Snow, glorious SNOW!!

When the human woman let us out tonight, it was snowing.

I love snow. Snow is not only cool and soothing, but tasty too!

Since I am a husky (and a cute and fluffy one at that), I love the snow (except if its wet snow, then I don't like my dainty feet to get too wet), but I'll just lay out in that stuff forever... except the human woman won't let us.

I'd rather sleep in the snow rather than in that hot bedroom, but the human woman (once again) won't allow us to stay out all night. I guess that's good, since we are pampered, spoiled huskies, but it would be nice to lay out there all night in the snow just once... stalk the little critters that come out only at night for a late snack.

Sam doesn't like the snow as much. He's got that bionic hip, so he likes to lay in the sun and bask in the heat. He's a loon.

Loki likes to lay in the snow, but he prefers laying in the pee leaf pile of snow. He's weird.

When we come inside, all covered with snow, the human woman gets the rough towel out and wipes us all down. I don't mind that actually. Being fluffy it takes a long time for me to dry, and she's very good at wiping off my feet, which I offer her daintily one at a time. She is diligent about making sure my dainty little feet are clean and dry, which I appreciate. I'd rather she leave the snow on the rest of me, its nice and cool, but she doesn't like wet huskies.

Even though it is snowing tonight, its still a bit muddy out there, so we all made sure that we got good and muddy feet, then came racing inside, ignoring the human woman to come back and get dried off, then we ran up the stairs and jumped on the bed... where the human man was laying... we didn't see him there. He wasn't at all thrilled with having us stomp on him with our muddy feet, but we did manage to leave our prints all over the covers. I'm so pleased.

Well, another busy husky day today, for which I'm exhausted, and more snow to play in tomorrow, so its off to bed on the muddy comforter.

good night, and happy snow



  1. Glad to see you blogging again. It must be fun to have all that fresh snow to play with.


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