This is not my happy face

There are people digging in MY yard!

I can see them through the fence slats and smell them. There are humans with their pathetic shovels digging in MY front yard! I couldn't believe it!

I stomped my delicate feet and woo'd to tell them to stop this very instant, but they kept digging. I banged on the screen door to alert the human woman, because I was certain that she would race out there and scold them like she scolds us when we dig, but she told me that it was ok what they were doing.


I spent most of the day trying to explain to these pathetic digging humans that they weren't flinging the dirt far enough from the hole, that they should just use their hands and feet like they were meant to be used and put down those pathetic tools, and then looked with disbelief when they fiddled with something in the hole, THEN COVERED IT UP!

Can you believe that? They filled in a perfectly good hole! It doesn't even look like they were digging there, there's no proof of digging!

I just don't understand these humans at all. I get scolded because I dig a very good hole under the deck stairs, and yet strange humans come in MY front yard and dig a hole and nothing happens to them. They dig and dig and then cover it up. What good is a covered up hole? They didn't sleep in the hole, they didn't pick grubs out of the hole and eat them. NOTHING!

Sigh. For the life of me, I just can't figure them out at all.