Friday, October 13, 2017

R.I.P. Loki (Mutatoe)

Loki (Mutatoe) 
September 2002 - 13 October 2017

Loki, by far, was a spoiled rotten Mama's dog.  Gil called him "baby bird" because he would peep and freak out if he couldn't find me.

He slept with his head on my nightstand, and his ample ass in my face.

He growled when you petted him.

He had the annoying habit of chasing Meeshka and Sam and grabbing their tails to slow them down.

He barked, not the cute husky howling, he yapped, ear piercing yapping.

Everything kicked his ass, including inanimate objects.

He made a point of soaking his mutatoe paw in liquid and then smack you in the face with it.

He annoyed everyone, and he was dearly loved despite being such an ample pain in the ass.

He certainly was one of a kind.  His deformity didn't slow him down.  One time we were at Petsmart with him and a young couple gasped "what happened to his foot!".  We freaked out because we though something was wrong with his foot... but they were just talking about the mutatoe. 

To him, he was a normal husky, nothing wrong at all with him.

To us, he was our world, and our world is much more boring without him.

Love you forever you gimpy freak.


  1. North of The Rainbow Bridge

    by MakWa4me

    The time comes. A Siberian Husky lifts up its head. There is an untested adventure beyond. Time to go.
    Across the Rainbow Bridge is a place for all dogs. A river runs wide and shallow with tennis balls that fly with their own wings; that is the place for a Labrador or Golden to await its master's arrival.
    The Siberian is not content here. Northward is its trail....
    There are soft pastures for Aussies and Border Collies, with sheep and geese to pen. Agility equipment grows like trees amid Frisbees and flyball.
    But the North continues its sure wild call, and the Siberian's journey continues....
    Now the air is colder. Now the moon is always full. Now the light is silver and it breaks and shimmers on fields of bright snow. Now there are no roads, no walls, no pens, just endless space to run. This is where Siberians gather, North of the Rainbow Bridge.
    They wait in this beautiful place, happy, but not complete. Suddenly, a howl begins, as one dog senses someone coming, someone very special. All the Siberians raise their heads and join in the ancient chorus. They dance like moonbeams and sing like winter winds.
    There are red ones like dawn streaks, black ones splattered with many colors and silver ones like the first strange hour before light. They line up as if in harness and run together, in a scintillating, many-colored streak. The leader of the team guides the others past the fields and river, with racing feet and racing heart. They rush to greet the new arrival at the Rainbow Bridge, where the leader is rejoined with its beloved person, never to be parted again.
    The glory of the reunion is celebrated by all the Siberians dwelling beyond the Bridge, a glimmering, multicolored team leaping and whirling with joy. The light from that scene is what we see on magical evenings in the northernmost parts of this Earth: The Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

  2. Penny and Gil, I am so sorry. This is the price we pay for choosing to love beings whose lifespans are so much shorter than ours: best bargain, EVER <3. Sending love and light.

  3. Love to you both. Prayers ascending

  4. I am so sorry for your loss.

  5. Oh my heart is so sad. I always loved the Mutatoe stories, and have learned much over the year from you, Penny. Thank you for sharing so much and doing so much to help others (I have pointed several your way). Run free, beautiful Loki.


  6. Oh, no, I am so sorry you've lost Meeshka and Loki just 6 months apart. I loved your blog and your Mutatoe stories. "Ear piercing yapping" sounds like my Marcus. But I love him, just as you loved Loki. Sending a warm hug of comfort.

  7. I am so so sorry Penny and Gil. My baby is going on 12 this year and I dread the day he goes to the Rainbow bridge.