doing this.

  3. Wildfires continue to spread, and Jimmy Carter.

  4. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I'm guessing: Donald Trump's comb over that is so long, it accidentally strangles him in his sleep.

  5. We love the stories when Uncle Jack visits! Awesome! As for catastrophes and death...we will take stock market crash...and perhaps a Kardashian...or a Kardashian ex...Or as someone else posted, Trump's comb over attack! Ekkk!!!

    Enjoy the visit!

    The Painter Pack

  6. I'm happy for you that your Uncle Jack will come see you and your humans. Still wondering what terrible things will happen... (except your jumping on him and clawing him, of course! I'm dog-sitting at the moment and know EXACTLY what that's like!)

  7. Flooding in Arizona and Kirk Douglas or Terrence Hill. (Sorry, Terrence!)

    Monty and Harlow


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