Monday, August 21, 2006

Uncle Jack is coming!

I just checked my Paw Pilot and realized that the reason the human woman has been cleaning a lot is that its almost time for Uncle Jack to come visit.

Ok, he's not my real Uncle, he's actually the human man's brother, but he always smells like dogs (he is apparently owned by two Labs), and he sneaks us food. Ok, he doesn't exactly sneak us food, but he's easy to trick so we can grab his food when he's distracted.

When Uncle Jack comes, the humans hang around the house and cook all sorts of tasty treats (most of which we don't get), and spend plenty of quality time with us, and we get to play "wake Uncle Jack" in the mornings.

The game goes something like this: Human woman wakes up (ok, who am I fooling, we wake her up) bright and early. She drinks a lot of coffee and mumbles a lot. After a while, she'll decide that its time for everyone to get up and she needs our help. She opens the door to the room we aren't allowed in (but Uncle Jack is) and then the resounding screams wake everyone else up. Its great fun! Happens every visit and yet he seems surprised when we leap on him.

The humans claim that every time Uncle Jack visits, someone famous dies, or there's a horrible catastrophe. Think back in time... September... think of any bad things happening in September... I figured you could. Its all because of Uncle Jack, so go ahead and blame him. Just in case you can't think of anything: Princess Diana, September 11th, Hurricane Katrina. There are oodles more, but I'm sure you get the seriousness of his jinx.

So everyhusky, batten down the hatches, stock up on supplies, Uncle Jack is coming to town.

(does this flotation device go with my eyes?)


IndyPindy said...

Hey, I remember reading about the wake-up dance that you do on Uncle Jack's chest!

Now I do that every morning to my dad. I lat on him in an uncomfortable way. If that doesn't work then I make sure to step on him when I get off the bed.

This morning I plopped right down on his kidney.

Cubby said...

I hope nothing really bad happens. Then we all have to cram into a stuffy tiny bathroom! Not looking forward to that.

Ender said...

Well, I hope that nothing bad will happen. Maybe he could make all of the mosquitoes die, or atleast go away!

Anonymous said...

Uh, Meeshka, Hurricane Katrina happened in August, not September...

Shmoo said...

Uncle Jack's power reaches approximately 1 week prior to his arrival, and 1 week after his departure. That is what is so special about his visit, since you never know when to expect something horrible to happen. You think everything is fine after he leaves... disaster.

Don't doubt the power of Uncle Jack's chaos, or you shall suffer!

(I've seen it, I'm a believer)