Friday, December 30, 2005

I am Regal

After a rough day of playing, clawing the human woman, and just being cute and fluffy, I spend some time guarding my yard.

Even though my yard is surrounded by a really high fence that obstructs my view of the world, things can get into my yard, like pesky squirrels that need to be killed and eaten, or possums, which we had trapped on the top of the fence once, but the human woman wouldn't let us kill and eat it. We've caught rats coming into the yard, they are tasty and squeek too. Birds just come and go, but the one thing that has yet to come into my yard are the geese.

I HATE the geese! They honk! They taunt me from the sky and I hate them. I stomp my feet at them and woo and dare them to come into my yard so I can show them who is boss... ME!

I also have to be on the watch for tasty branches that fall from the trees. I like the smaller branches to break apart and chew on. Loki prefers the branches that are bigger than he is, he drags them around and taunts us with them. I just lay there, its not worth my time to chase him, so Sam will chase him, wear him out, then I'll pounce and steal the stick while they are wrestling.

The human woman continues to give us raw buffalo meat in our food, which makes me suspicious. What is she up to?

My birthday is coming up in a week, and if we're getting raw buffalo in our food, I bet my birthday treat will be extra special... for an extra special fluffy husky like me!


IndyPindy said...

Hi Meeshka,

I am jealous, I have never had buffalo meat. I've had chicken and turkey. Beef bone and fat does not agree with me.

I will see if my mother can get her hands on some buffalo meat.

But you are right - you are very regal!

IndyPindy said...

Happy New Year Meeshka!