Friday, April 14, 2017

R.I.P. Meeshka

1/6/2001 - 4/10/2017

The worst part of blogging for dogs is how to end things.  You try to maintain a very happy, funny atmosphere because everyone has problems, they don't want to read about them, they want to come here to read happy funny things.

But there comes a point in a dog's life where things aren't happy or funny, and that usually happens as they get older, start having issues.

We had a tough time after Sam passed trying to find a new normal, and see the funny in things, but the reality was that shortly after Sam passed, Meeshka was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and took a turn for the worst.  Although she was never her normal self afterwards, there were still glimmers of her each day.

On April 10th, 2017, those glimmers had faded and we held her in our arms and allowed her to peacefully pass.

Meeshka was my muse.  Through her blog I was introduced to a whole bunch of wonderful people who I call friends, gave me another world of creativity through cartooning and blogging, and enriched my life not only because of who she introduced me to, but because she was one of the most funny, infuriating, maddening, adorable, willful, and special dog I've had the pleasure of knowing.

Thank you for coming along for the ride.  Loki is doing well, adapting to being the "only dog" and is surrounded by toys and chew bones and love.

The final update to this blog will be his passing, which we hope won't be for a while, but please start at the beginning of Meeshka's World and enjoy her life again.


  1. We will never forget Queen Meeshka! Such wonderful memories and wonderful friendships that were formed. Godspeed.
    Cam and Maggie, keeping HULA strong

  2. Too many of these "original" blogging Queens (and Kings, Princes, Princesses - and even quite a few Court Jesters) have passed, but they certainly have allowed us humans to follow and "meet" so many wonderful people.

  3. We were all so lucky to get a chance to know her and her peoples. Thank you so much for sharing her wonderful life. She is referenced almost daily in our house. Ozzie and Zozo send their love.

  4. Cosi became friends with Queen Meeshka during the dog blogging days. Too many puppers have passed since we started both young & old! Rip Meeshka & give a kiss to my Juni for me!!

  5. Thank you for sharing Meeshka with us for all these years. Her personality always shone through your posts. Watching our loved pets get older is always hard, losing them is even harder. Sending prayers, love and soft husky woos.
    The Horde & their Momma

  6. So very sorry for your loss. It never gets any easier. All of our other Sibes, who too have passed, knew Meeshka as did our Mom. Mom says she always enjoyed your posts. Soft woos and gentle hugs to all of you. All the best to Loki too.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty - the newest of The OP Pack

  7. It's been a hard year with so many wonderful pups passing, and it's terribly sad now to lose Meeshka too. ❤️ She will always be the Queen.

  8. Meeshka was one of our biggest influences to start blogging. After losing Holly I just couldn't get back into it. They take such a huge part of our hearts when they go. I so loved all the stories of your pack. They always made me laugh! Thank you for sharing them all with
    us and letting us love them too!

    Khady Lynn and her human Jan

  9. Meeshka was my hero. We will all miss her.


  10. I am so sorry! Bandit it just a couple of years younger than Meeshka and I know what kind of hole in my heart his passing will leave. I know you said that with Loki's death it will be the last post but do let us know from how he is doing at times.

    Bandit's mom

  11. My heart skipped a beat when I read this...Meeshka was such a force when I began blogging. I was honored to have my girl Mya get her HULA certificate from the legend of Meeshka. I am very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing her with the world. We are all better for having known her.

  12. You know our thoughts...

    So furry tough -

    With Khyra being around 12-1/2 -13, I know our end is khloser than our beginning -

    She'll do her best to maintain the Grande Dame of Siberian Royalty -

    So many furiends....
    So many humans.....
    So many memories...

    Yes, never easy but what we owe them AND what we owe ourselves too -

    Once again, it's not furever...
    It's just...
    Fur now!

    Khyra's Mom, Khyra, and Holly

  13. We remember Meeshka's blog when posts used to be regular. We understand how time passes, every dear cat and dog ages and losses come along that hurt so deeply. We are sad about Meeshka and hope it will be a long while before Loki's time comes.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your Meeshka. Keep all the wonderful memories safely tucked away in your heart. Run young and pain-free at the Bridge, beautiful girl.

  15. Mom Kim here - I am so sorry I did not know Meeshka - she looked like she was such a beautiful girl and from the comics of her, was quite the clown. I am sorry for your loss. In March of 2016, I was where you are now. Even tho I did not realize until after he passed at just a couple weeks shy of his 13th birthday, Shiloh was my heart dog. I still have Lady Shasta here with me but like you, she will be 11 in October and being related by blood to Shiloh, I am hoping she will be with me for awhile yet.

    Sending hugs and prayers that you will find some rest and peace.

    Run free dear Meeshka over the Bridge - say hi to my Angel Shiloh

  16. You introduced us to a whole new world of blogging dogs, and Meeska, Indy, & Holly were our first blogging furiends. Your many wonderful stories continue to bring smiles when they cross my mind... Godspeed Queen Meeshka, your HULA minions at the RB have been waiting for you!

    Hugs to Loki & your human woman & human man, look in on them from time to time, (they still need your supervision).
    Love & hugs,
    Pat (& angels Star, Sherman, Rosie, Tori, Jack & Moo)

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  18. We are so sorry for the passing of Meeshka. We will always have fond memories of her and we will also look back through these posts as we cherish her in our hearts.


    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  19. Penny we are so saddend to here of Meeshka,s passing I was glad to have met one of the greatest pups ever She was a handful :) and will be sorly missed

    God speed Meeshka (growl at nikki when ya get there :) )

    john & michelle Bivona

  20. I like to think that life with dogs like Meeshka makes us all better people. I am sorry to hear that Meeshka is gone, but I am happy and have good memories of her because I had the chance to get to know her and her fur-friends through your blog. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful times with all of us.

  21. Sad that Meeshka and Loki are gone, I cant believe Meeshka was 16 and Loki was 15, Sooky is 14 and we are hoping to get a couple of more years to love her
    Val and Sooky