Loki's Ortho Visit

Yeah, yeah, I know, I don't blog enough.

I'm a busy husky, you know, working breed and all that.  Ok, so I generally just nap and sometimes I frolic, but generally I'm retired.

Anyway, I thought I'd show up and give you an update on my royal house.

I'm fine, frankly I'm the healthiest one here lately.  The Humans complain about everything.  You want to go out every 2 hours during the night, you want your water bowl filled with fresh water, why are you screaming at the bed every time you lay down.

Yeah, about that.  It's my new "thing".  Every time I lay down I scream at the bed.  I'm announcing to the world that I'm laying down, what's wrong with that?

Bionic Hip/Knee Spineless Sam is still hanging in there.  His issues are progressing and when he started having more nose bleeds when he was stressed out, they felt that he shouldn't go in for his massage sessions.  He wears pants now, lounges around, gets carried everywhere and they help him poo.  He's still the same happy guy, but he can't really move around on his own.

To help him sit up, they got him two beanbag chairs.

He was toodling around in a quad cart for a while, but then it get too distressing for him (nose bleed time), so he gets his exercise by sitting and honking, and when he wants to be put back on the sleep number bed and get fed Danish butter cookies, he throws himself down.

Mutatoe was perfectly fine until a few weeks ago when it appeared that hefting around that massive ample ass was taking a toll on his legs.  His regular vet suspected he had bad hips, but he wasn't really limping or anything.  He's always walked like a dork so it's hard to tell with him.  Then one day he started really being gimpy.

This meant he had to go see Sam's friends at VOSM.

Sam loved going to VOSM, and everybody loved Sam there.  Sam had a tradition of pooping in the lobby every.single.time.

Apparently they had a bit of a conversation before we left because even though the Humans let the Mutatoe sniff and walk around and sniff some more... the moment they walked into the lobby...

The Humans went with the fear that Mutatoe was also falling apart... thankfully that wasn't the case.

The Mutatoe dog has the hips and joints of a 4 year old dog.  Apparently he's pulled a back leg muscle, so he gets some pills for 2 weeks and that should take care of everything.

Now that I know that... it's back to sneaking up under her table and pinching her fat.


  1. Sounds like Loki has "Gimpy envy".
    Poor Sam, its always something....

    Good luck with the sneaking/pinching thing. It sounds fabulous!

    ~Jack & Moo

  2. Does Loki get his pills in cheese or something tasty? If so, I hope your human woman knows that everyone else should get the cheese, too. That's how it works in our house!
    We're glad you updated the blog. We tap into our mom's FB account and read the updates from your humans, but that's just their point of view.
    I hope you're enjoying the holidays and that there are no Santa hats at your house.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  3. Koti here-cheese, just cheese? My parents tried that when I chewed my tail off, but I'm much smarter than that!
    Luckily, Lauri was sympathetic and told me to ignore them and to eat the wonderful pepperoni and treats she had prepared because my life was so hard.

  4. Highly entertaining and amusing blog. Wishing you guys a healthy and Happy New Year.


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